Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Beginnings

This morning I had the distinct privilege of speaking to a congregation which has gone through two church splits in recent years. Membership is down to 46 in this local church.

Last night the church family met to vote in a new board and I was asked to pray over them during the service this morning. There is a real sense that God is going to do something special with His people who gather there.

What a privilege to encourage and challenge these dear believers who have hung in there despite these frustrating times!

Now I'm packing my bags and preparing for my train ride to Montreal in the morning for the Hockey Ministries International staff conference.

Thanks for your prayers, dear Pilgrim Pals. I'll be posting on "Pals" while I'm gone, Lord willing.

Much love in Christ,


On The Far Side Of The Sea

Serina taught me how to write on a picture.
Gunnar shot the pic.
David wrote the words.
God made it.
I live here......Felisol

Bernie taught me how to put a picture on a picture.
Pilgrim David taught me how to swipe a pic.
Passing-thru told me how to copy and paste.
God will bless it.
I live on the OTHER side of the sea....Terry

The Pilgrim's Response:

Felisol lives 'cross the ocean,
Terry's not too far from here
Both of them are special pilgrims
Teaching me to trust not fear.
One day soon we'll gather yonder
On the OTHER side of life
There we'll look on Christ the Savior
And be done with sin and strife

But 'til then we journey homeward
Trusting, serving every day,
Telling others of our Savior
Truly He's is the only way.
Glad to be part of His family
Hand in hand with pilgrims here
Encouraging and blessing others
'Til we finally meet up there.

- David

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did You Hear the News ?

Did everyone hear the good news !!......Arlene and Barry have a new grandbaby...
a precious baby girl born last night....Praise God for this blessing in their lives.....and let us
keep Arlene and Barry, this new little addition...ohhhh let's just pray for alll of their family

Thank You Lord Jesus

Posted by Donna

Please Pray For Arlene And Barry

Hello Pilgrim Pals.'
I found this picture and this verse and this post at Sara's today.Sara is Miss Patty's daughter.
Arlene really needs our prayers and that is why I have copied and pasted Sara's post.
Please, please everyone pray for dear Arlene and Barry.

Isaiah 53:5
But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities;
the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.
For Arlene

Dear Father, There are so many reports about Arlene that it is easy to hear only those from the mouths of man. We believe in your report only. We accept only your prognosis. We will listen to the words of man only to direct our prayers more specifically. We do thank you for people upon whom you have bestowed the ability to care for Arlene and we ask you to bless and guide them. But God, right now you are the Great Physician upon whom we trust entirely. There is no fear or doubt in your hands. We ask you to touch Arlene and as you reach your hand to her, let every cell in her body respond in obedience and become whole and healthy. Restore to her every thing that the devil wants to steal. Let there not be a single loss of function or ability. We worship you God. You are Jehovah, our Redeemer and Savior. You are the Giver of life. You are the Author of our lives. There is none above you. We love you and lift you high above ourselves and all things of the earth. We submit fully to your authority and will. We believe fully in your wisdom and goodness. We give you all glory for every breath you choose to breathe into our bodies and thank you for every moment you have given to us. Teach us to more completely honor you with every moment. Rain on us and reign over us. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this moment to come to you. Thank you for the gift of your son and the shed blood by which we are healed. We love you, there is nothing to compare to you. Amen.Lamentations 3:21, 22 Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
Posted by Sara at 4:26 PM


Hi all-

I can't type for long as I'm currently working off of 2 hours sleep and I'm ready to head back up to bed. Just wanted to fill you in on what happened last night. I haven't had to time to watch any local news, but Pals living in my area might have already heard.
I'm teaching a coaches course all week-end, so last night I headed off to bed at around 11pm. An hour later I was woken up by a loud BOOM. Still dazed and confused by what had happened, my heart stopped when my dad came bursting into my room a minute later yelling "get up, grab a jacket and GET OUT...there's a fire". Along with my neighbours and my parents, I stood outside and watched 2 homes on my street burn down. Not just randoms homes, but these two homes were one house over from mine. The fire started with a gas explosion (which was the boom I heard) and spread to the next house, then started to come dangerously close to igniting my house and my other neighbours'. My house backs onto a creek, which is covered in brush and dried grass, and soon sparks from the fire started heading towards the creek. I just stood there in absolute shock, watching as a fire raged towards my house and another one was close to starting behind it. I don't think I've ever prayed so hard in my life.
You know those campfire "bonding questions" when people always ask questions like " what's the one thing you would save if your house burnt down?". Last night that was a reality for a lot of us. My house and my neighbour's were placed under mandatory evacuation in case the fire spread to us, but we had a fast chance to go in and salvage anything important. My poor mother ran for our photo albums, but I was in such shock I didn't even know what I wanted. I ended up just grabbing my purse and cellphone.
Luckily, BY THE GRACE OF GOD, everyone made it out alive and uninjured from both homes that caught fire, and the firefighters were able to contain the fire before it hit my house.
One home is completely destroyed. It was hard to see the damage in the middle of the night, but looking at it this afternoon, there's nothing left but a skeleton of a former house. The other house involved in half burnt-down, and it will be months before the family can move back in. One of the families involved is very close with mine. My parents do a lot with them, my sister is very good friends with their daughter and I dated their son for a while. It's heartbreaking to see anyone's house burn down, but I think it's worse when you know the people.
I was sleeping in boxers and a tank top, and when my dad got me out of the house I didn't know how bad the fire was, so I only grabbed sandals and a fleece jacket, so I stood outside freezing until 5 a.m., when we were finally able to go back inside. I had to be up for 7 this morning to teach, and even though I dozed in and out, I never really fell into a deep sleep. I've been searching for my own apartment, but I'm so glad I was still with my parents when this happened- I would have been a nervous wreck if I woke up this morning to this news.

