Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Note From the Ol' Pilgrim...Again

Good morning, dear friends! Please pray for me today and tomorrow! I'm taking our sons, Matthew (11) and Nathan (10) away for a "Holiday Inn Sleepover" today. It'll be a lot of fun! Pray for safety for us! Carol will be glad to get us out of her hair so she can catch up on some gardening today.

Hopefully Lauren-Mary did well in her interview yesterday and I trust that Terry will be able to get over to McDonalds with Bernie this morning. Too bad they don't sell strawberry pies there. Oops, sorry, Terry! They have apple and cherry.

We continue to trust God for a financial miracle! Passing-Thru (Bob) and I continue to pray for each other in the area of jobs/finances.

Well I better run! Love you all!

The Pilgrim


passing-thru said...


Hoping this "getaway" will refresh you and make this "bond" with your boys even greater --

Have prayed and will pray for U , brother David -

Much Blessings to U --- ENJOY !

Vicki said...

Sending a big hug and hello to all Pilgrim Pals! I sure enjoy your postings! God bless you and keep you in His tender watchcare.

Vicki at Windows to My Soul

Terry said...

There goes the boss down that long road again, Passing-thru and I am hoping that he has a good trip, but here we are again having to miss him!! from Pilgrim Terry

Hey Vicki...Hugs all around!!
God bless you and your sweetheart and may you have a great Lord's Day!!..Love Terry