Friday, June 29, 2007



am posting this in regards to the previous post of HEATHER

TO ALL WHO READ her post , be prepared for a BLESSING, what a testimony -

To all our brethren , who are going thru so much - The Arlenes, their mates - the pilgrim family and friends ----- LET US RE-NEW ourselves to HIS GREAT CAUSE and pray fervently for loved ones and friends and BELIEVE GOD and the POWER OF TOUCHING THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT

We have many needs but I am sure of this too , that though we don't always see the answers, they are out there - thousands of answers to thousands of prayers - HE PROMISED TO ANSWER - DID HE NOT ? ----------

So David and Carol continue to EXPECT ----- ARLENE to trust and pray on , from the least need to the greatest , we are to pray and praise and IN EVERYTHING - GIVE THANKS
WHY? ----- Because HE LOVES US and is INVOLVED with everything we are -

again, humbled by Heather's post ------- passing-thru

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Pilot Mom said...

And, He is faithful in all things, especially His promises!