Saturday, June 30, 2007

Redeeming the Time

For the last week or so I have put my "times awake in the middle of the night" to good use! Rather that fretting and stewing about the things I have no control over, I have chosen to pray for our Pilgrim Pals and associates/friends/family by name and by situation.

I've found that it's a great way to "redeem the time". Before I know it, I'm sound asleep, resting in the care of our Almighty God.

Let Him carry the burdens you shoulder, my friends! He invites you to cast them on Him.

"Casting all our cares upon Him, because He cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

Note: Thanks to my good friend Susan Bunts over at Susan's Blog for this graphic.


David, our friend and prayer warrior, think of all the times U and Carol prayed for others --
Appreciated U posting your childhood picture earlier along with a good positive note of God's loving care for all His children ------

Remembering U and Carol tonight , many are praying - HE is ABLE to DO , there is one thing for sure , HIS WILL , WILL BE DONE -- and this is what we all want , I know U and Carol want that and HE IS A LOVING FATHER -------

WE LOVE U PEOPLE , "IN CHRIST" ------- passing-thru

The Pilgrim...60 Years Ago

Today as I was packing up lots of old memorabilia, I found an album of photos that my mother had given me quite a few years ago. Some interesting stuff in there!

Here's one of me when I was a little over a year old. I was born July 9th, 1945 and the picture was taken October 27th, 1946. That's over 60 years ago.

I often wonder if I'd like to go back and start over again. Honestly, I don't think I would. My childhood years were filled with good times which have given me many happy memories. I think that children these days face a lot more challenges than we ever did.

Do I look like I'm worrying in this photo? Not a chance! Our family was not wealthy by any means but I was clothed, fed, nurtured and loved. Fond memories!

So why do I find myself worrying these days...60 years later? God has not changed. My circumstances certainly have but He remains faithful. I'm grateful that we serve a great God, the giver of every good and perfect gift. One of my favorite scripture verses is found in the epistle of James. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning." - James 1: 17 (KJV) We serve a God we can depend on and trust in. He doesn't waver! He is changeless! He is faithful! Hallelujah!


We at pilgrim pals have not forgotten U , HEATHER ---- Arlene, U too are on many prayer lists
Husbands of Pilot Mom and Vickie -- healing to your bodies
Saija as well -- the smiling friend of David's friends , for your husband and his back

For friends like the two Julies ----- jel too ----- Heb 11:1 and sister, praying fan with their zeal to win the lost , missionaries tried and true -----

Salvation for Todd and Dad Golden - there is POWER IN THE BLOOD ------

We are blessed to have our own Terry ----- A caring Card sending missionary of the internet
Did we forget Donny and Crusade for Christ , NO -- may he find service and fruit for HIM
Donna over at By His Grace Alone as she searches to serve HIM in the BEST WAY

David and Carol for finances, direction , encouragement ---
many more I am sure of but can't think of --- Lord Bless --------- passing-thru


hebrews 11:1 said...
Hello, Pilgrim Pals!I would appreciate if someone could post the following for me. Thank you!This morning I tried to catch up on my daily news from the Middle East and around the world, delivered daily to our e-mail inbox in the form of CIJR Daily Briefings. Anyways, I thought I would finally come out and ask you all to join me in prayer for that which is most dear to my heart: Israel, and the salvation of God’s chosen people, the Jews. I know very well I am stepping out on to very touchy ground by writing like this…but this is what I believe and have scripture aplenty to back me up. First of all, the Bible says, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, They shall prosper that love you.” –Psalm 122:6. God also says in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee.” Every day I pray for various friends and neighbors who are Jewish, that they would come to know their Yeshua Ha’Maschiach (Jesus the Messiah) as their personal Lord and Savior. God has given me amazing opportunities…one is a friendship with the president of the local synagogue (one of many in my area) and his wife. He asks the most interesting questions and answers them before I can sometimes! I really enjoy talking with him about Jesus, and he is so open, too. Please join me in prayer for Israel, for peace for her, and for her salvation!“For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name. Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married. Isaiah 62:1-4Have a blessed day in the Lord!Lil Pilgrim Pal

Encouragement From Ron

On my visit to Ron's site just now, after reading his great post, I could not help but copy and paste it here, for all to read and be encouraged.
Now mind, I DID ask his permission and all, but I just can not wait for his reply.
BUT, seeing as Ron is a great friend of our Jel, I am surely hoping he will not mind!!
This is too good not to share right away, because it seems to go along perfect with the Promise Bible that Rose sent to Dad Golden
So please be encouraged with this.
You can find Ron and his great blog site at
Thanking you in advance, "Amazing grace man!"...Terry

- ACTS- 2-VERSE-39

For the promise is unto you,

And to your children,

And to all that are afar off,

Even as many as the Lord our God shall call !

We have been studying about {Admission of Sin } { Practicing obedience } { Remember the Lord is God } Renewing our Devotion to God } the last 4 weeks in Sunday School !

God promises us in his word that He will give us eternal life if we follow His word ?

Every thing we have belonged to God before He gave it to us ! Some will say that’s not so ! But for Me and my House I will trust His Word ?

Someone has said a turtle on a fence post has to know he didn’t get there all by himself.

I ask do you understand this about your achievements in your life ? If you take the time and read the book of Genesis and while you are reading the first 3 chapters stop and think about material things such as the surroundings in your yard that is Gods beautiful creation , your children , flowers , and all the different kinds of trees , insects, birds and every living creature on earth God created ?

When you look at the picture above why wouldn’t you trust and believe in our Lord and Savior and seek what God has promised us we would have in our eternal life? I know this is only a photograph made by man, But according to His word I would think it would be a whole lot more prettier !

Wishing All A Very blessed weekend?



IF U PILGRIM PALS get a chance -- pay a visit to Terry's sister's blog site --

SAY HELLO TO GRACE -----------



Henrietta Soltau, from China Inland Mission days - was taking care of the missionary childrens while the parents were serving in lands far away- All on "faith" the house and food and clothing , all by faith with NO ASKING or making the needs known-ONE DAY some bill came due ,it amounted to 6 pounds 18 shillings and 2 pence , young Henrietta had nothing left in supply - the bill was due and she now was panicking on the "inside" Would GOD fail her now ? at the last moment, a woman came to the door and enquired of the "young" lady - HOW WAS THE FAITH effort going , feeding and caring for 18 children and the home ( a critical view was held by most people of the time) Henrietta hid her anxiety and said the Lord is working - then this lady , told her that she came into "this money" 2 weeks earlier and felt strongly that it should go to the home - 6 POUNDS , 18 SHILLINGS AND 2 PENCE -- this was back in 1860's or so --- NEAT STUFF HEH !-------
WHEN we were in bible college in colorado in the mid 70's , my wife handled the bills, and we were 3 months behind in the car payment , she prayed secretly, never told a single soul (we never ever told of needs but always prayed them in) but this was hers alone - she prayed and asked for $129.38 cents that was due - 2 weeks of praying for the need , we received a letter with a check for $129.38 cents exactly - from a couple in Massachusetts that we helped in the Lord at least 6 years earlier- OUT OF THE BLUE this woman "felt" the Lord wanted her to send to us this exact amount - WE HAD NO CONTACT WITH THESE PEOPLE IN AT LEAST 6 YEARS - NOR DID ANYONE EVER KNOW of my wife praying for this need -- we had many such answers to prayer but fail to share with the church -- My wife proudly showed me the check and paid the car bill -- TO THE EXACT PENNY -- GOD CHANGES NOT - -- HE IS OUR ROCK ---- passing-thru


David's desire for this blog site to REFRESH the saints is certainly taking hold.
Terry sharing what Rose sent her dad Golden -- yes, friendship , but friendship with a purpose of seeing people saved ------ the highest calling - HERE IS Pilot Mom sharing a testimony of praying for people -- I took the liberty and posted this -

Pilot Mom said...
Oh! This happened to me!! We lived in a duplex next to a young couple with 3 young girls. They were mormons but didn't believe in it and were really just 'nothing.' Well, of course, we shared with them. Most often non-verbally, but also verbally. We had some great discussions. But, eventually, we moved out and into our new home we had built. We prayed for them for years. We kept in touch for a couple of years and then we slowly lost touch as they also moved. But, periodically, as the Lord brought them to mind we prayed.