Please pray for these families as they try to figure out a way to deal with all of this.



Epistles written in flesh
What a great picture story that presents ! Today on tv, one sees ads for "Wills, Living Wills, Trusts, even leaving one's acquired possessions to Christian Organizations"
We all know stories of how relatives that U never see, upon a death of a loved one, show up to help dismantle a home ! We've seen funny movies of such escapades, even two relatives pulling on a treasured "piece" from the deceased.
The WORD shows us a "glimpse" of a Legacy being formed and left by one of the greatest New Testament writers, the humble preacher Paul. Paul was preaching in the temple in Jerusalem, a mob forms, they drag him out of the temple, shut the doors and proceed to start killing him, they are beating him to death when soldiers arrive and rescue him. A young man is watching all this, terrified, yelling , frantic, it was Paul's nephew. This young man who idolized his uncle, seen him go from a Leader of the Pharisees, a man with authority to persecute Christians to a man struck blind, saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ, heard his uncle while sitting in his mom's home, tell of his conversion and his mission to spread the Good News. This nephew was present when Paul was preaching, seen him attacked and being beat, watched him go to the Roman prison and heard of the "death vow" made by zealots bent on murdering his uncle. ACTS 23:16
This nephew seen this living epistle in his uncle, and no doubt went on to live a life that was Christ centered as well. He was not left a legacy of houses or wealth but a legacy that endures for all time , The Gospel of Grace written in the Epistle of flesh called Paul.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Hi, Pals, can someone please post this? Thank you.
After reading on a post last night the phrase “God is good all the time”, I thought I’d share the song by the same name (which is one of favorites!), and a few scriptures I’ve been thinking of.
God bless you all, LPP
God is good all the time He put a song of praise in this heart of mine God is good all the time Through the darkest night, His light will shine God is good, God is good all the time
If you're walking through the valley And there are shadows all around Do not fear, He will guide you He will keep you safe and sound' Cause He's promised to never leave you Nor forsake you and His Word is true
We were sinners - so unworthy Still for us He chose to die
Filled us with His Holy Spirit Now we can stand and testify
That His love is everlasting And His mercies - they will never end
Chorus Bridge:
Though I may not understand All the plans He has for me
My life is in His hands And through the eyes of faith I can clearly see
This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.
It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.
The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD.
It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth….For the Lord will not cast off for ever: But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies. For he doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men…Let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the LORD…He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.
(KJV) Lamentations 3:21-27; 31-33; 40; Psalm 33:5

Droplets of Water on Precious Souls

In the nursing home, there is graceful classy woman, mid eighties who had a stroke 6 years ago and has been a "resident" there since. Her husband comes twice a day and they make a nice couple. Margaret is her name, wheelchair bound and hardly able to lift her head with no movements of her limbs. I have been blessed to have been able to "daily" give her a few moments of "time". Little droplets in the pool of life, such as a big smile, a nice how are U doing Margaret as I bend low and make "eye contact with her".
In the time I have been there working at the health care center, have been able to "win" her to me, one smile at a time, she just "beams" with anticipation as I approach. Her husband will bend low to her and whisper, "here comes Bob" she raises her head and smiles and then her head drops low as she has no strength to hold it up very long.
Yesterday, she had a pretty blouse on and a real nice necklace. I approached her in the hall as I was responding to a "fix it" call and I said , "Margaret, what a nice blouse and necklace, wow -- really very pretty !, she was just "BEAMING" so alive for that short moment.
Today , my dear wife stopped in just before my quitting time and went with me and "we" visited Margaret, she was so thrilled to meet my wife.
Turns out that Margaret was quite an accomplished woman, been presented awards for designs for the State of Indiana, accomplished painter with awards in that field and here she is , a sweet soul with good intelligence in a body that won't work.
I will bring my cute little 3 year old grandaughter and 5 year old grandson to visit her next week, I think Margaret will just so enjoy that. I will have little Abbey pray while there with Margaret and her husband.
I have witnessed in a round about way, telling her of my mom and how she got saved.
Dropping precious seed on precious souls.

My Day

My day was heavy - my heart is burdened. Burdened for the lost, the poor, the rejected ones, and burdened with whether or not to go on mission to Mexico City in November for one week. This will add to my debt load and I just don't know if I should do this. My heart says go, my brain says no you can't afford this right now. My heart thinks of the kids - like little Clara pictured here in my arms. My brain thinks of my bank account!

What to do!! I have some financial support from friends but it will not cover the total cost of the trip. If I go I will have to take 4 days without pay from work as I have no more vacation time this year.
Pals, please keep this in your prayers as I discern - God grant me wisdom!

