Saturday, June 16, 2007

Golden Opportunity

Heavenly Father:

Thank You for this special weekend when we can celebrate the gift of fathers. You, our Father in heaven, have given everyone a dad. Some of us grieve the loss of our fathers. Some have been gone for many years. Others are still with us. Some of these fathers are not doing very well physically. Others have never had that wonderful encounter with the living Christ, Your Son, where they have been born-again from above.

Today I pray for the children of fathers who don't know You personally. I pray that You will encourage them and give them strength to believe that You are "able to save to the uttermost, all those that call upon You."

Father, I pray for Terry Shirkie today as she continues to pray for Dad Golden. Father, give her strength that can only come from you. We, the Pilgrim Pals Prayer Partners, lift up Dad Golden to You this moment. May he experience You in all Your fullness today. Father, may he trust You with his heart, his life, his all. We have been praying for him for so long. Hear our prayers this day and answer for Jesus' sake.

Thank you for the blessed assurance we have that You hear and answer prayer. We commit Dad Golden and every other father to You today!

Be with Vicki's husband and Pilot Mom's husband today. They are dads who need Your touch on their bodies. Thank You for bringing them through their surgeries.

We thank You for what You will do this Father's Day weekend in Jesus' mighty name. AMEN!


hebrews 11:1 said...


What a beautiful prayer, Passing-thru; I'm sure you'll touch hearts with it.

hebrews 11:1 said...

I take that back...that was a beautiful prayer, MR. FISHER! Why don't you all sign your names so we can see who wrote what rather than guessing all the time! :)

David Warren Fisher said...

Hebrews 11:1

Good idea! Sometimes I'm not sure who has posted something here.

So, to all our Pilgrim Pals, in addition to signing in under "Choose an identity" please finish your comment by signing your name right under that comment.

Like this...

David, the weary pilgrim (who is gaining strength from the Pioneer and Perfecter of my faith)

passing-thru said...

LOL ---- ok - ok ----- I GET THE MSG ------------ lol-------

let's see if I can get this right --- hmmm

passing-thru (bob) passing-thru -- passing-thru ----

your right , I stand corrected -Lord Bless and lets keep praying and praising -- appreciate the prayers for me job hunting and all the needs ------ passing-thru

Terry said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!!
Thank you so much!!
I am going to make a Father's Day Card out of this for Dad!!
Signed the very thankful but eyes full of tears Pilgrim Terry....

passing-thru said...

Re-reading for the nth time, God's Smuggler - to see how HE works , the joy of those old saints when they would see a bible brought to them as a gift -
The Value , of a smile - a "help" whatever it may be , IN THE NAME OF THE LORD -- such as brother David's prayer for dad golden and how it blessed Terry -
Doing good in HIS NAME -
This is a blog site of "helps"