Well, when our son was in 11th grade (in a Christian school) I was talking with another mother and she interrupted me and said, "Claire, you know Ann, don't you?" And, I began to say..."No, I don't believe we've met...but Ann jumped in and said, "Oh, yes, Claire and I go waaay back when our children were just one year old!" I turned and fully looked at Ann and she was our old neighbor from the duplex!! And she and her husband had accepted the Lord about 3 or 4 yrs before!

Oh, how I rejoiced that the Lord let us know the outcome of our 17 yrs of praying!!! :)

Pilgrim Pal Rose Writes To Dad Golden

Here is a letter that Dad Golden received from our Pilgrim Pal Rose this week.
He was very pleased with it and Mom Golden loved the Promise Book that Rose sent to Dad along with the letter.
The verses on the front of the Promise Bible are good salvation verses which if only Dad Golden would believe them, then he would surely be born again!

Luke 19:10..."For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost"
Thank you Rose!

Friday, June 29, 2007


Closing for the nite -
Thankyou ------- especiallyheather ! --------
Heb 11:1 and Praying Sens
The two Julies ----- and thankyou for the good praise report U posted !
Arlene - U know your baffling the doctors ! A testimony before the world -
Pilot Mom with that wonderful post on Worry -- Vickie and her hubby
Terry and your caring card writing , praying mission work -
I will and do fail to mention all the names as I am so new in here --

David and Carol would be the first to mention , to pray for the sick among us -- and them last , lets ALL do that --- PRAY LARGE --- casting out fear and disease thru the BLOOD of CHRIST

Praying for our sick , Heather, Arlene - Saija's husband with his back -- Pilot Mom and her hubby and Vickie and her hubby --Terry's dad Golden , for Heb11:1 as she ministers to neighbors - so many people I know I am missing , forgive me and for DAVID AND CAROL , I am extending their LOVE AND PRAYERS AND CONCERN FOR U ALL -- lets remember to bless David and Carol --- CAN GOD DO A MIRACLE FOR THEM -- the answer is YES - A THOUSAND TIMES YES ---
good nite to all ----------------- passing-thru


Am reading a book called " A woman who laughed " about Henrietta Soltau of the China Inland Mission - as a young girl she believed God and witnessed to an old crusty unbelieving neighbor -she gave a bible to one of the stable hands, a young man- well one day the old neighbor was dying and after a week died - as the funeral procession rode by, young Henrietta said, I wonder why God didnt answer prayer ?( As she prayed for his conversion) - life went on and many years later - that stable boy , now an older man, met Henrietta's brother and asked how she was - then went on to say - that the old master of the house when dying - yelled out to anyone in the house who had a bible , to bring it to him where he searched the scriptures and accepted Christ -shortly after that the stable boy accepted Christ . Well , no one knew it when he died but the stable boy - SO TO ALL OUTWARD APPEARANCES , God didn't answer the prayers of young Henrietta , but many years later , Henrietta found that God did INDEED ANSWER -
- I hope I made this clear enough -- even though no one knew the old crusty man accepted Jesus and to the praying community , they thought he died without Christ - and God gave Henrietta the thrill of finding out that God did indeed save him

pray large or small , but LOOK TO HIM , for it ALL passing-thru

Praise and a date for the Lord!

Hi my fellow pilgrims in Christ,

You guys are amazing - you pray and things happen! I have not seen answers to prayer so plainly in well over a year! The Pilgrims pray and mighty things happen. You pray that I will find a new church home - boom it happens within days. BTW: I'm meeting with the pastor of Kanata Wesleyan next week, as I really want to hear about his heart for the Lord and the lost.

You prayed for Todd and now.....he wants to go out for coffee and a chat! Todd has gone through some tough times personally so I really want to be able to witness to him about the love and healing of our Lord! Pray Pilgrims - pray on!

Lord Jesus prepare Todd's heart to hear and receive the Gospel. We know it is the Father's will that not one is lost. Lord, I want to bring Todd to you - open his eyes to your Glory. Protect his mind and heart from the lies of Satan! In Jesus' Mighty Name I pray.
Where two or three are gathered in His name....mountains fall!

Praise God for He alone is worthy. I fall before the throne of Grace - a sinner made clean by a Holy God. God - who loves us all so much He gave His only Son - He alone makes us worthy to stand. Jesus - I fall before you ashamed of my sin - like the woman caught in adultery - I am filled with shame waiting for my accusers to punish me. I know I helped pierce your Holy hands and feet to the cross - but once again you lift me up out of the pit of sin and dispair - you set me the narrow path to freedom - I am freer than any bird of the sky. Jesus - worthy are you - the Holy Lamb of God.

Julie (Little missionary with a big heart for Jesus)



am posting this in regards to the previous post of HEATHER

TO ALL WHO READ her post , be prepared for a BLESSING, what a testimony -

To all our brethren , who are going thru so much - The Arlenes, their mates - the pilgrim family and friends ----- LET US RE-NEW ourselves to HIS GREAT CAUSE and pray fervently for loved ones and friends and BELIEVE GOD and the POWER OF TOUCHING THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT

We have many needs but I am sure of this too , that though we don't always see the answers, they are out there - thousands of answers to thousands of prayers - HE PROMISED TO ANSWER - DID HE NOT ? ----------

So David and Carol continue to EXPECT ----- ARLENE to trust and pray on , from the least need to the greatest , we are to pray and praise and IN EVERYTHING - GIVE THANKS
WHY? ----- Because HE LOVES US and is INVOLVED with everything we are -

again, humbled by Heather's post ------- passing-thru

Words From Heather

One TouchJune 28th, 2007
Many of you read my moms post “The Nana Takes A Turn” where she tells the following story:
“On the way to the airport, it was a quiet moment with scenery that was calming and music that was uplifting. We were listening to a Nicole C Mullins CD and the song “One Touch” came on. Heather, who could not speak a full sentence so far - sang this song. I cried as I listened to my daughters voice singing praises to God.”
I remember that moment. I remember visualizing that I was touching the hem of his garment. I remember wishing that this was all just a bad dream and I would soon wake up. I remember crying in the back of the rental car, singing this song. I am crying now, just listening to it… The pain is oh so very fresh on my heart.
If I could just touch the hem of His garment
"I know I’d be made whole
If I could just press my way thru this madness
His love would heal my soul
If only one touch "
Its hard to believe that all this happened over a month ago, Its hard to believe that this is my life. But its even harder for to believe that my God didn't
know that I would be going through this, at this very moment. He was here before me, waiting for me.
Like the woman in this song, I too want to push my way through this madness… I want to touch the hem of his garment…. I want to hear Him say “Someone has unleashed my power”. I want to be made whole.
I want that so very badly…
But then I remind myself to not forget the small miracles that happened along the way. How could I forget them? I am alive, I have full function of my right side, I have my speech, I have been blessed with a loving and dedicated family, and more importantly I have the promises of my loving Savior… whether I am healed this side of heaven, I will be whole on the other side. I will mount with wings like an eagle. I will soar into the ever loving arms of an ever lasting God.
He never left me… He has never left me… and that is the one thing I cling to.
He will move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call...

