Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm feeling like a fool tonight folks - and not a fool for Christ. I decided to email Todd this afternoon at work, (we both work for the City of Ottawa - not the same dept. though), and ask him to go for coffee. I was hoping to nuture our new friendship and eventually share about Christ with him. I have to admit I am interested in dating Todd - he is a nice guy and quite handsome too! So I guess there are mixed motives in my heart!

Now the Enemy has me feeling quite guilty about this. I keep having thoughts like, "Jesus will not give me an opportunity to share about Him with Todd because I am really just looking to get into a relationship with Todd." True to Satan's style he mixes some truth in with lies to confuse us.

Since I had not heard from Todd by the time I left work at 4 p.m. I thought right away, "yup, I'm bad. God isn't going to honor my desire to share about Christ will Todd because I'm attracted to the guy. I don't deserve the chance to share with Todd because my motives are mixed!" So, I just logged on to my work email (I can do that from home), and sent another email to Todd saying that I shouldn't have email him about going for coffee and I'm sorry if I made him uncomfortable. Todd will probably think I'm nuts now and perhaps I've ruined this very new friendship and the chance to win another soul to Christ!!

Lord forgive me for alway getting ahead of you!



Terry said...

Dear Little Missionary...I think that you did the right thing.
I know how hard it is to meet a nice Christian boy friend but that is what the Lord wants for you.
We are all praying for Todd and it just MIGHT be that when he does gets saved that God will let your paths be together but you really should wait Julie till this happens.
You are a very pretty girl and you have a deep love for the Lord and for the missionary field, so you will just have to be careful.
There is someone out there for you and the Lord will send him along to you but if there isn't, you have so much gift that the Lord will use to bring in lost souls, souls that will be saved and in heaven because there was a little misssionary, named Julie that really cared!...Love Terry

resting in psalm 37 said...

Yes, I agree with Terry-- you did do the right thing. I can relate, a little. I am always so cautious when I talk to single guys about the Lord, because they always seem attracted to me, and I want them to be atracted to the God living WITHIN me, and not outward appearance.
Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for psalm 37, that's what is helping me wait for my helpmeet.

Love and Prayers,

passing-thru said...

We all have placed ourselves in situations of "WHAT DO I DO NOW" - :-) First of all -- its not the end of the world -- yes, tell me more Dr.Passing-thru (Dr.Phil) -
Secondly - The Lord all Gracious and Loving knows your every need and desire - so as Terry said and wisely so - LET THE LORD LEAD , hmm the 3 L's -- plus ! it will be exciting to see how HE brings your life along - YOUR RIGHT ABOUT the devil being a liar and how he mixes truth with lies , well said ! -With God's people praying and U expecting good things from your Father in Heaven , all will be well --