On another note, I stopped by a Christian book store today to pick up a copy of the Autobiography of George Muller - I've never read it! I also found another book called "Through the eyes of a street child" - a story of a missionary in Guatemala and the children who inspired her to stay. Guatemala was the first country I travelled to as a missionary in 1999 - that country is forever deep in my heart. I loved the people I met, especially the natives in the jungle region I visited.

Then another very small booklet caught my attention - a booklet called, "Why I believe in Christ" by Charles Colson. When I opened it the first thing I read was, "Does God Exist?" I immediately sensed that I was to buy the booklet and give it to Todd for his birthday (which is in October). The last time I spoke with Todd he told me he doesn't believe in God but rather he does believe in the "big bang" theory - to which I said, well....who caused the big bang Todd? He didn't answer. Chuck Colson speaks about the big bang theory in this booklet. I know I am called to give this booklet to Todd. Yikes! I'm scared but still I am willing for the Lord! This will be my most direct witness to Todd. I will let you know when it comes time to give it to Todd so you can be in prayer for his heart.

Thanks my friends!

Julie (LM - an undecided missionary :)


Just like this country road, I've been meandering through the fall landscape, sorry that the summer is over but enjoying the fall foliage. Each day is shorter that the preceding one. Christmas is just around the corner. What a thought! After that we're into a brand new year and new opportunities to see God at work.

So, friends, let's make sure we redeem the time and enjoy every moment the Lord has graciously given us.

"Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is. Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ." - Ephesians 5:15-20 (NIV)

Catching Up

Good morning, pals! Thought I better get you caught up on what's been happening the last few days and what's ahead this weekend.

We had our first MONDAY WE HAVE FISH chapel service with the PETERBOROUGH PETES on Monday evening. 21 of the 24 guys on the roster came out. We had a great evening! Please pray for me as I build new relationships with the rookies on the team.

Today (Friday) I'll be at the ballpark in Toronto (The Rogers Centre) to say my "good byes" to my friends on the Toronto Blue Jays. Tomorrow I'll be going back with some friends who were promised a trip to the ballpark early in the season. It took me this long to be able to keep my promise.

Sunday morning I'm preaching at Keswick Christian Church about an hour from home. I'm looking forward to that opportunity.

Monday morning I leave by train for Montreal for the annual Hockey Ministries International Staff Conference which runs until Wednesday at noon. A relaxing train ride will bring me back home again on Wednesday evening just in time to get to work at Christian Horizons.

I'll be taking my laptop and my camera with me so I'll try to post a few times while I'm in Montreal. Thanks for your prayers.

Carol and I are almost ready to put our home up for sale. I'm still struggling with the whole idea but I'm trusting God to do something great once we are in motion.

Be assured of my love and prayers, dear ones!

Standing with you,

~ David, the Pilgrim

P. S. Thanks LPP. The "care" package arrived yesterday! And, everything was in the envelope the last time...if you know what I mean. THANKS!


No time to "build" a post - just some quick words to my friends -
Enjoyed hearing Heb say in a comment - "Lets pray more , we have needs" and Pick up the Challenge ------- GOOD STUFF , LPP
Susanwalkergirl , always, always nice to read your posts or comments - A blessing !
Claire, easy for me to say but DECLARE your loving trust in your loving God as U have been for all these weeks (If "we" could see our Father, actually see HIM thru an open window, looking right into your eyes with a "look of don't worry, I KNOW whats taking place here" as the doctor is saying, "I don't know whats next, we are not sure of whats causing Jim's condition", I think that would help "us" in saying GOD is INVOLVED here and I will "walk" by faith in HIM , one day at a time. {easy for me to say} - just trying to help, encourage , Claire --
Donna , what a blessing U are to us --- continue on , continue on .
Terry, Rest in HIM for your dad as U have done -- "Pilgrims, dad Golden for Oct 3rd. plus salvation .
Heb, we remember this saturday morning -- Lord bless .
Jel , thankyou for your prayers and encouragement -----
Saija, seeker of truth and a blessing to us -- for U and Leo we do remember
Vicki, blessings on U and Richard --------trusting U are sleeping well at nite --------
Lil M , trusting U are doing ok with the Lord --- HE is faithful --
David , we hope your puters get fixed and that we start to see U more in here - keep us informed brother ------- we "need" one another -- praying for U , David - Lord Bless ------
Felisol , what a blessing U are to us -- trusting Serina is doing better ---
Terry - A SPECIAL THANKYOU for being such a good friend to so many of us in here -

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Request From Pilgrim Pal Heather

26.Sep100 Years From Now..
Wednesday 20
My dad has a blog, and I encourage you to read todays entry. I am still not feeling very well right now (chemo sucks the life out of me), so instead of writing about that, I want to encourage you to please go here and read my dads post, leave a comment, and bookmark him.
God has truly blessed me with a wonderful wonderful family.
Be back soon,-H
(in case the link didn’t work for you :

Update from Arlene

After I received this update from Arlene, I was reminded that when I lift my eyes to the all-power and all-loving God, I am able to draw fresh strength from His vast resources, a strength that is far greater than the enemy's...Lord, we are faithful followers and continue to gather and pray ...we thank you for the freedom to come to you, to ask and receive your help....

