Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayers for a community

I was talking with Terry today and she mentioned that I could post here if I wanted to request prayer. I was right in the middle of contemplating what and how to ask when my daughtre arrived home from work and asked if I had heard any of the news of today. I must confess that I rarely turn on the TV or radio in the course of a day, but depend on others to fill me in. Some of you are within a stone's throw of me and the area where I live in upstate NY and I grew up gracing the Canadian shorelines, swimming and boating with many on both sides of the border. My heart must today, turn from any concerns or troubles in my own life and ask you for prayer for the community of Fairport, NY. Five young ladies who graduated from high school last Thursday evening, were in an SUV that collided with a semi-truck, were trapped in the vehicle which caught fire, their young lives ending tragically. I will leave you the link to the newspaper if you chose to read about it...but I am asking you for prayer for the families and friends of these young girls....that they will know God's love and be comforted through thiis...

My daughter attends and works at the local college, St. John Fisher and one of the girls was the daughter of the Director of Finance at the college. This has touched my daughter in a more personal way. It also brings old memories to the surface...tragedies of years past for me when my nephew was killed one month after his high school graduation and then for my husband, whose twin brother was killed in a head on collision and his vehicle caught fire. Thank you for letting me post here.

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Terry said...

Dear Donna..
It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord works!
When I heard the good news of Felisol's precious daughter, I went to pilot-mom's and then your site Donna because I like to keep track of the prayer list that you have there.
So now because of little Serina, you have come here to the Pilgrim Pals blog
I mean if it wasn't for that little girl,maybe I wouldn't been at your place until tonight.
Now there will be all kinds of people praying for the city of Fairport.
They will surely be needing God and the comfort and healing that only He is able to give!

I, for one consider that you are a big plus to this site!
I hope you will be here often!!...Love Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Donna, thank you for sharing with the Pilgrims. Be assured of my prayers for all who have been touched by this tragedy.

May Jesus who knows suffering, bring comfort to you and those in your community....Julie

passing-thru said...

No doubt - Christians praying will make a difference --

Asking the Lord to touch those hurting people there

Thx for posting and your welcome here anytime

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Donna,
Thank you for sharing this prayer request here. I'l be keeping their families in prayer. I have a lump in my throat just reading this...

The lil Pilgrim Pal