Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crusading for Christ

Last week I had the priviledge of catching up with an old friend Darren. Darren and I met back in our teen-years, while working at Hope Valley Day Camp, here in the Peterborough area. It was very exciting to sit and discuss old memories, to share how God has protected and watched over us over the past few years and to hear of Darren's upcoming adventures. Lord willing, Darren will be moving to Calgary to serve the Lord with Campus Crusade for Christ. He has a real heart and passion to minister to University students. He will be working right on the University of Calgary campus, offering support and encouragement to Christian students. Pilgrim Pals, I invite you to pray for Darren, specifically that his mandatory financial and prayer support levels will be met, so this new adventure can begin!



Pilgrim Pals said...

Oh there you are Laura-mae!!

Yes, we will definitley be praying for Darren
He is going to be a missionary to the young people..
How nice!!...Love PP Terry

Oh my!
The list is getting long and I appreciate so much, Laura-mae that Passing-thru keeps us updated!

passing-thru said...

I take it that Darren has to have certain "things" up to date ? finances etc. - so alot of his future is faith based ? thats a good indicator of a God called ministry -- we will think of Darren and Laura-mae and bring them to the THRONE -- THE MIGHTY THRONE -- cherubims and seraphims -lightning bolts and angels - BEFORE THE THRONE WE COME, IN THE NAME OF HIS ONLY SON