Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Just a brief note to say that the Pilgrim will be gone until Friday evening. I'm going with our son Nathan on his class trip on Wednesday morning. The grade 6's from Rhema Christian School are going to a youth camp for a retreat.

Be assured of my prayers while I'm away. Lauren-Mary, it must have been such a shock to discover that you knew that young man who was killed.

In case you haven't visited Pilgrim Scribblings lately, here's a poem I wrote this morning and posted over there.

I trust that you will be refreshed and encouraged.


The sun arose this morning
And God is on His throne
No need to fret or worry
The Father loves His own.

So bid farewell to doubting
And welcome trust anew
Rest in the truth of scripture...
The Father cares for YOU!

~ David W. Fisher
January 29th, 2008

2008 - year of new hope

Hi Pals,

I have a lot of renewed hope in my heart for this year and a few goals that will keep me out of "trouble" (ha, ha). One goal is the evening college program I'm enrolled in that I've mentioned here before. The course is going very well by the way.

Another goal is around my job. Eight years ago I made a decision that unfortunately set me on a path of years of financial hardship. In 1999, I left a good salary, full-time, permanent job to go to Guatemala as a missionary for 3 years - believe me I prayed about it for months and it seemed to be God's will at the time. The short story is - the organization did NOT fulfill their end of the bargain - I was left hanging...out of work and no missionary destination! Boy did I gain some wisdom from that experience. Since then I've been on temporary contracts full-time, part-time and a full year of unemployment at one point! As a single person trying to feed, cloth and over $800 in rent for a decent place, it has not been an easy road at all. I know God sustained me, however, it was still scary and very, very lonely at times. I often felt I was two steps away from living on the streets.

Finally, after years of walking on "egg shells", in April of this year I will have two years continuous service with the City of Ottawa and will be re-instated as a full-time permanent - praise God! But I still have 3 months to go before this happens, so please pray nothing terrible happens in the next 3 months! The job I'm in will remain temporary (not on the books so to speak), even though I will be considered permanent. Basically, that means even if the position was dissolved due to budget constraints, as a permanent employee, Human Resources would have to place me in another position.

Anyway, even though I like my job, I am ready for a new challenge this year. And so, I recently applied for a more senior admin job with Fire Services (still within municipal government). Problem is, it's a unionized position and I am in a non-unionized job - unionized employees always get first consideration for positions (equitable....I don't think so, but that's the way it is). However, with God ALL things are possible and if he wants me there - IT WILL HAPPEN. With over 18 years admin experience, I'd like to move back into a job where I have a direct report to senior management and more responsibility. So, please keep this in your daily prayers.

Thanks so much.

Julie (LM)

Prayer request

Last week there was a high profile car crash which killed three young adults. For the first few days no details or names were released, and my friends and I discussed the crash briefly before moving on to other topics. I woke up one morning last week to find out that the names and pictures of the people killed had been released, and stared down in utter shock at the face of someone I knew. My friend Mark was the driver of the car, and was killed in the accident. The news has hit a lot of people incredibly hard, so I'm asking all the Pals to remember Mark's friends, and especially his family, in their prayers.
I knew Mark from swimming. As with any serious sports team, our team was more of a family than anything else. With all the practices and travelling we did, we often spent more time together than with our own families. I hadn't spoken to Mark in about a year or two (we both went to different universities and were living in different cities for a while), but it breaks my heart. I spoke with one of my former teammates over the week-end, and I agree when she said that it feels like we've lost a member of our swimming family.

Thanks for your prayers Pals! "Marky" was a great guy.


Monday, January 28, 2008

A Song In The Night

The last hour of sleep is often my best time of the night. After a fitful sleep I awoke with a song in my heart. Quickly I typed out the lyrics on the computer before the events of the day could wipe my hard-drive (brain) clear. I was refreshed and encouraged as I sang the tune over and over in my head.

Driving home an hour later I had the lyrics for the chorus and, again, went straight to my computer to enter the data.

When I arrived home from my doctor's appointment in Toronto this afternoon I got out my trusted SONY and tried to film the Pilgrim (me) playing my song at the keyboard. That's when my technical know-how hit a brick wall so you'll have to wait for the video (at 11) or later.

Here are the lyrics, dear friends, and I trust that they will be a blessing:


Stumbling through this pilgrim land
Holding to His nail-scarred hand
Confident that victory has been assured.
As I face each fiery trial
Challenges with every mile
But praise God it's by His grace I have endured.

Heaven's gates are now in sight
Where the risen Lamb's the Light
And my Jesus waits to welcome me I know
So 'til then I'll watch and pray
Trusting Him to lead the way
Telling others why I love my Saviour so.


I know He walks with me
Thrilled that He talks with me
On this long journey
From the cradle to the grave
The all-sufficient One
God's well-beloved Son
He's my Redeemer and
He's mighty to save.
He's my Redeemer and
He's mighty to save.

(repeat chorus)

~ David W. Fisher
January 28th, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

From the Heart of the Pilgrim

Please excuse the King James Version language as I pour out my heart to my fellow pilgrims, my pilgrim pals:

Dearly beloved, thank you for your partnership in the gospel, your prayer support for each other and for the encouragement that you extend to our fellow pilgrims. What a blessing this site is for each of us. As I drove to work tonight I was thinking of the circumstances that our sovereign God has allowed in each of our lives, situations that, were we left on our own, would defeat us and cause us to give up. But...the all-sufficient grace of our wonderful Savior has been lavished on us by the Father and continues to uphold us moment by moment through our various and sundry trials.

If we were to list the challenges that each of the Pilgrim Pals have faced it would not rival the battles that the apostle Paul faced but they might come close. Please be sure to read the passage from 2 Corinthians 4 that I will sign off this post with.

Today has been a struggle for me. I can't really put my finger on the cause. It must be a composite of many things. This afternoon I walked through the deep snow in the field behind our home reminding myself that there won't be many more hikes out there. The closing date on the sale of our home is April 30th. Watching Matthew and his friend playing out there for hours brought tears to my eyes. I know that God will provide another place but...this place has such incredible memories.

Tonight I told Carol that I wasn't feeling well and that I hadn't felt up to scratch all day. There seemed to be a thick, dark cloud of depression enveloping me all day. I couldn't seem to shake it and I wasn't trusting God to lift the cloud like I should have been.

