Saturday, June 23, 2007


When I saw this cute picture at Laura-mae's place a couple of days ago, I thought that I would really love to use it.
I finally gave in and swiped it!
She is a pilgrim pal, so surely she won't mind?!

Now THIS is what I was thinking.... "It is about time that I forgive that husband of mine!

So THAT is exactly what I did and I even sealed the deal with a kiss!

Actually, he doesn't seem to be very happy about it.

Actually, he appears to be a real sour puss about the whole situation!!

But I do forgive you Bernie!
See you next fall!

You can find some more cute pictures at Laura-mae's at "A Perfecting Love".


passing-thru said...

LOL ----------- this message of Christ in our life can take many forms -

A picture is worth a thousand sermons ---

Blessings to U Terry and Bernie

passing-thru said...

Hmm - Terry ! Is that a strawberry I see ? !!

Pilgrim Pals said...

Yeh ...It's a strawberry alright, Passing-thru...If you can't beat 'em, you just may as well join them, eh? [my tormenters I mean]...from Pilgrim pal Terry

passing-thru said...

chuckle ------ wait till Pilgrim David returns and sees that -


I find it amazing, this power of Christ's Love , infused and pulsating thru a believer's life

LauraMae said...

Gee thanx for swiping my pic Terry! HAHA! I really don't mind!

Have a great Sunday!\


Felisol said...

Oh Terry,
you did really scare me. I am not familiar with all the nuances in the Canadian language.
Even though the picture should have told me the tone of sweetness and humour.
Thank you for praying for my Serina,
yours Felisol

Terry said...

Thank you Larua-mae..
I just KNEW you wouldn't mind! You are a real brick!!

Felisol..Yea it just wouldn't have sounded as good if I told that Bernie I would see him next autumn.
You know when we were kids and we fell,Dad Golden would always say that, "See you next fall" and then we would laugh instead of crying!!...Love Terry

Terry said...

Oh Felisol...I forgot.
Before Dad would say that, he would ask us first..."Had a nice trip?"
Then "See you next fall!".....Terry

Julie said...

Ha ha Terry...whenever I would fall my dad would say, "Have a nice trip? Send a postcard next time!". But always made me laugh!!!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Recently my sister remarked, "Here in Montreal we have that comedey fest every year. But I don't know why people waste their money and go there, because all they needto do to get a good laugh, is read the posts and comments on the Pilgrim and Pals blogs! Besides the laughs there are always clean!" Comments like the ones on this post remind me of that...