Saturday, June 30, 2007


Henrietta Soltau, from China Inland Mission days - was taking care of the missionary childrens while the parents were serving in lands far away- All on "faith" the house and food and clothing , all by faith with NO ASKING or making the needs known-ONE DAY some bill came due ,it amounted to 6 pounds 18 shillings and 2 pence , young Henrietta had nothing left in supply - the bill was due and she now was panicking on the "inside" Would GOD fail her now ? at the last moment, a woman came to the door and enquired of the "young" lady - HOW WAS THE FAITH effort going , feeding and caring for 18 children and the home ( a critical view was held by most people of the time) Henrietta hid her anxiety and said the Lord is working - then this lady , told her that she came into "this money" 2 weeks earlier and felt strongly that it should go to the home - 6 POUNDS , 18 SHILLINGS AND 2 PENCE -- this was back in 1860's or so --- NEAT STUFF HEH !-------
WHEN we were in bible college in colorado in the mid 70's , my wife handled the bills, and we were 3 months behind in the car payment , she prayed secretly, never told a single soul (we never ever told of needs but always prayed them in) but this was hers alone - she prayed and asked for $129.38 cents that was due - 2 weeks of praying for the need , we received a letter with a check for $129.38 cents exactly - from a couple in Massachusetts that we helped in the Lord at least 6 years earlier- OUT OF THE BLUE this woman "felt" the Lord wanted her to send to us this exact amount - WE HAD NO CONTACT WITH THESE PEOPLE IN AT LEAST 6 YEARS - NOR DID ANYONE EVER KNOW of my wife praying for this need -- we had many such answers to prayer but fail to share with the church -- My wife proudly showed me the check and paid the car bill -- TO THE EXACT PENNY -- GOD CHANGES NOT - -- HE IS OUR ROCK ---- passing-thru

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