Tomorrow I have another doctor's appointment in Toronto and will get a referal to see an opthamologist to get help with the blepharitis that I'm battling. This is an eye condition where the eyelid is dry and scaly and the eyes are swollen. It's a bacterial probem.

Please pray for me as I struggle to walk closely with my God in the face of all that's happening. God is sovereign and He will make a way for me. THANKS!

Here are those incredible verses penned by the apostle Paul:

"For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake. For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus' sake, so that his life may be revealed in our mortal body. So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.

It is written: "I believed; therefore I have spoken." With that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak, because we know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus from the dead will also raise us with Jesus and present us with you in his presence. All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

Ernie Phillips

Ernie came thru the surgery very well. He is now in guarded condition at St Joseph Hospital in Asheville.
The mass was totally removed and will know more in the next few days about the prognosis. Please continue to pray for all the family.
Thank you for all the calls, emails, and messages that we have already received!
Eric Phillips

Arlene Update

My Mom is doing okay.
She is trying to decide if she wants to take the next round of chemo or pass on it.
She is having a lot of trouble breathing, she can't even talk on the phone for a minute or two without asking me to hold on so she can catch her breath.
Pray that God will guide her down the right path and that she is able to clearly know His will. Amber

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jesus or Football?

Nathan over at Shepherd the Flock (our featured blog of the month) has included a YouTube clip by John Piper (pictured) on one of his recent posts. Check it out here and be challenged concerning your devotion or lack of same for Jesus Christ. WARNING...you might feel uncomfortable while you watch and listen. I hope so! I was!

- David, the Pilgrim

Prayer Request From Mark Trammell Of The Mark Trammell Trio

Our tenor Eric Phillips has requested prayer for his father Ernie Phillips. Ernie has been battling abdominal problems since before Christmas. A mass has been found in his colon and they plan to remove the mass soon. Please be in prayer for all of the Phillips family as they walk through the days ahead. Our position and prayer is that God is still in the healing business and we are believing for a touch of God on Ernie's life. We covet your prayer. Please pass this request along to the people that you know will join us in praying for this saint of God.
Blessings, Mark Trammell

Gospel Music has been an integral part of the life of Ernie Phillips for the past 34 years.Ernie is the 57 year old son of Vernon and Pauline Phillips of Coolridge, West Virginia

Ernie sang with several local church groups from Beckley for a period of five years. Joining a popular gospel quartet, The Crossmen, from Beckley in 1975; he sang tenor with them on weekends for two years.In 1977, Ernie joined The Kingsmen Quartet of Asheville, North Carolina, and sang tenor with the group as they traveled throughout the United States for the next seven years. During this period, Ernie was nominated as favorite first tenor by the Singing News Fan Awards for six years. He won the tenor award in 1980 and 1981. Ernie also wrote a column "Kingsmen Korner" for the Singing News gospel music publication, for six years. Before returning to the solo ministry, he joined team efforts with Squire Parsons to assist with scheduling and singing. Ernie's most recent recording project, Jesus Gave Me A Song," reflects the ministry outreach, and is available wherever he appears in concert.Affectionately known as "The Little Giant" , Ernie is currently employed as a Supply Technician at the VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC., where in 1995 he was awarded "Employee of the Year."Ernie is married to the former Bonnie Edwards from Crab Orchard, West Virginia. Ernie has one son, Eric Dean, age 27, and two daughters, April Dawn who is seventeen years old, and Stacey Renee who is fourteen years old. All the family are members of Trinity Baptist Church, Asheville, N.C.

Prayer Need

Vicki here. Came here to pray over you today but confess I have needs of my own.

Asking for prayer regarding this mass on my thyroid. It's not a nodule, or a little lump--it's grown into a mass that now covers nearly my entire left lobe. My endocrinologist has biopsied it before and followed it's progression since late 2005 with ultrasounds. Up until now I've not been too concerned. I still think it's probably benign.

But I'm not sure the Pals know. Donna knows I'm going through tests. But few ever seem to visit or email me other than to ask for prayers, so right now, I'll be honest---I could use some support.

The first biopsy came back nondiagnostic on the 14th. The endocrinologist sent me to a new guy for a repeat biopsy two days ago. Results should be back Mon. or Tues. This is not about being scared as much as it's about feeling a lack of support and understanding. Being a menopausal female experiencing fluctuating emotions doesn't help, but I've run into one thoughtless person after another. Forgiveness is key, always, but how my own family and friends would have to be 'prompted' to care, is beyond me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dad And Mom Golden

Good morning Pals.
Just a quick note on Dad Golden.
I am taking both him and Mom to the doctor's this morning.
Dad Golden is getting bored at home but he does need a little more rest so we have been doing the little shopping that needs to be done.
In the next few weeks I will be taking him to several doctor visits.
He has to go to Hamilton General next Friday and the following week go for an ultrasound on his bladder and then to a trip to the heart doctor here in Welland.
Thanks for your continuing prayers involving his salvation....Love Terry

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

For Felisol's Mom...

Here is a taste of Spring for Felisol's Mother wishing her GET WELL WISHES!

Get Well Wishes for Dad Golden


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dad Golden In The Hospital

Dad Golden In The HospitalYesterday morning a 4 am Dad Golden fell and mom had to call for a ambulance.
We spent the day in emergency where the blood test and heart test showed the doctor that Dad had a very low blood pressure and so it was decided that he should be admitted to the hospital to see what is causing it.
Now Dad could have been prescribed one too many pills at the Hamilton Hospital in regards to his fluids.
He is already on a blood pressure pill and also a water pill, so the doctor is going to see if this third one is one too many.
After spending the whole day in the hospital until about eight at night, I was a little too tired to come to the computer other than to read all the loving prayers said for my dad, and I do appreciate this because I could feel, during the whole day the calming affect they had on both me and my dad.
He is usually so impatient and hard to deal with when waiting in the hospital,I must tell you.
All in all, yesterday went all right.
When there was finally an available room, the nurses took him upstairs and there he was given a large private room and a comfortable bed....and supper!
Bernie and I went to his drugstore and got a copy of all the pills that Dad is taking and when they should be taken.
We gave this to the nurse who then will give it to the doctor to study and hopefully, with all this straitened out, Dad will be feeling a lot better and will not be getting dizzy and falling.
When I phoned the hospital at six this morning, they informed me that Dad had spent a good night ..sleeping.
And when I phoned again at ten, they said he was having a good morning.
I am kind of thankful that the visiting hours don't start until two.
This gives me a chance to write this update.
I will be lazy and post the same one on my blog site!
Thanking you all again....Love Terry

PS Mom Golden is staying at Betty's. I really don't want to take her to see Dad because she is so weak lately and I really think that she would pick up a germ or two if I took her to the hospital.