Here is the update I received from Arlene......

I went home from the hospital on Monday and was admitted again on Tuesday through the ER. I was having a little trouble with my left leg walking. It was a new development. The best way I know was that it feels heavy.

They did a CT scan before I left last week and found tumors in the belly and yesterday in ER 3 brain tumors, which of course means that all of that chemo, as strong as it was, didn't work. Today they took me down for another CT Scan to check for bone cancer, but I haven't heard the results yet. Tomorrow I will start radiation for 15 days and then he wants to talk to us again about chemo. I'm pretty tired of chemo.

I still do not believe that it is time for me to go. I have so much work to do for Him. i have quite a bit of strength and NO PAIN, thank you Jesus! He has shown me some of that work and I can't wait to get started.

I think we are going to go away by ourselves and just get with God and ask Him what He wants us to do next. I know this won't make sense to but only a few, but I can tell you, I still have that peace that passes all understanding.

Please keep us in prayer! We love you all! BY HIS STRIPES!!!! It's time for those old fashioned miracles and am without a doubt believing for one!


Posted by Donna


If we don't hear from a "Loved One" within a reasonable time , we worry or wonder, whats wrong. Thats normal, for we are made to be "connected", whether it be by phone, letter or in person. Close friends that bonded during childhood or in college or thru experiences in adult life, stay "in touch" from time to time. Children "look" for the return of their parents or for mom's voice in the noise of the thunderstorm. Newly married daughters will "connect" with mom's advice on issues, or how to prepare certain meals or to cry tears with over troubles. Older children will call parents just to "share the moment" as I often did with my dad, now that he had his homecoming, I miss him still, but I am glad, I called him as often as I did.
The point is:
We have been designed by God to have fellowship with loved ones and with HIM. Our Lord and Saviour, said for "our sakes" , I will send U, ANOTHER COMFORTER. HE will bring words from me, HE will speak of ME. " WE " will not leave U alone, in the storms of life, "WE" will be there with U, when your tired or alone or unsure, "BE SURE" of this, "I WILL NEVER LEAVE U NOR FORSAKE U. What a God, What a Saviour, What a Comforter, - What a Gospel.
Take heart pilgrims , I appreciate the Susanwalkergirls, the Claires, the Donnas, the Saijas, the Vickis, the Terrys, Heb and Lil Montreal girl, the Julies, -Janice, Jel and Anonamous,(split personalities) the Laura-girls, our loved Felisol, the Arlenes and Heathers and our friend and leader David and Carol.
Have a Great and Godly Thursday
Just read Romans 8th chapter for morning devotional, Wow, what HOPE ! How the Holy Spirit is there for us in so many ways --- great words

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FORGOTTEN --------- NEVER -------

Just wanted to say before going to bed ---- "We have NOT FORGOTTEN -- Claire and her Jim, his infection and waiting for the doctors insight -- Saija and her Leo , the 24/7 pain , Vicki and her Richard , Felisol and her Serina, Donna and Jennifer - Heb and her dad --we remembered to pray -- not only these spouses have struggles but the EMOTIONAL battles, the fear, the unknown --- we have not said much these last few days --- BUT - WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN --- I prayed often these days for my "friends" --- I know Terry has, she is always reminding me of praying for "our friends"
PLEASE TAKE HEART ------------
good nite , please stay strong --------- we have to persevere, Dad Golden needs saving and a success in his upcoming surgery ---- Minerva needs salvation and a miracle -- Arlene , a quiet , graceful lady of the Lord --- Heather, a testimony of God's work.


Wednesday Post At Miss Patty's

......"Daughter your faith has healed you. Go in peace."

Isaiah 53:5 ~ But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

Posted by Pat at Wednesday, September 26 2007.....


Could you please post with a nice picture that John is home and Mike will be going home tomorrow in much better shape...
Thank everyone for their prayers...


Going along with Saija's post on Vance Havner -
Old Time preacher, simple , to the point , God annointed , Spirit filled, Bible taught, Blood Applied, no frills , just SOLID TRUTH from God's Word.
Saija said on one comment , she likes that word and that picture of being a "pilgrim" .
We do too , Saija -- When "we" got saved, our citizenship also got changed, it says that in the WORD. We are sojourners here, bringing a message from our New Birth Place. We are "witnesses" of a better life. "let your light so shine before men"
At work have used opportunities to help carry stuff for the nurses, pushed heavy carts up the ramp for houskeeping women, and slowly winning the respect and good favor of many there. Have been able to talk to a few of the staff on the "new birth"
A simple "pilgrim" sowing seed -- GOD'S SEED .
All U "pals" are wonderful pilgrims sowing in your fields the same precious seed. Lord Bless U all tonight --- going to wednesday nite communion service , followed by a church supper , good fellowship and good food ! :-)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Check out Terry's UPDATE on her post about Betty's husband John in the hospital -
GOOD STUFF -------(scroll down a few posts )

a Vance Havner story

So, if i make my way through this wild, wan, weird world and don't get excited about the nuclear age and the space era, or if I seem bored - and I am - by things that thrill this world, it is for two reasons: the time is short and the fashion of this world is passing away. The time is short, my time and the age near their end. And the fashion, the scheme, of this world is passing away like a movie reel before my eyes. Every news report I watch means to me that the fasion of this age is passing away. The crowds on the streets hurrying from store to store, the traffic bumper to bumper, the United Nations, the politicians, wars and rumors of wars - the fashion of this world is passing away. I'm in it but not of it; I'm a pilgrim and stranger; I'm not a citizen of old Babylon. I'm looking for another City.