Update From the Pilgrim

Good morning, dear Pilgrim Pals! As you know, I've been away for a 1-day mini-retreat and I've been busy with a number of other things over the last few days.

How exciting to see how our PILGRIM PALS blog has taken to speak. Each day we have new prayer requests, new friends, new testimonies of God's sustaining grace and power.

I'm back in my EPISTLE SPORTS MINISTRIES office in Peterborough this morning. I have a Charitable Organizations report that needs to be filed by the 30th of this month (tomorrow) so I'm locking myself in and concentrating on finishing that (after I send off this update).

Thanks for the prayer support that has been building for Carol and me and our family. It's so disheartening to go home and find stacks of empty boxes waiting to be filled with "stuff" to take to storage as we move towards selling our home. I DON'T WANT TO SELL! NEITHER DOES CAROL! As I've said before, we are trusting God for a miracle! We are praying BIG!

Next week we are going down to Erie, PA for a few days. We will enjoy the big, indoor waterpark called SPLASH LAGOON for a couple of days. On Tuesday I'll drive down to Pittsburgh to see a ball game and visit with Gabe Gross (Milwaukee Brewers) and his wife Kelly. What a special couple they are! Please pray that our family will be refreshed as we get away for this mini-vacation. Just the other day a donation arrived in the mail from some dear friends and we are using this towards our get-away (with the donors' permission).

I'm so grateful for our new friend Bob McCabe or Passing-Thru as we Pilgrims Pals know him as. Thanks for picking up the slack on Pilgrim Pals while I'm away.

Terry, I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Your lovely face is almost back to normal. Thank you, Father! We continue to pray for Dad Golden and his salvation.

Laura Mae and Lauren-Mary. thanks for all your input. Let's remember to keep Darren in our prayers as he begins his new responsibilities with Campus Crusade for Christ in Calgary.

And, to the two (2) Julies, we're glad your "with us".

Two wonderful friends continue to keep me encouraged. Hebrews 11:1 and Praying Sens Fan in Montreal! You are gifts from God to this stumbling Pilgrim. Thanks so much for your ongoing encouragement! Which Christian bookstore do you frequent in Montreal? I'll meet you there some day! I haven't been down to Montreal to see our new Hockey Ministries International headquarters office dear the Bell Centre but I hope to get down there this fall.

Pilot Mom, thanks for the blessing of your friendship. We continue to pray for your hubby.

Same with you, Vicki! May you and your hubby know His all-surpassing strength during these days.

There are so many others whose names I haven't mentioned but thanks for your association with Pilgrim Pals.

Theophil...glad to have you aboard. Hope your visit with Passing-Thru as you were "passing-thru" was a fruitful one! Please come by and visit your new Pilgrim Pals often.

I better close off this post and get to work but, before I do, let me share today's scripture selection from Our Daily Bread. The psalmist writes, "Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you." - Psalm 55:22.

The writer of today's devotional thought, Dave Branon (a friend of mine), writes, "The joy of the Christian life is knowing that God can handle anything we hand over to Him...but at the same time, the great burden of the Christian life is that we - weak and helpless individuals that we are - hang on to stuff we know we need to give to God. We all know the feeling."

He goes on to say, "Our sins and concerns, big and small, seem to stick to us like Super Glue. The solution? We need to take those burdens off our own hands and put them on God's shoulders. Why carry around those sticky burdens?"

"God knows our burdens and our crosses,
Those things that hurt, our trials and losses,
He cares for every soul that cries,
And wipes the tears from weeping eyes."

- Brandt


Thanks for your ongoing prayers, dear friends!

Much love in Christ,

David, the Pilgrim


Three things that make a difference

Have an altar --- A place where we meet GOD - a place as much for us as it is for GOD - YES , for GOD , HE yearns for our fellowship , hard to imagine ! All thru the scriptures , HE shows HIMSELF making the effort to have fellowship , from the garden of eden to Revelation -

Anything to remind us of HIS answers to prayer, a date inscribed somewhere, a memorial of some sort when HE delivered us from whatever - HE told the Hebrew children to put stone markers in the river to remind them of GOD'S deliverance - a memorial so they would not forget -

HE inhabits the praise of HIS people --------- IS HE NOT WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE

may I follow my own advice -------- passing-thru

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm feeling like a fool tonight folks - and not a fool for Christ. I decided to email Todd this afternoon at work, (we both work for the City of Ottawa - not the same dept. though), and ask him to go for coffee. I was hoping to nuture our new friendship and eventually share about Christ with him. I have to admit I am interested in dating Todd - he is a nice guy and quite handsome too! So I guess there are mixed motives in my heart!

Now the Enemy has me feeling quite guilty about this. I keep having thoughts like, "Jesus will not give me an opportunity to share about Him with Todd because I am really just looking to get into a relationship with Todd." True to Satan's style he mixes some truth in with lies to confuse us.

Since I had not heard from Todd by the time I left work at 4 p.m. I thought right away, "yup, I'm bad. God isn't going to honor my desire to share about Christ will Todd because I'm attracted to the guy. I don't deserve the chance to share with Todd because my motives are mixed!" So, I just logged on to my work email (I can do that from home), and sent another email to Todd saying that I shouldn't have email him about going for coffee and I'm sorry if I made him uncomfortable. Todd will probably think I'm nuts now and perhaps I've ruined this very new friendship and the chance to win another soul to Christ!!

Lord forgive me for alway getting ahead of you!


Crusading for Christ

Last week I had the priviledge of catching up with an old friend Darren. Darren and I met back in our teen-years, while working at Hope Valley Day Camp, here in the Peterborough area. It was very exciting to sit and discuss old memories, to share how God has protected and watched over us over the past few years and to hear of Darren's upcoming adventures. Lord willing, Darren will be moving to Calgary to serve the Lord with Campus Crusade for Christ. He has a real heart and passion to minister to University students. He will be working right on the University of Calgary campus, offering support and encouragement to Christian students. Pilgrim Pals, I invite you to pray for Darren, specifically that his mandatory financial and prayer support levels will be met, so this new adventure can begin!



Reflecting of days gone by - my mom and dad also were "saved" back in 1967 - They were simple folks - never owned a home , with age came operations but what they did have was a "Sterling Testimony" Dad would wear a cap with JESUS printed across it and a jacket with JESUS SAVES across the back - if we went out to a resturant , he would always wear that outfit and people would "stare" at him , he knew it - but he always looked for a way to witness - he would shuffle in , his legs were bad and he always carried "tracts" to pass out - - many times I would wince as we were in public ( embarrassed to be seen with such a witness) Can U imagine ! but its true to my shame - I was lukewarm -- Dad went to his homecoming 3 years ago this Nov. - Mom was and still is a Wonderful Witness of the Saving Grace of God -- she passes out handdrawn tracts of Christ - always doing for others - she is aging and in need of medical treatment for those blocked arteries - she NEVER COMPLAINS and always testifies about Jesus and loves people --
------ thanks for listening to this pilgrim --- yes, just reflecting of days gone by -- passing-thru

The End Of The Strawberry Adventure!

My good friend, Felisol visited me today and asked me if I would put in an updated picture of my strawberry adventure, so I think I will just oblige her!
As Passing-thru has mentioned, I had my stitches taken out today.

