Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update: Dad Golden

Hello friends. This is Vicki with a quick update on Terry's Dad. She says the operation went well and that he might be coming home today if he can go to the bathroom. That's great news! I think Terry is tired but she wants to thank all of you for praying - she could feel your prayers and appreciates them so much. She will be going back to the hospital with Uncle Roy to pick Dad Golden up if everything goes well, so let's keep those prayers going. I'm sure she'll update us as soon as she can. Terry, we love you and your sweet family.

The Lord bless you all and keep you close to His beating heart.

Father, thank you for your protective Hand over Dad Golden during this operation, and for the privilege of praying for him and all the family. May Dad Golden know deep in his heart exactly where his help comes from... and we will praise you all the days of our lives! Thank you, Lord, for all you've done and continue to do in this precious life. Amen


Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrims,
I would like to join the "Hallelujah Choir" on this topic.
I'm so happy that all went well.

jel said...


thanks Vicki, for the update!

Terry said...

Dear Vicki...Thank you so much for updating on Dad Golden.
I think that I will be spending more time with him and mom the next couple of days.
The operation was successful, but now the hard part is to make that Dad Golden behave himself.
He is suppose to take it easy for a week at least but this morning,[at 2:30 am ]he drove his car to pick up his newspaper and he is not suppose to but there is no stopping him once his mind so made up that's for sure....Thanks a lot to you and all the pals...Love Terry

Vicki said...

We continue to pray for Dad Golden on all fronts, Terry.

I had to chuckle about him driving to pick up the paper--oh my! My husband, after open heart surgery last year did something similar...only it was a few weeks after his surgery. I woke up one morning and he was gone his truck. He was NOT supposed to be driving, and it *did* hurt his chest incision, but these men (sorry, David) can be so stubborn:-)

I'm glad Dad Golden "felt" like driving, though--that's a good sign.

love & blessings,