Vance Havner, A treasury of Vance Havner.

blessings on your week, pilgrim pals ... saija

Golden Silence Broken!

On a visit to Pilgrim Pal David's I found that the Fish has been holding out on us.
I mean isn't this just one lovely picture of Silent Lake?
They say that "silence is golden" but as far as I am concerned this Golden girl has never been silent, so David here is the picture that I swiped off your site!
And I have TOLD on you to the rest of the pals!!
Not nice!!!

Happy Birthday Vera Lynn

Today is my grandbaby's FIRST birthday.

We had a party in the park on Saturday which included family and friends....and this very delicious cake that her Mom had specially made just for her....

Tonight, Vera and her Mommy, Aunt Kim and Uncle Jared and her Grandpa and I are celebrating at our house with a special dinner of spaghetti with homemade sauce, toss salad and bread and an angel food cake with strawberries....Aside from the toss salad, Vera can enjoy it all...being that she is officially ONE with FIVE teeth !! Grandbabies are the best!!

Can you tell she loves strawberries??

May your roots go down deep
into the soil of God's marvelous love.
And may you have the power to understand
as all God's people should,
how wide, how long ,how high and how deep
his love really.
May you experience
the love of Christ,
though it is so great you will
never fully understand it
Ephesians 3:17-19


We don't have that , but what we do have is an Inspirational journey of faith and obedience made by one of our "pals" namely , Donna -- I have read as well as U all, many of her posts and comments of struggle, sometimes despair, even during her daughter's wedding week. The times her comments would show signs of rebellion, and questioning God . Other times where she blessed us with brilliance and faith and love for the elderly.
BUT - Donna's last post to us this week showed something Wonderful, Alive , Positive , she bowed her head and bent her knee to her Sovereign Lord in such a way that HE was able to work with her and thru her. In her own words she says:
"I was twenty five and walked away from God, and even as recently as one year ago when I left my marriage of twenty four years. A disappointment to the Father, a blow to the Kingdom. I have since returned, realizing it is not life. Because when one is in relationship with Christ and walks away, it is HELL. It is a living HELL. When one is not in relationship with is still HELL....even though one is fooled into believing it is life.
Some other excerpts from this Godly woman, tidbits so to speak -
"Through obedience to God and His word, one will find everlasting peace. If you think you have found it outside of God, you are deceived. If you think you will find it in your spouse or job or education, you are deceived. If you think you are someone's peace, you are deceiving that person. For some it comes overnight....for others it may take their entire lifetime.....for me it came in little steps....through a succession of events...some days I took two steps forward and three steps back.....but I stayed with it, encouraged by faithful friends and followers of Christ.... it came by way of devoting myself to reading the greatest story ever; a book that overflows with the truth about how to live life...full of grace, mercy, prayer, forgiveness, doubt, trust, love, hate, sickness, diseases, marriage, birth, deaths, people in need, the best seller books, the greatest authors, gifted musicians and entertainers, wars fought, enemies defeated but best of all, the Prince of Peace.
Donna made and is making this journey with the heart , not the mind , she is not rationalizing any longer, she is obeying from the heart, prompted by the Holy Spirit.
So many people today in pseudo christianity build their lives around themselves --
Donna is dying out to self thru the power of the Holy Spirit and this post is so refreshing and God honoring that Donna gets my vote for Christian of the Month Award

Touching Words From Heather

If you leave this blog
having taken with you only one thing… I pray that it is Jesus. I pray that He touches you, and you leave here renewed and uplifted. I pray that if you came in doubting His love for you, you leave here knowing that He loves you more than I could ever find words to describe on this blog.
If you learn anything from my journey, I pray that you realize it isn’t about me. It isn’t about my cancer, or my daughters illness, its about the hope that I have in Him, even when I cant feel His hand, He is still there. He holds every tear that I shed in His hand.
He is holding you, even when you cant feel it… He is there. He loves you.
He means it....Heather

Good Night Pals!

Good night
Dear pals
Sleep well
And rest!

~ David

Monday, September 24, 2007

Black & White

The rocky black and white
Stark against the clouds
Can leave me cold and damp
While it the brightness shrouds
But far above the jagged rocks
God is enthroned and hears the knocks
When I am overcome with fear
And long to sense Him close and near
He answers with a powerful word
And I'm at peace...
Thus saith the Lord.

~ David, September 24th, 2007

Rail Fences & Autumn Splendor

Another "thank you" to Lisa J. for this incredible photo! Did someone place that lone leaf on the rail fence or did it just "happen" to land there?

Lisa posted this photo along with her Morning Coffee scripture on her Thoughts from the Teahouse blog today.