For those of you who don't realize, I took a tumble just nine days ago and my face was pretty well pulverized!
It was NOT a pretty sight, not that it ever was a pretty sight to begin with, but this was brutal!!
I now owned a face that only a Mom and Dad Golden could love!
Well here I am nine days later with all my stitches out and I must say that because of all of your praying for me, I don't look too bad.
I am in this picture with a new buddy that Pilgrim David has given to me and that is Miss Strawberry Shortcake.
I guess, even though Passing-thru has promised no more strawberry jokes, I will be stuck with this image for the rest of my days!

Now in this last picture, when I put on a big pair of sunglasses, you would hardly think that anything is wrong!!


Well ------ closing in on another day - appreciated Lauren-Mary posting that picture and letting us know that her sister's speech went well -- important to report answers to prayer plus just praising HIM
No great revelations to report -- I think we have the "finished" work already of what is and what is to come ----- The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
I believe Terry had her stitches out today -- so no more strawberry jokes ---
Have U "pals" read "especiallyheather's" blog -- what a spirit she has - am sure the Lord will bless her and bless us thru her ------

Starting to "ramble" -lol --- my friend theophil will drop in from time to time -- he's a good man

How many are praying LARGELY for David and Carol ? what a great testimony it will be when GOD ANSWERS -- DID HE (GOD) NOT SAY TO ASK LARGE ? "CALL UNTO ME AND I WILL SHOW U GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS WHICH U CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE -

It would be so thoughtful if U guys drop in to say to David that your praying SPECIFICALLY for his need this month -- many of U have already --- much appreciated --

This blog site has been a refreshing well to sit and pause and reflect - so many good blog sites that are on Davids Scribblings list as well as Terry's --
"IN CHRIST " ---- passing-thru


Hi everyone- Just wanted to say THANKS for praying for my sister last night. She did a great job and definitely made her big sister proud:) This is a picture of us before the ceremony.
Some of you might have already read about my sister over at my blog, but we're total opposites (the hair colour alone probably gives it away!), but I had to laugh when the teacher that introduced my sister made a comment about how he's never met two siblings who are more different (he's taught us both). There was a really touching moment (I'll admit, I cried!) when he spoke about an article that I wrote years ago when I was in high school about my sister. We'd rarely admit it, but we love each other!
I told my sister she had lots of people praying for her, and it helped her calm down, so thanks again!


David is back , got his spiritual batteries charged -- Lets remember them, him and Carol in a SPECIAL WAY ---
So many needs - -- the Hebrews came back from scouting the Promised Land, their message to the people was one of fear and doubt, turning the heart of the people AWAY from GOD , HIS WORD, HIS PROMISES --- they cried , there are GIANTS in that land, we are as ANTS in their sight ! ------ yes, the needs are as GIANTS in our sight ! BUT thru FAITH in HIS WORD, HE stirs the Caleb and Joshua WITHIN us --- "not by might, BUT by MY SPIRIT"--
so "BELOVED" of GOD , pray believing for the Heathers' the Arlenes -- the salvation of souls


we "declare" these truths, not because we are so strong or positive but because "we" BELIEVE the MESSAGE and the MESSENGER, THE LIVING WORD OF GOD - HE IS OUR ROCK --
HIS WORD says that ten thousand will flee at HIS WORD --- so declare boldly loved ones - THIS GOD IS OUR GOD --------

Praying BIG

"Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God's unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help, coming just when we need it]." - Hebrews 4:16 (The Amplififed Bible)

Greetings, dear Pilgrim Pals! Two weeks ago I posted the following verse from a hymn written by John Newton (pictured).

Yesterday the Ontario contingent of the Hockey Ministries International staff held our mini-retreat. What a blessed time of prayer we had during our afternoon session. We were sitting on Adirondack chairs by the Lake of Bays in front of a cottage. The breeze was blowing through the trees and the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit was blowing through our lives as we waited on Him.

I challenged the other guys to pray BIG using an example from the George Muller Foundation in Bristol, England where the Board of Directors had been praying for immediate needs but were challenged by one of the men to pray for God to provide not just for the present need but for funds to carry out the tasks which God had placed on their hearts. They began to pray BIG (about 10 times the original dollar amount (or British pounds) and God provided through a most unusual channel. That's just like the Father to do that. He often surprises us with His goodness!

He can do the same for us. For you! That's how this pilgrim has been praying recently. Not just that we could pay next month's mortgage but that we could once-and-for-all pay off the entire amount. Please join us in that petition. THANK YOU!

Here's that verse of the hymn I refered to earlier. Remember these words when you approach the King of Glory with you praises and petitions.

Thou art coming to a King,
Large petitions with thee bring;

For His grace and power are such,
None can ever ask too much!

He is the Almighty God and has bid us to come...boldly! AMEN!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Praying For Heather

Thanks so much Passing-thru for the prayer list.
Can I just come here before I go to bed and mention Heather again?
She has reached the half way point of her chemo treatments and she needs our prayers.
I have been refreshed every time I visit her site at .
She is a friend of Donna's and I felt it fitting to put her into this beautiful bouquet of Donna's own flowers!
Donna can be found at

Heather writes..."Its evident now after reading the over 900 (at last count) comments that my journey is also helping you. And that blesses me. What blesses me even more is that I literally have someone praying for me 24 hours a day. That just blows me away.
I have to admit that it is hard coming here and writing every day about my cancer. I do have weak moments, where I can’t get off the couch because my heart is breaking so much. I have had long and often times angry talks with God on more than one occasion. I have asked, like Jesus did, that this cup be taken from my hand.
And he gently pushes my outstretched arm back to my chest, cup still resting in its original place."


Thanking all who enter here to pray and praise and leave requests
Remember the needs , from the Neediest to the least
David has been busy lately - many things going on in his and Carol's life - so remember them
Arlene -- a brave Christian for sure ! and Barry - the fear and yet they testify to HIS GOODNESS
Thankful for Serina to be diagnosed and found rest to make a difference - HE brought her thru
Salvation for the dad goldens out there and for Lil Missionary to share with Todd
For Valedictorian speeches (spelling may be way off -)
For Friends of friends and friends of Christ ---- U all make a difference - more than U realise
For old time friends of David and Carol -- the Saijas - the Terrys - Julie , Vicki , Claire , Heb11:1 and many more

New challenges in the tomorrows --- FAITHFUL IS HE that calls us

from a "newcomer" passing-thru

Prayers for a community

I was talking with Terry today and she mentioned that I could post here if I wanted to request prayer. I was right in the middle of contemplating what and how to ask when my daughtre arrived home from work and asked if I had heard any of the news of today. I must confess that I rarely turn on the TV or radio in the course of a day, but depend on others to fill me in. Some of you are within a stone's throw of me and the area where I live in upstate NY and I grew up gracing the Canadian shorelines, swimming and boating with many on both sides of the border. My heart must today, turn from any concerns or troubles in my own life and ask you for prayer for the community of Fairport, NY. Five young ladies who graduated from high school last Thursday evening, were in an SUV that collided with a semi-truck, were trapped in the vehicle which caught fire, their young lives ending tragically. I will leave you the link to the newspaper if you chose to read about it...but I am asking you for prayer for the families and friends of these young girls....that they will know God's love and be comforted through thiis...

