Friday, June 29, 2007


Am reading a book called " A woman who laughed " about Henrietta Soltau of the China Inland Mission - as a young girl she believed God and witnessed to an old crusty unbelieving neighbor -she gave a bible to one of the stable hands, a young man- well one day the old neighbor was dying and after a week died - as the funeral procession rode by, young Henrietta said, I wonder why God didnt answer prayer ?( As she prayed for his conversion) - life went on and many years later - that stable boy , now an older man, met Henrietta's brother and asked how she was - then went on to say - that the old master of the house when dying - yelled out to anyone in the house who had a bible , to bring it to him where he searched the scriptures and accepted Christ -shortly after that the stable boy accepted Christ . Well , no one knew it when he died but the stable boy - SO TO ALL OUTWARD APPEARANCES , God didn't answer the prayers of young Henrietta , but many years later , Henrietta found that God did INDEED ANSWER -
- I hope I made this clear enough -- even though no one knew the old crusty man accepted Jesus and to the praying community , they thought he died without Christ - and God gave Henrietta the thrill of finding out that God did indeed save him

pray large or small , but LOOK TO HIM , for it ALL passing-thru


Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...

Very good. Thanks for sharing!

Terry said...

What a wonderful story Passing-thru!!
You are like my mom, she just loves to read missionary books, especially Chinese ones!
I don't know HOW many times that she has read, "The Small Woman"..

from Pilgrim pal, Terry

Terry said...

Hi Little Missionary!!
It looks like you and I were writing at the same time.
Actually I was just coming here because Hebrews 11:1...everybody's dearly loved 'lil pilgrim pal told me about the praise report that you have in here and I want to read it!.....Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Thx lil missionary and terry

This is indeed a "rich" book on faith -- a hard book to find - printed in 1934 the year Henrietta had her homecoming - she was born in 1843 and worked with J Hudson Taylor -- RICH GLEANINGS IF EVER THERE WERE SOME ---

Pilot Mom said...

Oh! This happened to me!! We lived in a duplex next to a young couple with 3 young girls. They were mormons but didn't believe in it and were really just 'nothing.' Well, of course, we shared with them. Most often non-verbally, but also verbally. We had some great discussions. But, eventually, we moved out and into our new home we had built. We prayed for them for years. We kept in touch for a couple of years and then we slowly lost touch as they also moved. But, periodically, as the Lord brought them to mind we prayed.

Well, when our son was in 11th grade (in a Christian school) I was talking with another mother and she interrupted me and said, "Claire, you know Ann, don't you?" And, I began to say..."No, I don't believe we've met...but Ann jumped in and said, "Oh, yes, Claire and I go waaay back when our children were just one year old!" I turned and fully looked at Ann and she was our old neighbor from the duplex!! And she and her husband had accepted the Lord about 3 or 4 yrs before!

Oh, how I rejoiced that the Lord let us know the outcome of our 17 yrs of praying!!! :)

passing-thru said...

I LOVE THOSE STORIES -- that is awesome and glad u shared Pilot Mom --isn't that neat of the Lord to reveal these episodes

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thanks for ALL these great stories!

Lil Pilgrim Pal