Here is the scripture verse she chose:

"Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life. More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation." - Romans 5:9-11

Thank you, Father, that you justified me, saved me, reconciled me and gave me new life! Hallelujah, what a Savior! AMEN!


Judeo-Christianity is the only religion, the only relationship with the Living God , testified by witnesses and facts, that our God inter-relates with man and many times directly assists them and charts their course thru time.
We claim many events where Jehovah put His Finger on our lives and guided and protected supernaturally. I have testified where the Lord "stirred" me up and had me drive ten miles thru dark rainy roads and meet "exactly" at a crossroad where a brother in the Lord was lost and was praying for someone to guide him, our cars met EXACTLY at the intersection - we all have had "times" when God showed Himself in our personal lives.
NO OTHER RELIGION has ever had historical prophetic events come to pass but ours -- Israel being a prime example --------- Every other religion, cult or science is in ERROR -- every religion that does not take THE GOD OF THE BIBLE and HIS CHRIST and is born-again thru the Blood of Christ by Faith is a lost, doomed and blinded by the god of this world , the devil. No gray areas -- "Unless a man is born-again , he cannot enter the Kingdom of God , Jesus's words , not mine ----------- Christian Science is a sham, it should not use the name Christian, Cults are of the devil and the sooner the people see this , the better - any religion that uses self or works as a platform to please God for salvation is the same as the judizers that followed paul , trying to corrupt the gospel of grace.

A Stone was raised and set in place to remind GOD'S people of how GOD personally helps his people --- A personal God who steps in and saves His people ----------
Years ago at a preachers conference, the host pastor in Essex Junction, Vt. invited an Indian gentleman, a hindu to the meeting. During the program, this gentleman went to the podium and addressed the 60 some preachers, He said, I follow my religion and thru years of faithful practice we try and reach Nirvana, I would like to know why U ministers of the Gospel think that your way is the only way.
At first , no one stood up to answer the gentleman, time clicked by and I looked around the room, some looked over at me and could see I was fidgeting. I stood up and the Indian looked over at me and I said , Sir, We Know that the religion that teaches that Jesus Christ is God's Son and the Saviour of the World thru faith in HIS BLOOD and the Finished work on the Cross is the only way is because HE SAID IT --then I went on to say this, "I have seen drunks get "saved" and stop drinking, I have seen thieves get "saved" and stop thieving, liars get saved and tell the truth , they did all this almost "instantly" within days, weeks , they got saved and they were "transformed" into Christlikness.
Your religion takes "years" of discipleship, chants , religious duties but no "transformation" no instant change of the heart whereby the recipient of grace shouts out --"I'M SAVED, I'M DIFFERENT -- "CHRIST HAS COME INTO ME" ---
Thats why we KNOW what we teach is the ONLY WAY -- The Indian paused , listened and thanked me, I sat down , the host pastor was trying to go on to other things , seemed a bit embarrassed by this young pastor defending the faith --- a moment later, the Indian asked to go to the podium again - He addressed me , I stood, he said -- your testimony has caused me great concern about what I haven been following , he said he will look into this Christianity --

Prayer Request.....UPDATE

Could you please pray for Betty's husband, John who was taken to the hospital yesterday?He was admitted because of pancreatic problems.

The young man in the next bed from him is dying with cancer and he confided in Betty that it has been a real bad year for him.

He lost his wife and child in a car accident, his beloved mother just passed away and he lost his job that he had for 22 years and now this cancer.

His name is Mike S.

I called one of the Christian man that used to work with him and I am hoping that he will be able to speak the Gospel to this young man.

Please pray for John and Mike and that a way will be open to speak the words that are needed to point Mike to the Lord..........Thanking you in advance

PP Terry


I could feel the prayers of God's dear people and I saw the Lord's hand throughout the visit.

John looked quite well and can now at least have fluid food instead of just water.

His roommate who I had mistakenly called Jeff in the prayer request turned out to be "Mike", but that is alright...God knew who you were praying for!

I must tell you what happened,

We had quite a nice chat with the young man and learned that his past year has been really heart breaking.

When his wife and daughter were killed in a head-on crash, he had been following behind them by motorcycle.

His dear mom died Christmas eve and his remaining son will have nothing to do with him.

Bernie and I went to the sixth floor while John's son visited his dad.

We went to see a friend who also has cancer.

She was very glad to see us and suggested we go outside to sit for a while.

She is a Christian also and she has stomach cancer

As we were sitting there, she was telling Bernie and I that she has heard so many sad stories in the hospital.

I told her about Mike's tragic story.

Valarie pretty near jumped off the bench in her excitement.

"Why that is who I was going to tell you about!"

Real strange,eh?

He has been going up to see her on the sixth floor.

John and he are on the fourth floor and he must of met Valarie for the first time in the coffee shop which is on the first floor.

When we got back to John's and Mike's, I was so happy to tell Mike that we had a "mutual" friend and that was Valarie!

I told him then and there that he would be having all kinds of people praying for him!!

I told John a few minutes later when we were by ourselves that this must be the reason that HE had landed in the hospital.

The Lord is using this to Mike's advantage.

It is all the Lord's timing and now Mike who is surely dying will be given the chance to be saved!

How about that, eh?

And John is feeling better since he has been in the hospital.