My daughter attends and works at the local college, St. John Fisher and one of the girls was the daughter of the Director of Finance at the college. This has touched my daughter in a more personal way. It also brings old memories to the surface...tragedies of years past for me when my nephew was killed one month after his high school graduation and then for my husband, whose twin brother was killed in a head on collision and his vehicle caught fire. Thank you for letting me post here.

donna @

From Felisol

I am happpy and tired.
Serina is home today, still aching and worn out, but smiling and even giggeling a little at a male nurse.
Rose have got a wonderful gift with her intuition. Serina is treated for two things, rheumatic fever and a streptococcus infection in her throat.
The doctors agree that she got ill because she had had to much strain on herself for too long. (Being ill for two month, caring for her dying grand father and final exams in senior high, and working at the supermarket on top of everything.) She will not be allowed to do anything with work or stress this summer. All are worried that the rheumatism shall not get permanent. We’ll look well after her.
I give the Lord credit that she survived those critical days. I also give you credit for so many prayers.
My mother has stayed with us for two days, been at the hospital for policlinic examination of her heart. She too was happy to learn about the blogprayers. Friends and family in Norway have been engaged in praying too.
I guess what I am most grateful for, yes grateful, exept for Serina ciming through her crisis, is that I once more feel I’ve got the right perspective on what really counts in life. God, The Holy Bible, family and friends.
The everyday fuzz about things, wages and status mould down to nothing.
Give my best to Dad Golden.

Pilgrim Prayer Request

This morning I'm leaving for the day to spend time with my colleagues who serve with Hockey Ministries International here in Ontario. Five of us will get together to pray, plan and play. I'll be leaving tonight to get back to work but the others will stay on 'til tomorrow afternoon. Each year we are given the use of a cottage on a beautiful lake north of here. Please pray that we will have a profitable time. THANK YOU!

Before I go let me leave this verse of a hymn by Charles Wesley with you. May this be my testimony today as I trust the Father:

In want my plentiful supply,
In weakness my almighty power,
In bonds my perfect liberty,
My light in Satan's darkest hour.
My help and stay whene'er I call,
My life in death, my heaven, my all.

May you enjoy His closeness as you walk with Him today!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pilgrim Pals Workers Together

2 Corinthians 6:1-3..."We then, as workers together with him, beseech ye also that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.
For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.
Giving no offence in any thing, that the ministry be not blamed."

James 5:16..."The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Now, Pilgrim Pal, Lauramae commented this evening that she is certainly glad to be part of the the Pilgrim Pals group.

I visit her site everyday, so when I visited for the second time today, I could just not help myself!


Here, I have taken not one, but two of her cute pictures and sewed them together to make this little scene of a few of the pilgrim pals hanging out!

They sure are one happy bunch, wouldn't you agree?

Salvation for Todd

We know that eternal salvation is God's will. But we also know that man has a stubborn will of his own. And, that Satan and his army are always prowling around trying to prevent the Gospel from spreading. Please continue to pray that I will be granted the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Todd - and that his heart will be ready to receive!

Prepare in me a clean heart, O God.

Buenos noches Pilgrims! Dios bendiga!

Julie (Little Missionary - from Ottawa to the Nations our God reigns!)

Update and request!

Hi everyone-

Thanks for your prayers for my interview last Friday. I had a great evaluation, and overall the meeting was a success! Unfortunately the rumours about no positions being available were true, but I got a lot of career advice and was given the names of a few other people to contact, plus my resume was put into the system, so I'm pretty pleased at how things went!! Once again, thank you for thinking of me Friday morning. Figuring out what to do once my current job stops has been on my mind a lot lately.

Another prayer request: My younger sister Leah is graduating from high school tomorrow (Wednesday) night and she's the valedictorian. We've been working on her speech for the past couple of days but she's still nervous. Prayers sent her way would be much appreciated!


Smorgasboard of Thoughts

Wow --- quiet tonight ! ------ Thats ok - there is a "season" for everything -
Trusting that ALL is good - Any good reports ? send them in so we can rejoice
Continuing in prayer -- I think that Pilot Mom's post on "worry" was beneficial to the pilgrim family
I may, in the days ahead , go and work for my brother in Ft. Lauderdale, just for a few weeks to make some money - up in the "air" right now -
How did Serina make out ? How is Arlene doing ? - This is our mission loved ones - praying for the Kingdom to advance, praying for loved ones and the "lost" -

I haven't expressed this before - but I think the friends in David's inner and outer circle here in Pilgrim Pals are a devout group -- a blessing to the Lord - a sweet fragrance --

It has been a real priviledge to have been part of the "pals" --------- passing-thru

Arlene Has Good News!

Arlene says.
Early yesterday afternoon the doctor came in my room and asked if I wanted to go home. I said sure.
He asked me if I felt like I could handle it and I said yea. Well, I still had some medicine to take, so I did finally get to leave about 6:45 pm. That was a very long day.
Apparently I was so extremely dehydrated that he told us that if I had passed out, he wasn't sure if they could have "brought me back" from the other "side".
Thank God the doctor saw me sitting in the waiting room.
I was fed this huge amount of food every day. I couldn't taste it or feel it but I guess in the end I could tell a huge difference. I have a great appetite again and I feel like talking and I'm not sleeping nearly as much as I had been. I am usually a person to sleep 6-8 hours a night, but 6 is usually ok with me.
I was sleeping 12-13 hours a night and still very tired. I did take a 2 1/2 hour nap today, but that's a lot less than what I was doing.
I had a largest bag of fluids every day that I have ever seen as well, so I am totally hydrated. Thank you Lord. You know what is kind of scary to me easily I could have died and yet feel so good now. Wow!
Yesterday Barry asked Dr. Momin about how long could he expect someone to live with liver cancer and he shot Barry a glance and said this is not liver cancer. It is colon cancer and it has metastasized to the liver and the lungs. Dr. Momin said in most cases one or two months. She is way passed that.
He did tell Barry to pay particular attention to me regarding how I looked on Thursday when he saw me compared to how I look now.
Dr. said last night your wife told me that she now has the sparkle back in her eyes. She does.
I have an appointment for 8:00 am. Tuesday, July 3 for the PET Scan. I will then see Dr. Momin at 1:15 on Thursday, July 5th for the results. Please keep this in prayer.
I have lost all of my hair now, but even that doesn't bother me. I am alive and well and can't wait to get out there to serve the Lord like I am used to.
Thank you so very, very much for your concern and prayer! Will blog more later. Love you all!!
Posted by Arlene at 6:30 PM


If any has the time , check out Pilot Mom's blog site - a real good post on "worry" - who me ? me worry ? - lol ---- good post


Several times I've refered to the phrase, "He owns the cattle on a thousand hills". I know that Terry and others remember the old Sunday School song that we used to sing. Some of you have told me that the expression is new to you. Obviously you have never heard the song.

Here are the lyrics:

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills,
The wealth in every mine;
He owns the rivers and the rocks and rills
The sun and the stars that shine.
Wonderful riches more than tongue can tell,
He is my Father so they're mine as well.
He owns the cattle on a thousand hills
I know that He will care for me.

Some have despondently responded with their own version when God hasn't provided a cow.

It goes like this:

He owns the cattle on a thousand hills
But who needs a cow right now?

Check out a previous post to see how God can orchestrate the sale of cattle to meet your needs.

