Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi Pilgrims, thanks for your prayers - I'm doing okay these days - hanging in there. I have a big decision to make. I was interviewed and offered another position - it's temporary for up to 1 year - my current position would be held for me, according to Union rules. On one hand I'm happy but on the other I do have a few concerns about going to the other work site - mainly - women (sorry) but my experience in the past as a quiet, subdued woman is that other women with a more controlling/bullying nature "prey" on people like me and take me "down". There are mainly women in the other job, so I'm very leery. Besides that, I am really not sure if this is a good time to bring this kind of upheaval to my life - I'm just getting settled and back to normal everyday life. Although there doesn't seem to be a lot too do in my current position and a couple other minor negatives, there are positive things too (eg location is great, laid back/not so intense environment, it's more of a "blue collar" environment and I like that, and most people are really friendly), perhaps if I give my boss a chance by talking to him he'll make some changes. He is away for a few days next week but I will talk to him when he is back - please pray I make a wise decision!!

Little Missionary

Friday, April 16, 2010


Just want to ask for some prayer support. Not feeling good - off and on for the last several weeks - since being back at work full time many days I feel I'm slowly sinking again into a dark place. Please pray for me - thanks.
Little Missionary.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen!

Truly He is Risen!

Greetings to all Pilgrims - hope you are experiencing the joy of our Risen Lord - death could not hold Him down and now we who are heirs are also conquerors with Him. What a privilege! What a great and awesome mystery! Jesus - thank you for going through your suffering Passion and giving us the joy of being a people of the Resurrection. Satan, you are on notice - your time to torment is dwindling away. We are covered in the Lamb's Blood - marked by God and we are His! Our God Reigns!
Julie - Little Missionary


Friday, April 2, 2010

When He Was On The Cross I Was On His Mind


Good Friday Reflections

This morning I went fishing in the archive pool and decided to share a post that I wrote two years ago on Good Friday.

Think about this...

How could a day so dark and gruesome
Ever be described as “good”?
When the sinless, spotless Jesus
Gave His all, His life, His blood.

But, ah, the “good” accrued to sinners
We, ourselves, deserved to die;
But the blood of His atonement
Rent the veil and brought us nigh.

Now we stand, redeemed, forgiven,
Ransomed, justified and free;
Guaranteed a place in heaven
With the King eternally.

All the “good” that we could muster
Never could our sin debt pay;
But by trusting in His merit
We have LIFE this “Good Friday”.

(c) March 2008 - David W. Fisher