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Belated Birthday to the wife of our Pilgrim!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Birthday wishes and update on Colleen

Hello Pals-

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROL!!! I hope it's a good one, filled with lots of cake (add some extra icing for me!).

Also, while I'm here, just wanted to update the Pals on Colleen. Her condition has not gotten any better, but the positive part is that it hasn't gotten any worse. She is still dealing with paralysis on one side of her body. I'll keep you updated as I hear more.

Have a great week!


His Name Is Jack

Forgive me for my absence.....I thought physical therapy would bring complete healing from the fall I took right before Thanksgiving, but an MRI of my right shoulder last week proved me wrong. I will be undergoing rotator cuff surgery February 13th...I have been off work since November 21st and expect to be until late April or May. But that is not the sole purpose for this post.

I wanted to ask you to visit the blog of a couple in Canada (although I am uncertain exactly where). I did ask for permission to link to them. Please read their story from their very first blog post and lift their precious baby to our Lord in prayer....His Name Is Jack Their story and the prayer of a father will touch your heart.

Father God, thank you for Pilgrim Pals and the many wondrous testimonies of your love and faithfulness ....we thank you for David and Carol, (bless her Lord on this today her 60th birthday). We praise you Father for miracles being revealed to us each day through Dad Golden, Jim and Claire, Arlene, Heather, LLP's loved ones, Julie, Saija, Susan, Janice, Ron, Jim, Lisa; please watch over Felisol's mom; comfort and hold all of them close to You as they maneuver through their days and make provisions for her care; Lord please be with Vicki as she awaits results of tests and bless our sweet sister Terry with much prayed for news, the salvation of her dear father....

And oh yes, Lord....may our dear brother in Christ...Bob, please join with us once again as we continue to gather here in your precious name. Amen

blessings to all
and thank you for visiting Baby Jack

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

Happy Birthday Carol from all of your Pilgrim Pals!!

The BIG 6-0

Please don't tell Carol that I've done this but...the Pilgrim's beloved wife turned 60 today. Terry, you're likely too busy to bake a cake but if any of the Pals out there want to post a "Happy Birthday" greeting for Carol I will make sure she sees it.

Also she would like some gift certificates from some of our favourite restaurants...dinner for 2. Actually it's me that would like those. I'm getting hungry!

Seriously, Carol is joining me in the crazy 60's today and together we're going to ride into the sunset on our big tricycles (pictured), the kind you see in those retirement villages in Florida.

Thanks for your well wishes!

The Pilgrim

Please Help Me I'm Falling

The ol' Pilgrim took a flying leap on Friday morning as I was leaving work at Christian Horizons. I tripped on the top step of the outside staircase and landed in a heap at the bottom. Of course the first thing I did was check to make sure nobody had been looking. Thankfully I escaped the gaze of any and all amused onlookers. My wrist was sprained and very bloody as I tried to scrape the ice off my car's windshield.

On Saturday my whole body was aching and yesterday (Sunday) wasn't much better. Today I'm still limping around like an old man (which I am). Maybe I'll have to dig out my cane.

Oh well...the Lord gives us such wonderful setbacks to keep us humble.

Terry, quit laughing. I know, I gave it to you when you went flying into the strawberries!

Dear Pals

I was waiting till I had a chance this morning to give a good report on Dad Golden.
But at 4 in the morning mom had to call the ambulance for him because he fell.'They took him to Welland Hospital and he has to go through some tests. I slipped home for a few minutes to let you know the latest developments and that I would still value you prayers...
I am going to post this on my own blog too.
I am so thankful that Passing-thru taught me how to copy and paste! ......Love Terry

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Udate On Arlene

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet Another Update on Mom!
I just spoke with my Dad. He said that my Mom is going to come home tomorrow. They are going to do her next round of chemo next Wednesday as an out patient procedure. He said she is sore from having the port replaced two times within one week. She is also getting a shot to bring up her white blood count. That shot is causing her side to hurt. Other than that she is doing well. Eating better. Just tired. Please continue to pray for her and my Dad, he is very tired. Thank you all,Amber.....http://amsland.blogspot.com

Friday, January 18, 2008

Good News Fom Minerva

News...Brace yourselves, this will be a shock.. As of today, as of this morning, I am cancer free. Yes, you did read that right. The CT scan showed No Sign of Disease otherwise known as NED. I am crying with relief as I write this. I do not have cancer, but I have a future with my children, I have a career, I have a life.Back when I have calmed down!In exultation,Minerva

For this we have prayed dear Minerva!!!....Love from all of the Pilgrim Pals

Good News For The Pilots!

After months of looking ahead to this day where we would find out the results of our latest CT scan, this day finally arrived!Upon waking this morning I thought maybe I had experinced another small stroke. It wouldn't have surprised me because even though I did not think I was succombing to stress these last several months, your mind can certainly play tricks on you! While at the doctor's office for Jim I called my doctor to see if he could see me or if I had to go straight to the emergency room. The Lord truly blessed by giving me an appointment within the other.I pop back in to hear the doctor telling Pilot Dad that the CT scan looked great! There was no evidence of any cancer! Whatever was on the PET scan which caused it to "glow" is now longer there! Isn't that fabulous?! I know it was from everyone lifting up prayers on our behalf! So one down and one to go....Things were going so smoothly today, even with both doctors! I didn't have to wait long before being called back. After explaining my symptoms he began his examination which included a thorough neurological exam.Afterwards he shared that he did notthink it was a stroke but rather a pinched nerve in my elbow (the ulna) .I practically jumped for joy at the news!! The down side of this is I will have to have one of those nerve induction tests done on my arm in February.After all of the excitement, Pilot Dad and I went out to celebrate! It was great to see PD enjoy his dinner so much! He is eating better...still a long way to go before getting the feeding tube out but we are hopeful that it will come out of his stomach sometime this year! Our goal would be to have it out by the wedding!