Here's the link:


Woke up encouraged - now "Unto HIM , WHO is ABLE to KEEP that which we have committed"
The needs are still there, BUT THANKS BE TO GOD -
David posted a rich post of a "saint" of yesteryear - "A great cloud of witnesses" this may be the year 2007 but THE TRUTHS we aspire to are as old as THE ANCIENT OF DAYS
Remember to Praise and then Pray for ALL our brethren
Take heart Christians
David and Carol
Arlene and Barry
Terry and Bernie
Pilot Mom and Dad
Saija and Leo
Vickie and hubby
Felisol and Serina
Dad Golden
The two Julies
Lil pilgrim pal (the missionary)
NAMES /NEEDS - but ALL known by the LORD -- we are to Trust , enjoy HIS PRESENCE and press on ------ I know , it sounds so easy , but its not - but with CHRIST , WHO PROMISED HIS SPIRIT TO ABIDE - we trust and press on -- FINDING OUR LIFE AND ENJOYMENT IN HIM ------ passing-thru

Monday, June 25, 2007

Good night Pilgrims

Always remember:



DID I HEAR A TRUMPET SOUND ? !! - Imagine if it did ! Well , it didn't , not yet - SO -
We Christians have NEEDS --- there is sickness out there, finances - decisions - battles to be won ---- the devil is roaring - hurting - scaring - deceiving - -- people , good God fearing ,born again loving sacrificing people are being beat upon -- WHAT DO GOD'S PEOPLE DO - THEY PRAY - AND PRAISE ---

Will U pray for Felisol - Pilot mom's husband - Vickie's husband - Arlene - what about our friend and benefactor David --- let's take the time to "pray continuously" praising God for them and others - many others -- Terry too for healing - Serina for a touch from God - Saija and the intercessor Sara -- There are many kinds of assaults from the evil one -- doubt/fear/ torment , day and nite --troubling the saints -

WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT -- WE PLEAD THE BLOOD OF CHRIST and no devil or demon can stand in front of that -------
LETS PRAY TONIGHT AND TOMORROW FOR SPECIFICS -- take hold of the "horns" of the altar and believe and claim --
DAVID and CAROL FISHER - remember these names
Felisol and Serina -- the fear of losing her - lets pray strongly
Vickie and Pilot Mom , their husbands
Arlene and Barry -- that cancer does not belong in a child of God

forgive me for getting strong like this -- we have needs brothers and sisters - please lets renew ourselves for the "fight" --- nominal christians don't get excited like this - for its a religion - we have a relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY -- WE BEEN SAVED and saved to serve and fight -

thankyou , passing-thru


Felisol has left a new comment on your post "Felisol's Prayer Request For Her Daughter Serina": Dear all of you.I shall have to thank you each and everyone individually, but for now I can only say thank you for being with us in these critical days and nights.Yesterday we had to wake all night at the hospital, Serina could barely breathe.I think maybe the prayers saved Serina's life that night. Things were really dramatic.There is no greater power than that of God and his children praying.To night she's sleeping at home, but tomorrow morning we'll have to return to the hospital again for further examinations and tests.It's now 01.35 and I have to get some sleep.So, just, thank you.

I'm Back

Wow! I'm back and I just checked Pilgrim Pals! You've really picked up on this novel idea of posting prayer requests and strawberry socials on this blog!

We're already seeing answers to home churches being found in Ottawa, or Kanata to be exact. We're so happy for you, Julie!

Please be in fervent prayer for us regarding our financial uncertainties! We continue to pack up our "stuff" and move some to storage, give away other things and get some things ready for another garage sale! Carol and Victoria (our granddaughter) took two van loads of "stuff" to our storage unit today while the boys and I were away.

Seeing an ever-increasingly empty home (is that proper grammar?)gives me stomach pains as I contemplate what will have to happen if that "monetary miracle" doesn't take place. If God ordains that we move on then I will have to accept His will and recognize His sovereignty. It doesn't make it any easier as we "rocket" toward the seemingly inevitable. Thanks for praying for the Fisher family during these uncertain days! We value your support so very much!

Let's keep praying for one another, bearing one another's burdens and watching God move in wonderful ways! He is worthy of our praise!

Grateful to God for YOU!

The Pilgrim
P. S. We continue to be reminded that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He does provide!

'Lil Pilgrim Musings

I have not much time, but I just had to come here and share my happiness...
For the first time in my life, I have a MONARCH caterpillar on my milkweed!
I've had lots of caterpillars over the years, but I always dreamed of a monarch.

Now, I'll just have to pray it stays, and I can catch it in the fall to see it spin it's cocoon.
Last winter, I had a swallowtail butterfly cocoon, and we just let the butterfly go a few weeks ago.

Ecclesiastes 3:11..."He hath made everything beautiful in his time."


The Pre-Incarnate Christ - Micah 5:2 - Whose goings forth have been from of old - from Everlasting
Matthew 16: 9,10 HE is going in a different direction but HE mentions as a reminder , feeding the THOUSANDS with just a few bread and fish and also the overflow that filled baskets - then HE asks this question in verse 15 -- "Whom say ye that I am ?"


There are Christians all over the world in so many different situations and THIS CHRIST is for us ------- A SHELTER - A SAFE HAVEN --- we have ABUNDANT LIFE IN CHRIST -- trials will come, this is part of the great design , allowed of GOD but HE PROMISED to be with us --

"Encouraging one another as the day approaches"


Morning devotions in Hebrews - for ALL of us , pilgrim pals -- for the Arlenes, the Vickie, Pilots , Felisol, Serinas the Julies -Lil missionarys , Terrys and our brother David - for all who would drink from HIS LIFE GIVING WORD , and for me too, the weakest of all Christians -

Heb 6:10 "GOD is NOT unrighteous to forget your labour of love "

A clear command to come BOLDLY to HIS THRONE -- boldly , meaning with "CONFIDENCE"
SO - for today brethren , let us come boldly for all our needs ----------

Safe trip home David with the boys -------


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another weekend gone !
Remember our friends !
When we sleep , HE NEVER SLEEPS
We are as Secure in HIS CARE
Arlene , Vicki , Pilot Mom, Felisol
take heart --
Lil Pilgrim pal , your burden for your
neighbors, a missionary indeed
The Julie girls - all of us pilgrims
and to David , the Ole Pilgrim, and
of course Terry, our Strawberry Queen

Praise Jesus - I found a home!!

I believe I found my new home church! Eeek, I'm actually afraid to say that outloud. Although I'm still leary of entrusting myself to another Christian community, I will with Lord's help! I attended service at Kanata Wesleyan this morning and it felt like a very good fit for me. I was greeted immediately with a gift as a visitor. The worship music was wonderful - I felt free to worship as the Lord led (hands up to Heaven), and the message very powerful too! We commissioned a mission team leaving for Mexico!! Hummmmm, miiiissssiiiioonnns - I like missions - missions and chocolate :)

Please know that as I read each of your prayer requests I stop right away and lift you to our Heavenly Father. You know what would be really cool someday - to have a Pilgrim Pals get together! Perhaps a Sens game in Ottawa - Pilgrim Night in Ottawa! :) Something to pray about.

Lil' Missionary (aka Julie, aka Jules)

Terry's Friend

Felisol's daughter Serina is sick and her mom is requesting prayer - check out Canadian Blogger (Terry's site)
Remember Arlene and Pilot mom's husband and Vickie's husband
This our God is a Mighty Fortress and HIS WORDS to us was to "pray" believing and in these victories that will follow -- people will "believe"
In behalf of the ole pilgrim David , I say thankyou for him


The Pilgrim...Checking In

Well, my pilgrim pals, I'm having a great time away with the boys! We've decided to stay over another night. We're at the Holiday Inn in Cambridge, Ontario. They have an indoor AND an outdoor pool! Wow!

The exciting thing is that I go away for a couple of days and my Pilgrim Pals bombard this site with new posts. That's so rewarding for me! Keep posting, Pilgrim Pals, and we'll keep praying.

