Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Okay - here's the picture I meant to post in my previous message! Goofy eh?!


Lauren-Mary said...

Wow- you're braver than I am!! My best friend and I were planning on going to the Red Zone that night, but with all the rain, we wussed out and watched the game inside instead!!


David Warren Fisher said...

Yeah, real goofy! I remember Lauren-Mary telling me that she was going to go that night but chickened out because of the rain.

You two better get together and compare notes!

In His love,


hebrews 11:1 said...

You Ottawa girls are so funny!

Say, did you know much about hockey before this year's play-offs? I was ust wondering, because I remember the Team 1200 doing an informal survey one morning on how much Ottawa girls knew about hockey, and they knew hardly anything...at least from the ones I heard call. I was just wondering how accurate that was. I wonder how Montreal girs would do if they tried that at the Team 990...my sister knows...okay I better be nice to her-- if it has to do with goalies, then she knows quite a bit, but not much more about anything else!

Lauren-Mary said...

Ouch- that survey is harsh! I don't know why I didn't hear about it until now! I'm not just a Sens fan, but a HOCKEY fan...although the Sens are clearly the best:)I'm in no means an expert, but I think I would have fared better than the girls Team 1200 interviewed! In all honesty, the girls I know have a varied knowledge of hockey, but remember there's always a flip side- I worked with a guy once who knew nothing about hockey. The kids at the centre had to teach him the basic rules so he could play with them!!

And yes, I did chicken out! But I cheered and waved my red pom-poms with pride inside :)

hebrews 11:1 said...

I think it was last year (2005-2006 season), and the guys in the morning were just throwing out the question. I listened for about 1/2 hour max. (which were ignorant callers as I remember), and then I tuned in some days later and they were lightly discussing how little Ottawa girls know. At any rate, maybe they just weren't listening at that time in the morning :)
I have to admit that I knew nothing about hockey till I was 16, because my parents always told us it was a dirty sport, though my dad followed it, and they wathed it when we were little. At any rate, that year we all wanted to learn, so we made sticks out of wood poles for tomato plants, and used a tennis ball on our back deck. That year we built an ice rink in our backyard, and dug out skates that hadn't been worn for at least 6 years. My neighbor who coached hockey when he lived in Italy taught us how to skate and play. I cared little about the NHL, until a friend (a girl with several brothers) shared with me that she prayed for hockey players' salvation. She opened my eyes to a group I'd never thought I'd pray for, and God has worked in my heart since then. I've never met one, yet, although we think we stood in front of one in line at a grocery store one day...and believe it or not, we were talking about him till we turned around and saw who was behind us! STOP LAUGHING it was so embaressing! ;)

Whew! I wrote enough for now!

the little pilgrim pal