Changing Title

As the facilitator of the Pilgrim Pals blog I have taken the liberty of changing the title (for this weekend) to DAD GOLDEN'S PRAYER WARRIORS.

I'm sure that each of the Pals would be in full agreement with this.

I'm eternally grateful for the day that my title was changed and I was given a rich, heavenly inheritance that will never fade away. The day I was "saved" I was made a "heir of God and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ." Wow!

Trusting God together for Dad Golden's salvation!

Ode to Dad Golden

Here's a little rhyme concerning Dad Golden. The rhythm may not be up to par but the sentiment is shared by all the Pals I'm sure.


The Pilgrim Pals have come together...for a celebration
Thanking God for Dad Golden...a successful operation
Together we are trusting God...for glorious salvation
Joining those who've been redeemed...
From every tribe, and nation.

I'm convinced that God raised up Pilgrim Pals as a vehicle through which Terry's dad would eventually come to faith in Jesus Christ. I know that many (if not all) of the pals share this conviction.

Let's be diligent in prayer, expecting to hear the marvellous news that Dad Golden has come to know Jesus. It could be today!

Wow! This is exciting!

We love you, Dad Golden! We're praying for you!

Dad Golden Is Home!

Yesterday Uncle Roy and I brought Dad home from the hospital.
The operation was a success.
Now the next thing is for him to get saved!!
That would be just glorious!!
Thanks for praying....Love Bernie and Terry and Mom Golden

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Goodbye Watson

Recently I conducted the Memorial Service for my dear friend Watson Atkinson. He went to be with the Lord following a massive heart attack suffered while visiting in the Philippines. Watson was buried over there but his memorial service was held here at our (and their) home church, Auburn Bible Chapel.

Please pray for Watson's wife Noemi and their daughter Jenalyn as they continue to grieve the loss of a husband and father.

I wrote the following poem/song while preparing my message for the service. Watson had a real heart for World Missions so the first stanza can be taken two different ways. He was "ready to go" if the Lord should call him "home" but always "ready to go" if He sensed the Lord's call to a foreign land.

Anyhow, here's that poem I penned:

Ready to go if my Saviour should call me
Ready to go to that land far away
Ready to bow at the feet of my Master
Ready to go and it may be today.

Now I am feasting on manna from heaven
Now I am looking on His lovely face
O what a wonder that Jesus has saved me
Only because of His marvellous grace.

I know that you are now grieving my passing
And if I could here's what I'd like to say
Don't hold too tight to the things that are fleeting
When you are gone they will all pass away.

O what a thrill just to bask in His glory
Troubles and heartaches are finally o'er
Trust Him today and receive of His goodness
Soon we shall meet on this heavenly shore.

David W. Fisher
January 8th, 2008

Note: The poem/song was written as though Watson were speaking and, knowing him as well as I did, this accurately reflects his heart.

Thanks Vicki

Vicki, thank you for posting the previous update on Dad Golden for Terry! Let's all continue to pray for his salvation. God is going to bring Dad Golden to Himself and there will be great rejoicing in heaven and Welland, Ontario when this glorious event takes place.

Pray, too, for Dad Golden's complete recovery. Keep our beloved pal Terry in your prayers too. These last few months have been stressful for her.

Vicki, thanks for your ongoing encouragement. Your comments are always such a blessing. I wish you lived closer so you could be a big part of our Writer's Crucible group.

God's richest blessing to all of the pals.

"Father, minister to Passing-Thru and assure Him of Your steadfast love which never fails. We love You and praise Your name."

~ David, the Pilgrim

Update: Dad Golden

Hello friends. This is Vicki with a quick update on Terry's Dad. She says the operation went well and that he might be coming home today if he can go to the bathroom. That's great news! I think Terry is tired but she wants to thank all of you for praying - she could feel your prayers and appreciates them so much. She will be going back to the hospital with Uncle Roy to pick Dad Golden up if everything goes well, so let's keep those prayers going. I'm sure she'll update us as soon as she can. Terry, we love you and your sweet family.

The Lord bless you all and keep you close to His beating heart.

Father, thank you for your protective Hand over Dad Golden during this operation, and for the privilege of praying for him and all the family. May Dad Golden know deep in his heart exactly where his help comes from... and we will praise you all the days of our lives! Thank you, Lord, for all you've done and continue to do in this precious life. Amen

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writer's Crucible

Two months ago I was invited to join a local Christian writers group called the Writer's Crucible. I had known of this group for quite some time and was honoured to be asked to become a member.

We meet on the third Tuesday of each month for mutual encouragement and to provide feedback (critiques) on each other's writing.

Tonight I was looking for an online dictionary to give me some definitions of the word "crucible".

Here are some of my findings:

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This

cru·ci·ble (krōō'sə-bəl) Pronunciation Key n.

1. A vessel made of a refractory substance such as graphite or porcelain, used for melting and calcining materials at high temperatures.
2. A severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial. See Synonyms at
3. A place, time, or situation characterized by the confluence of powerful intellectual, social, economic, or political forces: "Macroeconomics . . . was cast in the crucible of the Depression" (Peter Passell).

What the Writer's Crucible is is really a combination of all three of the above definitions.

One thing is certain, I've already benefited greatly from associating with these fellow scribes and I look forward eagerly to each meeting.

Thanks, Bev, for inviting me to be part of this wonderful group!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update On Felisol's Mother

My Mom has been hospitalised once more since Sunday.
She’s had a full stroke, paralyses on her right side.
We are having a tough time.
In Norway the problem is the hospitals are run by the government, but care for elderly is the responsibility of the community.
Now we’re having lots of work organizing Mom’s return from hospital to home. She’ll be staying with Gunnar and me, but needs a nurse coming home to help her at least twice a day and them physiotherapy, speech training and so on.
Yesterday we did not know if she’d survive, today we have to organize a new life for her and us.
I know you will pray for us as I am praying for you.
Love Felisol

Successful Evening

Last Thursday's "An Evening With the Petes" was deemed a success by all involved.