And, by the way, every time I pass a STRAWBERRIES FOR SALE sign, I think of.... Well, you know who I think of.

Hope you're feeling better Terry!

Gotta run! The battery on my son Tim's laptop will be getting low.

Keep praying, friends!

The Pilgrim

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good News For Arlene and Barry

Arlene says..."It has been a very l-o-n-g couple of days. I didn't realize everything that was going on in my body at that time but, now I realize just how sick I was. He told Barry that I was a VERY sick woman. The dehydration was clear to him but not to me. I had been drinking lots of water, so I thought everything was fine. They told me this kind of dehydration was like putting a teaspoon of water on a forest fire. Who knew?

I would look into my own eyes [and they look a lot different now that I don't have any hair], but I couldn't see any life at all. They were just like someone else's eyes starring back at me. My eyes have always been bright and sparkly.

I am very thankful that the doctor saw me sitting in that waiting room.

My blood count is hanging around.06, which is still not good at all.
He is expecting it to rise again and be fine shortly. This is my white blood count , and it doesn't allow you to feel sick.

He said that I can go home probably Monday or Tuesday.

He also said that my liver has shrunk greatly.
He was really smiling about that.

This morning when I woke up I felt like I could have gone to a street fair somewhere. Just get out of here and go somewhere was my philosophy. Well, I guess I was smart to just stay here[like I had a choice] cause now I'm kind of tired again

Our friends, Duane and Myra, came to visit me today and when they left, of course, they prayed with me. They were both sitting in a chair right across from me and while he was praying I saw something like a disc. The colors were on like a sphere and I believe there was a dove on it too. Around it were many variations of blue, with some pink and white too. Anyway the disc turned and turned and turned and turned. I wasn't afraid of it and I realized HEALING coming to me.
I told them what I had seen and we rejoiced together.Not 2 minutes after they left, the doctor came into to see me and gave me the good news of the liver decreasing dramatically.

Posted by Arlene.. at 4:32 PM this afternoon on her "Loving God and Life Blog".
Malachi 4:2.."But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings."


When I saw this cute picture at Laura-mae's place a couple of days ago, I thought that I would really love to use it.
I finally gave in and swiped it!
She is a pilgrim pal, so surely she won't mind?!

Now THIS is what I was thinking.... "It is about time that I forgive that husband of mine!

So THAT is exactly what I did and I even sealed the deal with a kiss!

Actually, he doesn't seem to be very happy about it.

Actually, he appears to be a real sour puss about the whole situation!!

But I do forgive you Bernie!
See you next fall!

You can find some more cute pictures at Laura-mae's at "A Perfecting Love".

Prayers and Praises

Please continue to keep my mom in your prayers about a new job within the university where she works. She has an interview for one job next week, but there is another job that she really wants and is still waiting to hear from them...

A co-worker of my husband's has been off work for the past few weeks with a work-related injury. At this point he is off until July 16th, and even then, if he comes back to work he will be on modified duties...hard to do when you work in a group home caring for individuals with special needs. He is in a lot of pain and discomfort still, and I think he is starting to go stir-crazy being at home! Please pray for healing for him!

I would like to praise God that my cake decorating business I started last year is starting to pick up all of a sudden! I have gotten two orders this week for cakes in early July...much appreciated since I will be on unemployment during the summer months. Please pray that it will continue to grow so that maybe I can quit my "day job"!

One more thing...this morning while we were yard saling Andy looked down on the street and found a $20 bill!!!! Some people would say it was luck, I say that it was a gift from God. Sort of a confirmation that He will always look after us. He is our Source and will bless us in ways (and places) that we would never expect!

Praise God it's been a good day so far and now I am going to enjoy the rest of it! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Kanata Wesleyan

Looks like I'll be heading for Kanata Wesleyan church with a friend for the 11 a.m. service Sunday. I feel like a nomad these days. Anyway, I'll let y'all know what sense I get from the Lord tomorrow.

Hope the Lord is blessing everyone of you today! I'm heading out to enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made.

Lil' Missionary

A Note From the Ol' Pilgrim...Again

Good morning, dear friends! Please pray for me today and tomorrow! I'm taking our sons, Matthew (11) and Nathan (10) away for a "Holiday Inn Sleepover" today. It'll be a lot of fun! Pray for safety for us! Carol will be glad to get us out of her hair so she can catch up on some gardening today.

Hopefully Lauren-Mary did well in her interview yesterday and I trust that Terry will be able to get over to McDonalds with Bernie this morning. Too bad they don't sell strawberry pies there. Oops, sorry, Terry! They have apple and cherry.

We continue to trust God for a financial miracle! Passing-Thru (Bob) and I continue to pray for each other in the area of jobs/finances.

Well I better run! Love you all!

The Pilgrim

Friday, June 22, 2007

Deliberate Confidence in the Character of God

Okay ! We heard from the Ole Pilgrim and Terry --
Terry posted a comment earlier - so its good to hear from the "backbones" of these blog sites
Let's remember one another in prayer and also to praise HIM , our Redeemer
As David posted up on Scribblings - One day we will say "goodbye to mortal nite"
It's onward and upward ,
Shall we Trust Him to keep us, or trust in ourselves to keep us
Shall we Trust Him to Do what He Promised

am tired , Lord Bless all our brothers and sisters IN CHRIST -- nite -----


Msg from Ole Pilgrim

David Warren Fisher said...
Thanks Bob (Passing-Thru). I've been having trouble posting the last couple of days. I'm leaving this comment...using our granddaughter Victoria's computer.Lauren-Mary, how did you make out today? I was praying for you at 10:00 a.m.Terry, are you feeling better? Will you be at McDonald's in the morning?We continue to pray for Arlene, Pilot Dad and Vicki's husband.Thanks for your prayers for the Pilgrim. It's been a tough week but there have also been many blessings and answers to prayer.God is good!David
June 22, 2007 8:13 PM


We have had alot of prayer needs lately - how has everyone done ?
Terry, seen your post for Arlene earlier , U doing OK girl ?
Let's remember the leader of our blog site and pray for him and his needs

We wouldn't be going thru many of these things if we were not serving the Lord
Imagine not having the Comfort of a Loving Personal God , we are BLESSED

The rain falls on the just and the unjust , let's renew ourselves afresh to HIM, so we can be once again be "Ambassadors of Grace "


Sara Has News Of Arlene

Arlene was hospitalized today after returning to the doctor for antibiotics and blood work. She is dehydrated, exhausted and fighting an infection.

Yesterday at our prayer gathering at her home, Arlene told us she intended to have her next treatment as scheduled next Wednesday and then stop all chemo. She has lost her hair and is covered with a rash from the effects of the meds. She feels she cannot physically stand anymore chemotherapy but is willing to peacefully give her body over to God believing that he is able to heal her without the help of medication.

Please pray with us today for Arlene and her husband Barry.

Posted by Sara ... "By His Stripes"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quick request!

Hi everyone-

I have a meeting tomorrow (Friday) morning at 10 a.m. with my boss and my boss's boss (eep!) for a mid-term evaluation and to discuss if there are any full time positions opening up for the fall. The rumor circulating around right now is that there aren't any full time openings, but at the very least I'm hoping for a good evaluation and to make a good impression so they'll keep me in mind if anything does open up. I'm nervous, so please keep me in mind and prayer!!

Also, just a quick update: my grandmother has continued to make slow but steady improvement, and hasn't suffered any setbacks in the past week. Thank you for all your prayers for her.




