Sunday, June 17, 2007


Earlier today as I watched some video of Mrs. Graham, she said , looking back , that she thanked God more for the "hard times" imagine ! for she said , it was there , that she learned most to TRUST HIM -- she didn't say that she thanked HIM for the mountain top times but the hard times --- thats the difference that makes the difference --- her relationship with GOD was more important than the struggles or celebrity status or big events --- if the hard times brought her closer to her JESUS and she found HE was closer because of the "things" HE ALLOWED -- and in so doing , she found HE can be TRUSTED UPON -- I am still looking for the easy times , cushiony, soft ---- Corrie Ten Boom also said towards the end of her pilgrimage that she said , she would have Trusted HIM more -- familiar ring to it , heh ?

(The devil just hates this stuff - he wishes this blog site would turn into a loose frivolus, stupid sensuous, worldy yak yak yak site ) Too Bad , So Sad


Terry said...

We, as Pilgrim Pals will try our hardest for that not to happen Passing-thru!
We are happy to have Pilgrim David make this site just for all of us to meet and we will not make it a frivolus site!!...From Pilgrim Pal Terry

passing-thru said...

Yes - I agree Terry ---
A site that is a "safe haven" for travelers -----