We SOLD OUT the Sky Box we rented (57 people) and had wonderful participation by the Peterborough Petes, Hockey Ministries International and all the invited guests.

The evening was designed primarily to increase awareness of Epistle Sports Ministries and Hockey Ministries International.

Here's a picture of me (the big guy) with Paul Allen (HMI Ontario) and Jeff Twohey (middle), the GM of the Peterborough Petes.

Thanks for all those who were praying!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you Pals!!! You have made my birthday celebration a memorable one! I appreciate every single one of the Pals! You hold such a dear place in my heart.

Mmmmm...I just tasted a bit of the frosting on the cake! You are so right, Terry, this cake is absolutely delish!!! Won't you all join me in having a piece?! I absolutely cannot eat this cake all by myself! After all, I have a wedding I have to lose weight for in May! So EAT UP everyone!! *grin*

Pilot Mom

Happy Birthday Pilot-Mom!

When I woke up this morning and saw Pilgrim's birthday greeting, I thought to myself..."Oh, I am too late!", but late is better than never to wish you a belated Birthday greeting Claire...

Here is a birthday cake I googled in and trust me it is surely not one that David made.

I mean look at the people gobbling it down!

The cake that he made for Vicki gave quite a few of us upset stomachs!!

Haven't heard hide nor hair from some of them since!

This one here is sooo good!

I think the guy at the top in the striped green shirt is Passing-thru.

David is the guy in the blue jammies and the fat lady with the dyed blond hair is me and I do believe I see Little Montreal Girl trying her hardest to unbury LP who has dug herself right into the centre of the cake! That girl is so afraid of ice cream!!

And there is Jimmie, Adi's grampa trying his hardest to keep the thing together so he can sing a decent Happy Birthday telegram to you Pilot-Mom!!

When Little Missionary Julie and Felisol and Rodney, and Saija, and Susan and Laura-Mae and Lauren-Mary, and Vicki, and Donna, and that other "Fish"[Marky J.] and Lisa get here, it will be just as well that the cake will be demolished, and just a sweet but messy memory!

After all we certainly don't want our Julie Sweet Inspirations to see it!!!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pilot Mom

Today is Claire's birthday (in yellow in the picture) over at Pilot Mom. I just visited her site and noticed that she is celebrating today. By the time I post this it will almost be midnight EST but Claire still has time left to celebrate out in Utah.

All the Pals join me in praying that the coming year will be filled with God's goodness. We already know it will be.


What a Week!

Dear Pals:

Thank you for your prayers this week concerning our fund-raiser and the Memorial Service I conducted today. The Lord graciously supplied strength and I'm grateful to Him for that.

The service for my friend Watson Atkinson was God-honoring and the Spirit of God was there.
Please pray for Watson's widow, Noemi, and their daughter Jenalyn.

Now I'm at work at Christian Horizons for the overnight shift (I get to sleep though), tomorrow I'll worship at our church and then I'll take time to recharge my batteries.

My cellulitis seems to be under control and I'm feeling much better.

Thanks again for your loving concern and your partnership in prayer!

In His love,

The Pilgrim

Word Of Arlene

For information on dear Arlene and her progress, her daughter, Amber would like us to go to her site......http://amsland.blogspot.com
Please continue to pray for both Arlene and Barry and for their whole family...
And please pay Amber a visit at her blog site..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pilgrim Progress

Thanks for your prayers, dear pals, as I continue to recover from this latest bout with cellulitis. I'm gradually feeling better.

Our fundraiser last night went very well. It was an incredible evening! We sold out the private Sky Box with 57 friends joining me. We were able to increase awareness of Epistle Sports Ministries and raise some operating capital as well. God was present and blessed our time together.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Memorial Service for my dear friend Watson Atkinson and I value your prayers as I lead the service and share the gospel. THANK YOU!

Stay strong in His strength, dear pals!

The Pilgrim

Update On Felisol's Mom

My mother was discharged from hospital yesterday evening.
We had to buy for a small fortune in medicines, and she will be staying with us till she’s finished her cure.
She had caught a serious urine infection, probably four weeks ago from drinking too little and was extremely dehydrated. Now I’m counting three bottles of water, and she is much better, but tired and exhausted. It may seem that she’s had a small “drip”, but we’re hoping it’s just the dehydration.
Thank you for praying.
Gotta go, my Mom will to bed.
Have a nice week-end all of you.
From Felisol

Update On Dad Golden

This is the picture I took of Dad Golden and Rachel yesterday at the hospital.Again they cancelled his operation!The doctor was ill, and so now the new date is Wednesday, the 16th at two in the afternoon.I am so glad that I thanked you for your future prayers for my dad because he is still needing it..
I am heading over to Mom and Dad's now as Mom as come down ill, so I will see what is happening.
Thanks again everybody.
There must be some reason why the Lord has allowed this.
As I was walking Dad out form the hospital, I said to him,
"Now Dad, you even have more time to be saved."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Here We Go Again

Well, friends, the Pilgrim is battling another bout with cellulitis. For the 4th time in the last 2 years I've succumbed to this infectious condition. It's in my head again. Literally that is. Not figuratively.

On Sunday I had a severe headache and by the early evening I was in bed, exhausted. During the night my forehead swelled up and I had two lumps on the back of my head. We went to the Emergency Dept. at the local hospital on Monday morning and, like the title says, "Here we go again." My doctor friend prescribed some heavy duty oral antibiotics and, hopefully, I'm on the road to recovery. The headaches are severe but I've got some strong pain killers for them.

This is a very important week for me to be well. On Thursday evening (tomorrow) Epistle Sports Ministries is having a big fundraiser at the Peterborough Petes game. We have rented one of the Sky Boxes and have sold all 57 tickets. We are also having a silent auction with autographed Ottawa Senators' sticks (know anybody on that team?), two Senators' game tickets, a private box for a future Petes' game, several original paintings by a local artist, a Sidney crosby print and an autographed Peterborough Petes jersey. It should be a great evening. Please pray that I will be well!