Got saved in 1967 -- I was a "new" person - married, 4 great kids , of course they are grown and walking with the Lord -- many wonderful stories of soul-winning and service for the Lord , but still in my journey, I failed GOD many times and really for years "straddled" the fence - migrated from the east coast to be with the grandchildren here in Indiana , - what am I saying ? Just this - I find these days to be as much a struggle , even though I have "seen" GOD work so many times in my life as well as others- now my wife, she is much more consistent in her walk, and I am the one with some bible knowledge , lol --- it still boils down to this - every day is new and my walk has to be one of "faith" in HIS FINISHED WORK and HIS PROMISES to be grasped anew and LET HIM WORK IN ME what is pleasing to HIM

Terry said to me the other day -- it seems if she posts on here of HIS GOODNESS , then the following day its slam time from the devil and his slimy demons -- we are indeed still in a battle , but this is GOD'S DESIGN ------ so , even though I post alot and sound like a "power" Christian, I struggle and GOD IS so good to me and mine ---- still looking for work , so its easy to "get down" but my godly wife is so strong - KNOWING that GOD in HIS TIME will COME THRU as HE ALWAYS HAS DONE for us ----- she is right ------- I like to stay "invisible" and just post comments but just shared alittle with U pilgrims -----
ITS 40 YEARS FOR TERRY TOO -------------Lord Bless all U pilgrims ---- passing-thru


Terry ------- what are these ?

Only teasing U ---- "borrowed" these from "By Grace Alone"

Hope U are healing ok ------

"IN CHRIST" ----- passing thru


Eph. 2: 1-22 Rich , Full , Heavenly verses showing who we are and where we sit -- verse 6 goes on to say - Raised us up with Christ himself and has sat us in heavenly places - Thats how GOD himself "sees" us , positionally and experientially to a point , for at times we "sense" HIS PRESENCE in exordinary ways - but most assuredly, HE states that we are in HIS PRESENCE

Now, we can either look at the doom and gloom and use our "feelings" as a barometer OR go to THE BOOK and declare HIS WORD for us ----

We have come this far , pilgrims and together with HIM , we are more than conquerors thru HIM that loved us ----

Thankyou LORD for your BOOK -----

I think David, The Ole Pilgrim himself may be having puter trouble , as he tried to post earlier -
"In Christ" -- passing-thru


12:30 this Thursday the 21st ---- Blessed is the man or woman or child that makes THE LORD his or her's T R U S T --- HE is THE ALL SUFFICIENT ONE --

What a Great God to have so loved us -
humbled by His Hand ----- passing-thru

Jel's Prayer

Not being able to sleep tonight, I visited a few blogs and I found this lovely poem at Jel's site.
It sounds so like her.
I can just picture her praying for all of the people that she brings so much sunshine to almost everyday.

It was just a matter of time that our Pilgrim David would lift this picture so I just went ahead and beat him to the draw!!

Thanks Jel!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

oops - forgot

One other thing....pray for my friend Todd - I'd like the opportunity to share about Jesus with him.

Lil' missionary

Beautiful picture Hebrews 11:1

I guess I'm not to technically savy because I couldn't seem to figure out how to leave you a comment in the "comments"....duh! Just call me new to the whole blogging thing.

Peace to all and good night!

Lil' missionary

PS Has hockey season started yet .....ahhhhh, I'm going into withdrawals and my friend Louise is trying to convert me to CFL!!!

News From Claire

Claire (Pilot Mom) just sent along this update on today's happenings with Jim, her hubby.

She writes:

"Jim came through his procedure just fine. He was in pain when I left this evening which is to be expected. I will pick him up and bring him home sometime tomorrow morning. He will begin his radiation again tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for your prayers." In Him, Claire

Thank you, dear pilgrim pals, for praying for Jim! Claire certainly appreciates it!

Good night, friends! God is good and Terry is getting better. Hallelujah!

Words Of Wisdom From Hebrews 11:1..."Lil Pilgrim"

Do I ever wish I could travel abroad as a missionary, especially with my love of languages....but God has called me to the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural mission field in my backyard where I have Europeans of all faiths and nationalities, some Indians, lots from the Middle East....oh, and some French Canadians.
"In whatsoever state [or province] I am, therewith I am content." Phil. 4:11

Strawberry Terry

David says Terry has an afinity for strawberrys - dives headlong into a patch of them !

How are U doing Terry ! healing up I hope -- just wishing U the best -----

Reading a book called "The Rest of the Gospel" by Dan Stone and Greg Smith , put out by ONE press -- title almost sounds scandalous - but it is proving good reading -- mainly about the deeper walk with Christ --

We thought of the many needs for prayer today - God is Faithful and we can Rest in That -

Mission in Mexico 2006.

This is when I feel most like Jesus and am at my best - holding one of His children in my arms. Meet Clara - she lives in one of about 15 garbage dumps around Mexico City. She has the most beautiful smile don't you think? I wish I could have adopted her on the spot!!!

PS although this mission trip was great - I had no idea that at the end of the trip I was about to be plunged into the darkest period of my Christian walk - the "darkness" lasted almost a year. I look at this picture and think, "wow, I had no idea what was coming!" Sometimes it really is best we don't know things ahead of time. Thanks you sweet Jesus for being my Rock and my Light.

Little missionary :)

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? And I said, "Here I am Lord. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

A Post From Pilot Mom

Here's an excellent post from Claire over at Pilot Mom. I haven't heard yet how Pilot Dad made out but I'll keep you posted. He was having a medical procedure today.

Be sure to check out Claire's site at:

Here's what Claire posted and it's so true:

When you are the neediest, He is the most sufficient.
When you are completely helpless, He is the most helpful.
When you feel totally dependent, He is absolutely dependable.
When you are the weakest, He is the most able.
When you are the most alone, He is intimately present.
When you feel you are the least, He is the greatest.
When you feel the most useless, He is preparing you.
When it is the darkest, He is the only Light you need.
When you feel the least secure, He is your Rock and Fortress.
When you are the most humble, He is most gracious.
When you can't, He can.

Almost Back In The Saddle Again!

Dear Pilgrim David and all of the many other Pilgrim Pals who have been praying for me.
I don't think I have ever had so much attention, so I better get on here and tell you that I am getting better.
And to thank you so much!
Now it is somebody else's turn to get the attention although I hope it doesn't take a fall to get it!
Just today I have manged to get on the computer for a little while but I know it will not be on for a long time.

I have missed out on a lot I see!
A brand new Ottawa Pilgrim Pal!
Now we have two Julies' and two Lauras' and two Ottawa Pilgrim Pals.
I think that Passing-thru will have to keep us all straitened out as to who is who!

I will have to try and get caught up within the next few days.

David, of course is right[as usual], I will have to get better so I can go with Bernie for coffee at MacDonald's!
For sure and that Bernie has never been one for going out with the boys but for the last few days, he has been doing just THAT!
Every morning , he has deserted me and gone with Betty's husband John and a couple of other old cronies for a coffee and a burnt muffin at the Macs!

Well thanks again my pilgrim pal friends.
Your prayers are being answered!
....Love from Pilgrim Pal, Terry

Prayer Request for Jim

Our friend Claire (Pilot Mom) sends along the following prayer request for her husband, Jim (Pilot Dad):

"Jim is being admitted to St. Marks hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 am for a feeding tube to be inserted. It is required for him to stay overnight to make sure there are not any complications. He will undergo anesthesia so prayer is requested for no complications to arise with that. And for a safe and normal procedure to take place. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying. We are reminding ourselves when we can't, He can!!!" Claire

Thanks for praying, my Pilgrim Pals.