Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Go Figure

A dear lady desperately wants some comments on this Pilgrim Pals blog so she goes and falls into a strawberry patch. Go figure!

She also tried getting strawberries out of a wishing well but forgot to attach the rope to the bucket.

Come on, Terry, get with the program!

You know I'm kidding don't you, pilgrim pals? Terry and I are such good friends that I would never say anything to offend her. What a special lady!

Let's continue to pray that Terry will recover quickly so she can have her coffee at McDonalds this Saturday.

Love you, Terry!



passing-thru said...

YES --- your right about U and her being special "buds" She is a special lady and ITS DOWNRIGHT CRUEL to be picking on her !

Strawberry Terry ------- did I say that ? --

Praying God's blessing on U and hoping all these "pals" are refreshing your spirit , Terry

LauraMae said...

Oh Terry you are taking such a beating on here! I hope you are feeling better soon!

David Warren Fisher said...


Is there somebody in the Alexander Building who could help Strawberry Terry? Usually they call those abrasions "raspberries" but this is different.

Remember those Strawberry Shortcake dolls?

I better stop or I'll get bumped from this wonderful position as facilitator of Pilgrim Pals.


P. S. Had fresh strawberries for supper tonight that Carol bought from one of those Pick-Your-Own places around Peterborough. She didn't pick them though. That picture of Terry scared her off.

Just kidding, Terry!

Passing-Thru is going to start doubting my salvation soon!

Terry said...

Strawberry Shortcake doll indeed David Fisher!!
More like a Cabbage Patch kid if you ask me!!...From Pilgrim Terry

David Warren Fisher said...

Come on, Terry, don't be so hard on yourself. Good to see the world's greatest COMMENTator at work again!

Looking at you reminded me of memorizing the books of the Bible:

Oops, I mean Ephesians, not Abrasions. Sorry!

How is Bernie taking all this foolishness. I'm calling you a Strawberry and you calling yourself a cabbage?

Such silliness!


hebrews 11:1 said...

You all have me in such fits of laughter...and you should have seen us at the strawberry patch this morning, making our annual outing...Lil Montreal Girl (also known as Praying Sens Fan...) said to her younger brother that she as picking with, "Hey, watch it! Don't fall into the strawberries like...(giggle, giggle)" "With that strawberry juice all over you, you're going to look like (giggle, giggle)..." And then when I was out cycling from place to place today I thought of those training wheels...:) Now that I read about strawberry shortcake, I'm going to think of Mrs. Shirkie every time I'm at my friend's house and I get down a character cup for a little one.

The laughing little pilgrim pal with a freezerfull of fresh-picked organic strawberries

donna said...

I feel bad now that I posted about picking strawberries....with my daughter and grandbaby....

praying you are doing better Terry....

God bless