Monday, June 25, 2007


Felisol has left a new comment on your post "Felisol's Prayer Request For Her Daughter Serina": Dear all of you.I shall have to thank you each and everyone individually, but for now I can only say thank you for being with us in these critical days and nights.Yesterday we had to wake all night at the hospital, Serina could barely breathe.I think maybe the prayers saved Serina's life that night. Things were really dramatic.There is no greater power than that of God and his children praying.To night she's sleeping at home, but tomorrow morning we'll have to return to the hospital again for further examinations and tests.It's now 01.35 and I have to get some sleep.So, just, thank you.


passing-thru said...

BE ENCOURAGED FELISOL -- The Lord knows exactly where you are and your great need -- HE loves Serina and HIS people will be praying --

We are glad Serina got thru the night --

Lord Bless Felisol and her daughter Serina , touch them in such a special way , IN JESUS NAME

Terry said...

My words exactly my dear Felisol!
Serina is in God's arms and the prayers of the Christians are reaching His ears and right into His heart!!
We are all waiting on the side, on both sides of the world!!..Love Terry

Thank you so much Passing-thru for posting this....PP Terry