Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pilgrim's Update

Dear Pals:

Just a brief update to let you know what's been happening to the Pilgrim and how you can pray for him (me).

This week I began my Day Hospital Program at North York General Hospital (pictured) in Toronto. This is a 3-week long program, 5 days a week, designed to assist those who are going through the throes of deep depression. The first week has been very profitable and I'm looking forward to going back on Monday morning. The group sessions have been particularly helpful.

This deep-seated depression has been affecting all parts of my life and our family's lives. Please pray that we will get relief from this dreadful, debilitating disease.

We continue to change my medication in an attempt to find the correct dosage and medicine. Please pray that we will soon find the best meds.

I'm grateful for the support of all the Pals. Felisol, your scriptures have been very encouraging and the comments accompanying them have been much appreciated. THANK YOU!

Journeying home,


Saturday, November 21, 2009

David, Beloved Pilgrim Brother, This Song Is For You

dear has been such a relief that you have returned and you know, it will not even be easier for you as you live for the lord in the faithful way you have and so i just thought that this song by danny funderburk would encourage you and encourage for that matter ALL of us!
the devil is defeated and the lord is the winner! terry

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank You, Fellow Pilgrims

Since my explanation concerning my absence from our Pilgrim Pals site there has been a real outpouring of prayer and concern on my behalf.

This battle with depression has been a real struggle...a war that seems to continue unabated. Your prayers, dear Pals, are so vital to my recovery.

, your posts and the scriptures you have shared have been a lifeline. Thank you. As fellow sojourners, pilgrims on this journey, let's continue to bear one another's burdens and thus fulfil the law of Christ.

God's best to each of you!

David, the weary Pilgrim

Praise Report

I went back to work last week for two half days and will slowly work up to regular full time duties over the next 7 weeks (eg two half days this week, then two full days for a couple weeks etc). Surprisingly, most of all to me, it's going very well - God has certainly freed me from anxiety issues around going back to work. This sense of freedom only came in the last few weeks - just before returning to work. I'm in a new department as I won a competition in 2008 before having to go off on full medical disability. So far the new work location and most importantly, the staff seem nice - down to earth and busy enough not to have time for foolish talk and gossip - praise God for that! I just want to do a good job for them and get along. Well that's it for now. I need to rest up - unfortunately I have bronchitis - something I seem to be very susceptible to getting.

Little Missionary

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Be Encouraged Pilgrims

dear david ..we are all glad that you are back.
trust me david, we have all been in the storm the last little while.
we are in the storm together and the lord is with us! terry

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Explanation from the Pilgrim

Dear Pals:

It's been awhile since I posted here on Pilgrim Pals. I've been struggling in a deep, dark hole of depression that has been more debilliating that any past episode. I lost all motivation to write, compose music or to do almost anything. Of course this was the time when I needed my Pals the most but I retreated instead of reaching out.

We continue to share our username and password with the writer's group that I was a member of...The Writer's Crucible. I resigned from the group several months ago due to my hectic schedule and the state of my mental health. This is an excellent group of Christian writers. Due to some internal conflicts with the group, they changed the password in order to maintain the integrity of their blog. Apparently the change was communicated to me but I either missed it or forgot it. Subsequently none of the Pilgrim Pals could log on to our blog any longer.

I now have the new password. The username is the same as before. I'm asking Terry to communicate the new password to each of you. As you can see I have reformatted the blog to a wider style which will accommodate YouTube video clips and other graphics more readily.

Even though I'm still not well, I'm going to post some of my "in the midst of depression" posts with the prayer that these scribblings will be a blessing and an encouragement to the Pals and to other who visit this site.

Thanks for your prayers, dear friends, and please forgive me for my extended absence. I love you all.

Pilgrim David

Let's carry on where we left off...praying for each other and trusting God to do His marvelous work in our lives.


I've gone fishing in the archive pond again. As I battle this present bout with depression I often find solace in things I have written in the past while I looked up from the bottom of the pit. Here's one from 2 years ago:

Long-time friends of the Pilgrim might recall this post from the "dark ages". This dreaded guest, clothed in black, came knocking again this weekend and especially this morning, causing me to recall this post. Through the support of friends and the Spirit of God I was able to right my ship before it hit the rocks. THANKS.

Here's that post:

Lately another guest, or maybe I should call him a predator has been lingering around my "house". The dreaded "D" word...depression... has been lurking. Many of you, no doubt, have had to deal with this unwelcome visitor.

Back in January I penned a brief "post" entitled Dark Night of the Soul. In the midst of our darkness may we experience His deliverance, His delight, His divine presence.

Dark Night of the Soul

Hot Sweats
Cold Sweats

"The peace of God which passes all understanding shall GUARD and GARRISON your hearts, through Christ Jesus our Lord." - Philippians 4:7