On Saturday I'll be conducting the Memorial Service at our home church for my dear friend Watson Atkinson who died in the Philippines just before Christmas. His funeral service was held over there but we are celebating his life this Saturday. Please pray for Watson's wife Noemi and their little daughter Jenalyn that God will be their strength and shield.

That's my update, friends! Now you know why I haven't posted for a few days.

Be encouraged today!

News Of Arlene From Her Daughter Amber

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Mom
Hi, this is Arlene's daughter Amber.
I wanted to let you all know how she is doing.
Right now she is in the hospital for another round of chemo.
She is doing pretty good.
She had a very bad week last week.
She was on liquid morphene and was having lots of trouble remembering things.
My Dad took her off and within one day she was doing much better.
She hadn't been staying up longer than an hour.
Yesterday, three days later she was doing great.
She stayed up for most of the day.
She and my Dad came over my house for a visit, they stayed for two hours and she did wonderful.
Shortly after they left, the hospital called and said her room was ready.
She went in and got all set and started the chemo today.
My Dad said she was nauseated but to the best of our knowledge she has not thrown up.
They gave her some nerve medicine and she is sleeping now.
I am having a hard time thinking everything but if you have any questions you can leave them and I will try to check them and get back to you soon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thanking You For Your Prayers

Thank you friends for all of your prayers for Dad Golden.

Can I mention too that I just now heard from Felisol and she tells me..."Gunnar and I rode through darkness storm and snow to my mother's yesterday. She had suddenly become ill, and you know how doctors can be. They rarely make house calls and Mom was too ill to go to the doc'sofice. Several telephones and hours later he finally showed up. My Mom was driven to hospital in an ambulance, Gunnar and I followed behind. About 2 in the morning we went home from hospital. My Mom is placed in the suricalward, and I don¨t quite know what they intend to do, or what the diagnoses. Something terribly painful with her stomach. Please pray for my Mom too, will you?"....Felisol

I just now read this in the "Daily Devotions" that comes to me very morning.It is so good that I thought I would put it here now....

Daily Devotionals Jan. 8, 2008
When Life Goes Bad
READ: 1 Samuel 30:1-6

David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. -1 Samuel 30:6
Everything looked bleak to David and his men when they arrived at Ziklag (1 Sam. 30:1-6). The Amalekites had attacked the city and taken their wives and children captive. The men were so discouraged that they wept until they had no more energy. And David, their leader, was "greatly distressed" because the people were contemplating stoning him (v.6).
In the end, David's army rescued their families and defeated the Amalekites. But the story takes a great turn even before that when "David strengthened himself in the Lord his God" (v.6). Other translations use the words encouraged or refreshed.
The text doesn't say exactly how David did this. But it makes me wonder, In what ways can we strengthen, encourage, or refresh ourselves in the Lord when we're feeling discouraged?
First, we can remember what God has done. We can list the ways He has cared for us in the past, and how He has provided for us or answered a prayer request.
Second, we can remember what God has promised. "Be strong and of good courage; . . . for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" (Josh. 1:9).
Like David, let's learn to strengthen ourselves in the Lord, and then let's leave the rest with Him. -Anne Cetas
"I will strengthen," so take courage,Child of God, so weak and frail.God has said so, and it must be,For His promise cannot fail! -Anon.
Our greatest strength is often shown in our ability to stand still and trust God.

Monday, January 7, 2008

For Passing-thru From Us All

Dearest Pals,Pilgrim had mentioned that he wanted to start an effort to call back PT in the new year…I forget his words exactly, but I have been thinking about what I would say for a LONG time—several months, in fact. I finally sat down at the intenet-less computer to type this up. You will probably recognize the first two paragraphs and the last paragraph as being entirely scripture, (okay, it doesn’t say Heb or Indiana in the Bible, I put those in!), and the rest drawing heavily from Paul’s epistles. I will never forget PT’s letter to us that he wrote that way :) and I wanted to give him a letter back. Please post this for me, especially for our beloved Passing-thru…Thank you. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

Heb, the servant of Jesus Christ, to the beloved saint in Christ Jesus in Indiana, Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until the day ye left, Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Even as it is meet for me to think this of you all, because I have you in my heart; inasmuch as both in my bonds, and in the defence and confirmation of the gospel, ye all are partakers of my grace. For God is my record, how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ. And this I pray, that your love may abound yet more and more in knowledge and in all judgment; That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ; Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.Therefore, my brother dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown, so stand fast in the Lord, my dearly beloved.I beseech you that ye return unto us, whom through your encouragement, grew both in knowledge of the scripture, faith, and in love, towards eachother, and towards our dear Savior. Your inspiring stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness have brightened my path, and I sorely miss them…and judging by the comments left recently, I am not alone. Your calls to prayer helped us to remember all the saints in need of prayer and encouragement. Brother, although it may be good to abstain for a time that ye may draw near to God without distraction, yet after a time, return to the fellowship of the saints which ye partook, who ye daily encouraged with your presence. So then, I beseech you by the mercies of God, to strengthen that which remains.Regarding the cloak left at Troas, it has not arrived yet, but peradventure it be the cloak of heaviness and sorrow, I have need for it. Rather, if you find a garment of praise, please send it next-day-service. Thank you.Finally, my brother, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Let us not become weary in well doing, for we shall reap if we faint not. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, both now and forever. Amen.
January 6, 2008 10:22 AM

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pilot Mom's New Year Challenge

My life in 2007 can be summed up as - - "Help me Jesus!"

In 2008 I want to remember daily - - "God loves me!"

It's not easy to keep it to 3 words.

Julie (LM)

Bud Does It Again

My nephew, Bud Fisher, has made me proud again. The following post appeared on the Quinnipiac Bobcats website this week:

Bud Fisher Named ECAC Hockey Goaltender Of The Week
Written by: QuinnipiacBobcats.com

Release: 01/02/2008

Quinnipiac junior Bud Fisher (Peterborough, Ont.) has been named the ECAC Hockey Goaltender of the Week, as announced by the league office on Jan. 2, 2008. The award is Fisher’s third of his career.

This past weekend, at the 2007 Sheraton/TD Banknorth Catamount Cup, Fisher took home Most Valuable Player honors after Quinnipiac won the cup with back-to-back wins over Western Michigan, 2-1, and Vermont, 5-1. Fisher, who allowed just one goal to each team, had 18 saves against Western Michigan while registering 19 against Vermont in the championship on the Catamounts’ home ice.