He just has to have a few tests..

Thanks for your prayers........Love Terry

Shots of Silent Lake

Here are a few photos from Silent Lake. I'll add more from time to time. These are for you, Terry!

- David

Fall Colors

Thanks to our Pilgrim Pal, Lisa J., for this incredible autumn picture.

As much as I hate to see the summer end, I love the colors in the fall.

What an awesome God we serve!


Terry said...
Hey Felisol, we sing that song at Gospel meetings. I shall never forget several years ago now that Papere who was not saved had been out to a Gospel meeting and "Just As I Am" was sung at the end of the meeting. It was a winter evening, so it was already dark when I left and was backing up my car to drive home and suddenly....Crunch!! I had backed into somebody's car and it was a Cadilac! A big black Cadilac!I guess my bother, Teddy, who was still inside heard the whack! He came running out and found me bawling! "Never mind that", he told me, "Papere just got saved!
"The owner of the Cadilac also came out and when he saw my distress, he laughed and told me, "Aw your car wouldn't be able to damage my big old tank!! Forget about it! "Come inside and see Mr. Dube! He is one happy man! "That is why I will never forget the night that Papere Dube was saved!
Now Felisol, you see how many verses that hymn has? Well usually we didn't sing them all. That practise stopped the night Papere was saved. If anybody after that ever gave out "Just As I Am" and picked out only a few verses to sing, well that Frenchman, Papere, would say,"non", we sing de whole sing!
Papere is in Heaven now and I am sure that they will be singing the whole "sing" up there, eh?The author, Charlotte Elliot and Papere would both be insisting on it!!....Love Terry
An after note to this story, For a time, Bernie had stopped going out to meetings and when he heard how that Christian man from Hamilton had taken such a good attitued about my hitting his car, well the kindness of that gentleman was one of the things that softened Bernie's heart and he finally got restored to the Lord!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The PILGRIM Has Landed

Well, dear Pilgrim Pals, I have arrived home from my wanderings. I checked the odometer and I put about 400 miles on the car yesterday and today!

This morning I spoke in Flesherton, Ontario at the Split Rail Festival's Community Church Service. My topic was...29 Things I Learned in the 29 Years I Spent With the Toronto Blue Jays. Long title! The crowd gasped, thinking I'd spend 4 or 5 minutes on each point and we'd be there for 2 1/2 hours. I calmed their fears quickly.

Here are the 29 things I've learned:

10 - The 10 Commandments are as relevant today as they were when God called Moses up to Mount Sinai.

9 - The Beatitudes (the 9 "blesseds") are still as true todayas when Jesus taught them to the disciples on the mountainside (The Sermon on the Mount).

9 - The 9 Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5) are still worth cultivating today.

1 - The is only 1 way to peace with God and eternal life...a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

10 plus 9 plus 9 plus 1 = 29

I'm still not able to post on PILGRIM PALS with any of the computers at home. It's so frustrating!

Be encouraged, dear ones! God is still on His throne and He cares for His own.

~ The weary pilgrim

Hello Pilgrims

Just popping in to say "hi". I've been really tired lately - it's par for the course with some of the hormonal imbalances I've been experiencing. I know that will be rectified soon enough. We are wonderfully made by God for sure - very complex in our chemistry - if one little hormone is outta whack it can sure cause havoc. Even though I have nothing profound to say these days, I read the daily posts and pray the Lord's grace on each of you everyday.

Love, Julie (LM)

PS Hey Pilgrim Dave - please let "little Fish"
know I'm praying he gets back on his skates real soon! I was disappointed that he wasn't able to be at "Sensfest" last Sunday at Scotiabank Place, but it was great to see all the other Senators going through their drills.....GO SENS GO!!!!


We had a bible scholar that works with the Friend's of Israel organization, preach at our church this morning --
Refreshing -- He spoke from Lev. 16th chapter -- focused in on verse 4 -- Aaron the high priest , before going in to the holy of holies was to remove his colorful, ostentacious, high priestly robe, breastplate etc. and put on a plain linen outfit, breeches and coat of plain linen. He was to disrobe of all the pomp and glory that his high priestly clothes made him to be and go into the PRESENCE of God , humble and lowly -- LIKE CHRIST who took on the form of man, left HIS NOBLE PRESENCE IN THE KINGDOM , took on lowly flesh, humbled HIMSELF and went to the Cross and OPENED HEAVENS GATE for us.
I was always aware of the colorful outfit the High Priest wore but for some reason , was never aware of the plain clothes that he had to wear entering the Holiest place.
THE WORD IS RICH and so important for us in Christian living , goes along with Donna's post and the many comments that went with her post.

Where To Find Peace

I havent posted much lately; life has been busy and words seem to fail me these days. The thoughts that do reach a piece of paper are muddled or unworthy of public note. I prefer poetry to any other form of writing; and while many of my favorite poets choose rhyme as their style, I prefer free form. So for me to write out these blog posts in is, at best, difficult. None-the-less, I will put forth my best effort.

