Monday, June 25, 2007


DID I HEAR A TRUMPET SOUND ? !! - Imagine if it did ! Well , it didn't , not yet - SO -
We Christians have NEEDS --- there is sickness out there, finances - decisions - battles to be won ---- the devil is roaring - hurting - scaring - deceiving - -- people , good God fearing ,born again loving sacrificing people are being beat upon -- WHAT DO GOD'S PEOPLE DO - THEY PRAY - AND PRAISE ---

Will U pray for Felisol - Pilot mom's husband - Vickie's husband - Arlene - what about our friend and benefactor David --- let's take the time to "pray continuously" praising God for them and others - many others -- Terry too for healing - Serina for a touch from God - Saija and the intercessor Sara -- There are many kinds of assaults from the evil one -- doubt/fear/ torment , day and nite --troubling the saints -

WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT -- WE PLEAD THE BLOOD OF CHRIST and no devil or demon can stand in front of that -------
LETS PRAY TONIGHT AND TOMORROW FOR SPECIFICS -- take hold of the "horns" of the altar and believe and claim --
DAVID and CAROL FISHER - remember these names
Felisol and Serina -- the fear of losing her - lets pray strongly
Vickie and Pilot Mom , their husbands
Arlene and Barry -- that cancer does not belong in a child of God

forgive me for getting strong like this -- we have needs brothers and sisters - please lets renew ourselves for the "fight" --- nominal christians don't get excited like this - for its a religion - we have a relationship with GOD ALMIGHTY -- WE BEEN SAVED and saved to serve and fight -

thankyou , passing-thru


Little missionary said...

Thank you for your passion "passing thru"!!
I've been exposed to a lack of prayer warriors for so long - sometimes I forget the power we've been given by God. We are warriors called by God Almighty to pray. What an amazing mission that is!! Satan has no power over us and he can only work in our life if we give him permission or God allows it for our refinement. Satan we cast you down and all your evil works in the Name of Jesus! Lord Jesus, we as Pilgrims sealed in Your Blood ask You to work all things for the Father's glory in each of our lives. We praise you for you alone are worthy. We thank You for uniting us in prayer!

passing-thru said...

YES ------- GOOD STUFF LIL MISSIONARY ------------

This task before us is important -
when our brethren become too weak to keep going or get discouraged

Elijah thought he was alone and God said - I have 7000 that have not bent their knee to false gods

We are on God's mission - pray on

hebrews 11:1 said...

AMEN! Thank you indeed, Passing Thru, for your passion. The task IS very important...and this IS God's mission...Press on, pray on, brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1....Thank you so much for the nice letter that you sent to me and the nice card, and the little gift and note for Dad Golden.
I can't give it to him right away but maybe I will figure how to get it to him.
One of the sister's from the church is going to drop a casserole over here before she goes to the meeting, so if I gave it to her, she could give it to mom and mom could take it home for Dad!!
Yea!!! That's a plan!
I will let you know how it works!!
Love PP Mrs. Shirkie