For the year, Fisher has allowed 16 goals in 481:24 minutes over eight games for a 1.99 goals-against-average. With 180 saves on 196 shots-on-goal, Fisher also boasts a .918 save percentage. Fisher currently ranks 12th nationally in GAA and 26th in save percentage.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Perplexed, Persevering Pilgrim

The following post from Maced With Grace was passed along to me by my friend Claire over at Pilot Mom. It's a great challenge. Try it!

The New Year's Challenge

I was watching a few minutes of the news this morning and one of the national morning shows issued a challenge - to sum up the entire year of 2007 in three little words.

I watched as they posted some of the answers viewers sent in and thought what a great idea! We bloggers are always rambling on and on about stuff - but how many of us could sum up an entire year in just three words?

So let's get the word out and see how many people will play along. Here's mine along with some other possibilities. I've listed one as a summary of 2007 and another as a goal for 2008.

Let's hear about yours!

Mine for 2007: Perplexed But Persevering
Mine for 2008: Moment By Moment

Other possibilities: Finding God Faithful, Trusting God Implicitly, God's Generous Grace, Burdened But Blessed

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gifts, Fresh From His Hand

In the aftermath of Christmas gift-giving the following quote from Ann Voskamp over at Holy Experience rings loud and clear:

"The real gifts, the good ones, cannot be manufactured with their own USP bar codes. Real gifts aren't shipped, but fall down from heaven, His fingerprints still fresh."

Check out the rest of this incredible post here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Office Of Foreign Affairs

Carol and I actually got away for a couple of days without the kids. Miracles still happen! We are in Buffalo, NY tonight but, no, we didn't get to the Winter Classic, the outdoor hockey game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins. 73,000 fans were there though.

When we looked out our window (back home in Cavan) first thing this morning we were greeted by a fresh, heavy snowfall. When I tried backing out of our long driveway I ended up in the ditch and needed 5 men to push me out. I'm grateful for wonderful neighbors!

So we're here at the Red Roof Inn and this will be my office for the next 2 days. I'll post a couple of items from here. Lord willing.

I trust that your first day of 2008 was meaningful. May the Lord give you the desires of your heart as you delight in Him.

~ David

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2008!
May your New Year be blessed and filled with God's Holy presence!

Okay, okay....I know I was filled with some self-pity last night - sorry about that but it does help to get it off my chest.

Thank you Susan for your post. It is so true - I know. I do reach out often and do not wait for the invitation - that is part of my frustration - once in a while I would like someone to reach out to me (selfish - maybe). It's just that it's hard to know if you are actually appreciated if you are the one always doing the calling and inviting with friends. That seems to be a pattern in my life - I do the reaching otherwise I am not sure I'd hear from anyone! Take my supposed friendship with Todd - I want to be a witness to him - I am burdened for his salvation, but I am the only one who ever does the contacting - is that a friend? I keep saying to myself "no more - he can just call me." But then I think - is that what Jesus would do? Would he say, "I've had it with Susan or Julie or David or Terry because I haven't heard from them today - so forget them!" God knows there are days when I don't "contact" him through prayer and just go about my daily work. I wonder....does God feel unappreciated or unloved in those moments? Just thoughts to ponder.....

On a positive note, and I am determined to put a positive note into all things this year - I ended up having great fellowship with the Lord last night at the chapel. It was so peaceful. I spent 3.5hrs (until midnight), praying in the new year....along with some pleading, venting, repenting and finally surrendering and adoring the Lord.

Susan - I want you to know that in 2008 EVERY time I pray that God would bless me with a Christian husband I am committed to pray the same for you too. So that means I'll be praying for you daily since I "bug" the Lord everyday for a husband!! :)

For those of us being pounded with yet another snow storm - stay safe on the roads!

Love you all.

J. Little Missionary

Reach Out Anyway

Dearest Julie,

Oh I can relate and understand so much of what you've said. I too am alone this New Years Eve. I wish I could say it's the first time...but instead I pray it's the last time.

But I've been doing this a lot longer than you are even old…and I pray that I might have some words that God will use to comfort you and help keep you going and growing in Him. Never, never give up…put your hope in Jesus alone.

I wish you lived near me…I know that you would love our church…and would feel at home. In turn…the body of Christ at Kindred Community Church would reach out to you. So if you are ever in southern California…you have an official invitation.

When I didn’t receive the invitation that I had hoped for to spend Christmas with friends…I didn’t wait to see if I would be alone. Instead I reached out to a loving Christian family that I am blessed by God to know. For several years the Apple family had invited me to Christmas and Thanksgiving. But I had always declined…because I felt guilty about not seeing my mom on a holiday. She has Alzheimer’s and only a couple of people see her…and it’s important to be there with her.

But this year I couldn’t bear to be alone at Christmas. Even though I felt hurt…the pain of spending Christmas alone motivated me to reach out and ask, “Could I spend Christmas with you?”. I knew the answer before I even asked…because this family embodies walking in the love of Christ like few I know. The warm and loving answer was, “We’d love to have you”.

I’m so glad I asked…because it was lovely day…and I really enjoyed the people and time I spent with them. Be it a drive to see Krista Beth’s horse…or meeting Carrie, a friend of the Apple’s I had heard so much about…to having the most delicious dinner prepared by Vicki…or watching Fredo the cat try his best to capture the helicopter flying around the room…the day was wonderful. My favorite time of the day was in the evening sitting on the sofa by the Christmas tree…and chatting with Doreen. We just talked about stuff…God stuff and people stuff. I even asked Doreen to be in prayer for me regarding my single status…to which she agreed. And yes…I did go and spend the morning with my mom on Christmas day too.

I guess the point is that I reached out and asked. Doreen likely would have extended an invitation even if I hadn’t asked. But rather than be depressed to think I would be alone at Christmas I made sure I asked.

This same family, the Apple family, I can remember a day almost three years ago when I didn’t know them. For two years we had officially been a church…but met at the Elk’s Lodge in Santa Ana, until such time as God provided a church home for us. When we finally moved into our church property…this is when we grew even more as a church family. Ministry opportunities and needs where there…and I felt God pushing me, “Susan…you need to get involved and serve in one of the ministries.”

