Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update and request!

Hi everyone-

Thanks for your prayers for my interview last Friday. I had a great evaluation, and overall the meeting was a success! Unfortunately the rumours about no positions being available were true, but I got a lot of career advice and was given the names of a few other people to contact, plus my resume was put into the system, so I'm pretty pleased at how things went!! Once again, thank you for thinking of me Friday morning. Figuring out what to do once my current job stops has been on my mind a lot lately.

Another prayer request: My younger sister Leah is graduating from high school tomorrow (Wednesday) night and she's the valedictorian. We've been working on her speech for the past couple of days but she's still nervous. Prayers sent her way would be much appreciated!



passing-thru said...

Am sorry about the job closing soon - The LORD may at any time, create a new job - put into the mind of one of the big shots , the need for a new position - or an employee may end up moving on and U will be picked - why Lauren, there are probably 300 different scenarios that HE can do - for HE IS A CAN DO GOD --- will be praying for your sister and that speech -- congrats to her --

Terry said...

Well if your resume is put into the system Lauren-mary at least you have a foot in there!

We will certainly be praying for your sister.
What a thrill for her to be the valedictorian!
That is an honor that is given to very few people!
The Lord will be right there beside her!!..Love Pilgrim Pal Terry

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Hi Lauren-Mary,
You are in my prayers for a job - been to the unemployment line myself - not fun but the Lord does and will provide.

Have fun at the Grad Wednesday. May the Lord grant your sister peace in her spirit. I'm sure as soon as she begins speaking a calm will come over her.
Bless you!

resting in psalm 37 said...

Hello, Lauren Mary!

I'm glad to hear the interview went well, but sorry to hear that there's no openings for you...guess we'll just have to keep praying.

When I was kneeling by the couch praying for you last Friday at 10, an amazing thought crossed my mind...how at that very same moment others were praying for the very same thing as I was, and we were all uniting our prayers...maybe it does not sound as much a revelation as it was me, but I thought, "THIS is the Church...WE are one in the body of Chrsit, and together we are praying for the same thing."

Love and Prayers,