Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Strawberry Terry

David says Terry has an afinity for strawberrys - dives headlong into a patch of them !

How are U doing Terry ! healing up I hope -- just wishing U the best -----

Reading a book called "The Rest of the Gospel" by Dan Stone and Greg Smith , put out by ONE press -- title almost sounds scandalous - but it is proving good reading -- mainly about the deeper walk with Christ --

We thought of the many needs for prayer today - God is Faithful and we can Rest in That -


Pilgrim Pals said...

I am doing a lot better Passing-Thru, although my mom is quite disappionted because I cannot take her out to the special meetings that they are having each night at the Gospel Hall.
Mr. Surgenor is speaking on Zechariah.
Usually I tape the meetings too but this week it is impossible.
Marylyn. a friend of ours and Grace have been taking her there and back so she has not missed any meetings.
Grace even did our usual Wednesday thing of taking mom out to Wendy's[after the meeting] for a baked potato, although Mom informed me just now on the phone that she had a change of menu...
She had a cheeseburger instead!....from Pilgrim pal Terry

That David Fisher!! Stawberry Terry indeed!!
Reminds me of Mr. Stan Booth always calling me Terry Berry ever chance that he got!!

passing-thru said...