Friday, June 15, 2007


My Father is rich , n houses and lands - HE holdeth the wealth of the world IN HIS HANDS - of rubies and diamonds , of silver and gold --------I'm a child of the KING - HE has riches untold -

This is dedicated to my friend , David, A soldier of the Cross, A pilgrim going thru this world , holding forth The Word in one hand and holding onto Carol and others all joining hands as we share the Good News -- come on ! follow us , we declare -- though the hills be steep , and people don't understand , with joy in our hearts , pressing on to HEAVENS TABLELAND -

Not only are we Saved by Faith -------- but we live by Faith --- like David posted a week or so ago --- A.W. Tozer said --------- Faith is not a one time thing -- but a continuous gazing on the Christ - a continuous act of "believing" God , for the just shall live by faith ------ We have assurrance of our salvation , debt paid full and free -- but to please HIM , our walk MUST be one of faith - to see - to do - to be -------- Abraham followed by faith - ---

I am rambling , I guess -- but this is for All of us that are struggling -- Our Hope is nothing less - than JESUS CHRIST , HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS - ----- praying much for U , Brother David

ps. remember the book God's Smuggler - brother Andrew --- good stuff -------- passing -thru


hebrews 11:1 said...

There's an EXCELLENT read for sure...all of Brother Andrew's books are great. We have 3 that we've read as a family, including the last one, "Light Force", which I highly recommend. Would you belive that we found our copy of God's Smuggler at the Salvation Army, for 50 cents (its a softcover), and on top of that it is SIGNED by Bro. Andrew! Mr. Fisher-- every time you talk about all those books you have I think of the weath of books we've gotten out of the GARBAGE of all places, and don't have enough bookcases for them! Just last week I pulled a French Bible out of someone's recycling bin. Of course I already have one, but now I can give the one I have if need be.

passing-thru said...

Yes - Heb 11:1 on brother Andrew - cutting edge Christianity, books like "Tortured for Christ" Worembrand I think -- my dad met him , the real deal giving a talk in a Vermont church in early 70's -

These experiences are so-alike missionary talks when they are on furlough -- out of the comfort zone and depending so on God --

Our back yards and neighbors are missions too --

hebrews 11 said...

yes, worembrand books are great reads too, I hear. My mom has a few and has read them. I haven't read any, yet.