Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day Weekend

Good Saturday morning, dear pilgrim pals! I just got home from my night-sleep job at Christian Horizons. The weekend shifts are 11 p.m. 'til 7 a.m. I stopped at the barber shop to get a haircut on my way home. Every Saturday morning I try to catch Paul Heil's "The Gospel Greats" radio program. This morning's edition has a Father's Day theme and many of the songs and interviews had a "father" slant to them.

I got thinking of my dad (pictured), a godly man who went "home" 15 years ago. Every year I buy him a Father's Day card even though he's not close by to give it to him. I write what I would have written were he here, seal the envelope and put it away in a drawer.

I'll post a picture tomorrow, Father's Day, of the card I chose this year.

I praise God for a wonderful dad who taught me what it means to be generous, to be "missions-minded" and to cultivate a life of integrity. Dad was well loved by the Christian community and by civic and business leaders alike.

Today as I prepare to work around the house, cutting grass and spending time, as a father, with our young, adopted boys, I thank God for the family of pilgrim pals who have come alongside me. Thanks for your prayers, for your encouragement, for using this site as a launching pad to intercede for others. Please encourage the friends you communicate with, via your blog, to become part of the Pilgrim Pals family. Give them the username and password if you feel that they would benefit from this.

Enough of my ramblings, beloved friends! Have a wonderful day, resting in the arms of the King!


passing-thru said...

Thats an awesome way to remember your dad, David ----- my dad had his "homecoming" 2 years ago last Nov. -- like yours, he was an awesome stable solid Christian -- saved at 45 years old - more the reasons for praying for men like dad golden and others I know of -

David Warren Fisher said...

Heavenly Father:

Thank You for this special weekend when we can celebrate the gift of fathers. You, our Father in heaven, have given everyone a dad. Some of us grieve the loss of our fathers. Some have been gone for many years. Others are still with us. Some of these fathers are not doing very well physically. Others have never had that wonderful encounter with the living Christ, Your Son, where they have been born-again from above.

Today I pray for the children of fathers who don't know You personally. I pray that You will encourage them and give them strength to believe that You are "able to save to the uttermost, all those that call upon You."

Father, I pray for Terry Shirkie today as she continues to pray for Dad Golden. Father, give her strength that can only come from you. We, the Pilgrim Pals Prayer Partners, lift up Dad Golden to You this moment. May he experience You in all Your fullness today. Father, may he trust You with his heart, his life, his all.

We have been praying for him for so long. Hear our prayers this day and answer for Jesus' sake.

Thank you for the blessed assurance we have that You hear and answer prayer.

We commit Dad Golden and every other father to You today!

Be with Vicki's husband and Pilot Mom's husband today. They are dad's who need Your touch on their bodies. Thank You for bringing them through their surgeries.

We thank You for what You will do this Father's Day weekend in Jesus' mighty name. AMEN!

passing-thru said...

AMEN to that prayer , my brother - if possible , remember a new name to the list , my brother-in-law's dad - dying and not knowing Jesus -so if God reminds U, his name is GEORGE PARONTO from NH -- thx

I appreciate your " tender " spirit , David --------