Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From Felisol

I am happpy and tired.
Serina is home today, still aching and worn out, but smiling and even giggeling a little at a male nurse.
Rose have got a wonderful gift with her intuition. Serina is treated for two things, rheumatic fever and a streptococcus infection in her throat.
The doctors agree that she got ill because she had had to much strain on herself for too long. (Being ill for two month, caring for her dying grand father and final exams in senior high, and working at the supermarket on top of everything.) She will not be allowed to do anything with work or stress this summer. All are worried that the rheumatism shall not get permanent. We’ll look well after her.
I give the Lord credit that she survived those critical days. I also give you credit for so many prayers.
My mother has stayed with us for two days, been at the hospital for policlinic examination of her heart. She too was happy to learn about the blogprayers. Friends and family in Norway have been engaged in praying too.
I guess what I am most grateful for, yes grateful, exept for Serina ciming through her crisis, is that I once more feel I’ve got the right perspective on what really counts in life. God, The Holy Bible, family and friends.
The everyday fuzz about things, wages and status mould down to nothing.
Give my best to Dad Golden.


passing-thru said...

Thats wonderful Felisol - we will continue to pray --------

Terry said...

A real answer to prayer Felisol!
Give Serina and Gunnar a hug from us and then Serina and Gunnar can give you TWO hugs from us!..Love Terry

Thanks Passing-thru for copying and pasting this posting!!

Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1..I left you a letter at "He Abides" post, Ok?

In answer to the question you asked in your letter, what I did was forwarded your letter of a few weels ago to Saija, Pilgrim David, Felisol, and Passing-thru..that is all and I think that David mentioned it to Lauren-mary....Love Pilgrim Pal, Terry

hebrews11:1 said...

Praise the Lord! What wonderful news! My sister happy, too, to hear of this. She has been prayinfor Serina, as well.

Mrs. Shirkie, I got your note over there earlier, but only had a few moments. I wrote you soemwhere, too...I think it was the one you copied the photo from Lauramae. Did you get that one? And how did Dad Golden like the gift and note? I've been waitin all day to hear, and I haven't found any news, yet. You know the bumper sticker, "God, I need patience, but hurry up, I need it now or something like that it goes...that's me. :) Just being honest...

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Terry said...

Dear 'Lil Pilgrim.
I asked Dad at suppertime if he had gotten the envelope yet but seeing as he was sleeping last night when Mom got home, he hadn't.
Then he asked Mom about it while he was on the phone with me still and he told me that she was just giving it to him now.
I will find out exaclty what he thinks when he calls me a 7 am tomorrow morning...Love Terry..

PS..Mom told me tonight, after Dad had gone to bed, that he liked it and then Mom Golden told me that she was reading the Promise Book herself!

You are a blessing Hebrews 11:1