Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Woke up encouraged - now "Unto HIM , WHO is ABLE to KEEP that which we have committed"
The needs are still there, BUT THANKS BE TO GOD -
David posted a rich post of a "saint" of yesteryear - "A great cloud of witnesses" this may be the year 2007 but THE TRUTHS we aspire to are as old as THE ANCIENT OF DAYS
Remember to Praise and then Pray for ALL our brethren
Take heart Christians
David and Carol
Arlene and Barry
Terry and Bernie
Pilot Mom and Dad
Saija and Leo
Vickie and hubby
Felisol and Serina
Dad Golden
The two Julies
Lil pilgrim pal (the missionary)
NAMES /NEEDS - but ALL known by the LORD -- we are to Trust , enjoy HIS PRESENCE and press on ------ I know , it sounds so easy , but its not - but with CHRIST , WHO PROMISED HIS SPIRIT TO ABIDE - we trust and press on -- FINDING OUR LIFE AND ENJOYMENT IN HIM ------ passing-thru


hebrews 11:1 said...

UH, OH! You forgot my little sister, "Praying Sens Fan in Montreal" also known as Mrs. Shirkie's "Little Montreal Girl" She has been unable to comment much on here, but she is forever reading over my shoulder, and keeps everyone in prayer.

Oh, off subject, what happened to the Pilgrims at the top of the page? I liked them there! Or, ou could put up an illustation from Pilgrim's Progress, maybe.

And, did anyone here how Lauren-Mary's interview went?! I've been waiting for news here, but thought maybe she's e-mailed someone, or something...

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

The little Pilgrim pal

passing-thru said...

Lol- yes , am sure I forgot many names ----- I believe that David has had trouble with his computer and that heading was one of the problems - I don't know how Lauren-Mary's interview went -

How did your friend do with the french bible to that lady ?

hebrews 11:1 said...

I don't know...I should really call her up, since she hasn't called me!

By the way, where in the USA do you live, Passing thru? I love geography,and am always curious...

Terry said...

It is nice ot have a list like this to refer to Passing-thru, because sometimes my rememory is on the blink!
Donna of "By His Grace Alone" has a litle list of prayer links right on her blog site, so I just go there and click on to them and it is easy to get to their site and see how they are doing and write them a little comment or two.
You are doing a good job there Passing-thru keeping us updated although you did miss a couple!
These two are in need of a job, a job that has medical coverage.
Oh their names are Bob and Joanne!! aka Passing-thru and sweetheart!!....From Pilgrim pal Terry

Hey Hebrews 11:1...How could that Passing-thru ever forget to mention a little darling like Little Montreal Girl?
Do yo think it just MIGHT be that that Hebrews 11:1 doesn't give her a turn on the computer these days?
And we are FORGETTING her.
Please tell me it is not so lil pilgrim!...Pilgrim pal Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Mrs. Shirkie--
She read that comment over my shoulder before heading off to bed, and said to tell you that SHE has NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! uh, or anyone else ;) I don't think we've EVER had so many Christian friends in our life, so how could we forget y'all?! People always looked at us funny because we are so different and all...but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love and appreciate the way my parents raised me, even if others don't agree with them. Anyway...

Please tell me what Dad Golden thinks of his little gift! Do you like the note I wrote for him? When you said he was in the Air Force, I thought, "Oh, just like my grandpa who died 5 yrs. ago!"

I spoke to my neighbor who brought over the Bible to the dying lady, and the poor woman was so touched by it all. Will write more later...

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Pilgrim Pals said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1.
Tonight there was the last meeting in Mr. Surgenor's special ministry but of course I didn't go.
When the lady came over before church to bring the casserole, I gave her the letter and the little promise bible in a envelope to give to my mom.
I will know tomorrow morning when Dad phones, what he thinks if it and I will let you know.

My mom had a real sad experience today.
One of her friends who she has known for years is dying in the hopsital of cancer.
She is long distance but mom phoned her today to talk to her.
My mom told her that it is not religion that saves you, and she asked her, "Are you ready to die?"
The lady said, "Yes, I am!" Then the lady asked my mom, "Are you ready?" "Yes", my mom said.
"How do you know?" "Because Jesus died for me!" The lady got so mad that she hung up the phone right in mom's face!
When mom told me, I said, "Mom you did what you had to do. Now Mrs. Sikora will have the time to think as she is in the hospital."
I pray Hebrews11:1 that she gets saved and I pray for the lady that you are witnessing to..
Good night!!!..Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Your poor mom! I will be praying for sure...

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Theophil said...

A note to passing-thru. Phil is on-line and looking to dialogue. Thanks for the invitation.