So when sign up time came…I signed up to work the coffee ministry one Sunday a month. I didn’t know any of the people I would be working with so I felt pretty uncomfortable. But you know what I told myself? “Susan, right now you don’t know these people, but before long you’ll know them and they’ll be your friends.” Little did I know how right I was. That Sunday I began working with Doreen and Charles…under the command of Coffee Captain Mike. People that I didn’t know…before long became most precious to me…and I thank God for them daily. Now each year when it comes time for sign up…we do so under the specification that we must work as a team. That experience helped to work in other areas too.

Because I took that step even though I knew I would feel uncomfortable for time…I got to know Charles and Doreen’s adopted daughters Ramona and Lisa. One of my favorite things to do each Sunday morning is to go and give Ramona and Lisa a hug and kiss and remind them that they are my “favorite Kindred girls”. When I ask them…“Have I ever told you I love you?”…I get a resounding yes! There is nothing as sweet as sitting there early on Sunday morning…before everyone arrives…with my arms around these precious girls as we listen to the worship team and sing along. Ramona gives some of the best hugs…and I would have missed out on that…if I hadn’t risked feeling uncomfortable for a season.

Julie…reach out and take some risks. You’ll feel uncomfortable for a while…and that’s okay. Don’t wait till the last minute and hope that you might be invited or included. Reach out to others. I can guarantee you that there others that feel like you do…and you can reach out to them.

Recently I attended a Christmas concert at church on a Sunday night. I didn’t want to sit alone…so I sat with some friends. Maybe it was because it was Christmas time that I was feeling particularly lonely. I just wanted to have someone put their arms around me and hold me close. But no one was reaching out to me and I felt all the more lonely. I looked over and sitting next me was a lady whose husband had been out of town for the week. I figured she was probably a little bit lonely too…so I reached over and put my arm around her as we sang the last Christmas hymn. Later she came and told me thank you. She had been alone all week…and just needed a hug. So God use my hurt and loneliness to reach out to someone else.

Let Him use you Julie to reach out to others who are hurting and lonely and just need a little love. You know what it's like when it’s missing. Never forget that feeling and make sure that you are reaching out to others. People don’t always wear their hurt on their sleeves…and likely won’t share with you “Gee wiz…I’m lonely”. God has given you this experience so you can know what it’s like to be lonely and hurting. Don’t turn inward…instead you need to reach out to others.

I’m sure that you are well aware of God’s admonition that we are not to forsake the assembling of one another. We need that interaction with one another and time of corporate worship. We need to be serving the needs of those in the body of Christ. If you are part of a church body…you are able to contribute and help meet other’s needs. Remember…God has specially gifted you…and he has a place where he wants you to be a part of. If you can’t get to church because you are snowed in or too sick…that’s one thing. But if you are healthy and able…you need to find a place where you fit in, in the body of Christ. Julie…maybe you are a hand or an arm in the body Christ…but whatever you are…if you are not where God has called you…that body is missing that hand or arm.

Julie…I must confess I would rather die than to go through another year alone. It's so very, very hard. But unless the Lord calls me home...or He returns that may be a reality next year as well.

But I ain’t going to let Satan win. He wants to keep me discouraged, lonely and depressed…and thus render me ineffective in the body of Christ. He wants to make me doubt God’s goodness, love and care for me. Instead of having me say…“God…I don’t like this…but please don’t waste what I’m going through…at least use it to help others…and please answer my prayers for a husband.” It’s a choice that I have to make daily.

Satan knows that being single and lonely is my biggest area of vulnerability. He likes use it to make me doubt God…and sometimes I believed his lies. But I don’t want to waste anymore time. I don’t want the lessons I’ve learned in the pain to be lost and wasted when I instead I can take steps and reach out to others.

Sometimes you will be rejected when you reach out. You’ll act out of love for others…and it may be rejected or you will be used and it won’t be reciprocated. But keep reaching out. You’ll be amazed at what God will bring into your life just from obeying and taking some risks.

As far being alone…recently I spent some time with someone who doesn’t exactly hold me high esteem and it was reflected in their actions toward me. That’s when I discovered there ain’t no loneliness like be with someone who doesn’t care. That loneliness is worse than being alone. I’d rather wait a little while longer for the man whom God will bring. Someone who will love and treasure me for who I am.

Julie that’s my prayer for both you and me. That next New Year’s Eve…instead of writing pieces about being alone and lonely on New Year’s Eve…we’ll be writing a praise report on how faithful God was. That He heard our cries…and that according to His perfect timing and plan…He brought each of us the husband whom He perfectly fit for us. That we will be filled with joy and gratitude for His mercy and grace poured out upon us. But I also pray that we will never, ever forget what it feels like to be alone, lonely and unloved. That it will motivate us as we reach out to other in our lives.

There are some things that I want to leave behind this year Julie…and not take with me to 2008. One of those things is unforgiveness. If I think I’ve forgiven someone an offense…but I keenly remember it every time I see them and feel that wound again…I haven’t forgiven them in full. I’m the one being tortured…not them. But if I was the one that offended and caused hurt…wouldn’t I be most grateful for forgiveness. To know that person doesn’t hold it against me any longer. That when I talk to them we are in the present…in the here and now…and they are not thinking back to a time when I hurt them. Wouldn’t I want that?

Sometimes forgiveness must be given to people who should know better and act better because of who they are. Just because you forgave them…doesn’t mean that what they did is now okay. It’s just saying I’m letting it go and not going to hold it against you any longer. As I write this…I’m speaking to myself as much as you.

Can you imagine Jesus paying the penalty for our sins and forgiving us…but then when we meet him face to face…Him being cold or wanting to avoid us and not be with us because we hurt Him? No…Jesus has forgiven us in full. He asks us to do the same. It’s hard to do…but don’t do it on your own strength…do it by the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

So Julie…I’m praying for God to heal up any emotional wounds you bear...that you will be able to let them go and start lighter because you released of your burdens…and are starting fresh in 2008.

Blessings to you dear one…and praying that God will answer both our prayer for a husband in 2008.