I frequent this blog and many others; I read about grace, mercy, prayer, forgiveness, sickness, diseases, marriage, divorce, birth, deaths, people in need, who is reading the best selling book, who the greatest authors are; the best music, the absolute worst of hollywood, politics, terrorism, war. I am a reader, not a lurker, although in the blog world lurkers are people like me who don't comment much; the truth laid bare is I have a genuine care and interest in people, so I read and pray and sometimes I comment. Yet, I find myself logging onto the computer less and less these days as my time is being divied up to serve many; striving to be a more attentive and caring wife to Ron, keeping pace with the role of mother and grandmother and dedicating mega hours to the care of the elderly. These are my missions to which God has entrusted me in the present time. My blogging ministry has always been to share those bits and pieces of my life which enable the world to see Christ and His life in me and to offer prayers and encouragement to those in need.

I entered into the season of "empty nester" a few years back, it's completion came this past August. I was met with many days of adversity and heartache, neither of which I could laugh at or ignore. The first child graduating, moving out and marrying, the onset and strife of depression, the years of college life and new adventures for the girls, the disruption of my marriage, the birth of a grandbaby, the second child graduating and marrying. Adjustments, transitions, empty rooms, the roles of a parent change, the needs of a child mature and are fulfilled by others. satan waited at every juncture, never satisfied as he sat, waiting to strike when least expected, he loves to strip people of their joy. And so he dug deep into the life of a young alive and well, but one who willingly jumped into the enemy's camp, oblivious to the vows made before God to a young woman, whose child now will face the brokenness of family. A devastating blow to the Kingdom. Some say that is just which I agree, yes, it is life as we have come to know and accept in our day and age....I am not exempt from it, for it was life as I knew and accepted back when I was twenty five and walked away from God, and even as recently as one year ago when I left my marriage of twenty four years. A disappointment to the Father, a blow to the Kingdom. I have since returned, realizing it is not life. Because when one is in relationship with Christ and walks away, it is HELL. It is a living HELL. When one is not in relationship with is still HELL....even though one is fooled into believing it is life.

I joined Divorce Care last year, a Christ based support group that Paul McKay referred me. While attending, God clearly revealed to me...number one, the condition of my heart towards my husband and... number two, that the road to divorce would take me places He did not want me to go. In as much as I was needing to be needed, needing to be loved, needing to be heard, needing to be cured, needing to be accepted, needing to find me, needing to live a fuller, better, more rewarding life, the end result was..... I needed God more than any of those. Thanks to Paul, God was able to get ahold of me and set me back on the right path.

I do not expect to be rid of anger or sadness, sickness or heartache instantly. I try not to dwell on yesterday or be anxious about tomorrow. I am not fearful or dreading of each day, nor do I live each day as though it were my first or last. I live each day as though it were the only day, awake, hopeful and thankful; alive in Him; ready, willing and able to devote the best of me (my life in Christ) to the Kingdom.....and in doing so I have a peace that sustains me.

Through obedience to God and His word, one will find everlasting peace. If you think you have found it outside of God, you are deceived. If you think you will find it in your spouse or job or education, you are deceived. If you think you are someone's peace, you are deceiving that person. For some it comes overnight....for others it may take their entire lifetime.....for me it came in little steps....through a succession of events...some days I took two steps forward and three steps back.....but I stayed with it, encouraged by faithful friends and followers of Christ.... it came by way of devoting myself to reading the greatest story ever; a book that overflows with the truth about how to live life...full of grace, mercy, prayer, forgiveness, doubt, trust, love, hate, sickness, diseases, marriage, birth, deaths, people in need, the best seller books, the greatest authors, gifted musicians and entertainers, wars fought, enemies defeated but best of all, the Prince of Peace.

Are you struggling with life's issues, looking for peace and don't know where to turn? Are you physically, emotionally or mentally sick, finding no resolve or peace in doctors, counselors, medications, surgery or drugs. Are you disheartened by the loss of a job, death of a loved one? Are you lonely, afraid, tired, weary or angry? Please pick up this Book and read it front to's what I did.
A Highly Acclaimed Best Seller
The Holy Bible

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ." Philippians 4:7


Happy Birthday Minerva

Today is Minerva's birthday and so I thought I would put this card in for her special day.
Now as you know Minerva is a school teacher who loves her students and they love her because her whole heart is into teaching them and it is not just a job!
We have been praying for Minerva as she went for her PET Scan this Thursday, and I know that we are praying for good news just as Pilot-Mom has received about Jim...
Anyways Minerva this is not a school day, so hoping you will have a day of rest and just know this that the Lord loves you so much and so do we!!
Love from all the Pilgrim Pals....

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Dr. Hunter's office called us Friday around noon. He is the oncologist. They said the blood work for Jim's thyroid came back "normal." But his calcium levels are still high. So he ordered more blood work to check the parathyroid glands.

Well, late last night I was finally able to get on the computer to google "parathyroid." What I found sounds like Jim may have hyperparathyroidism. If so, then that is really easy to fix! Just a 20 minute operation to cut out the tumor. So many of the symptoms match up with Jim. Of course, we won't know anything until we get the results back from his Friday blood work. Hopefully, Monday. Tuesday at the latest. :)

Anyway, we were excited that this might be what is going on with Jim right now. And, if so, he could be feeling much better pretty soon! We are praying for wisdom for our doctor!

Thank you for praying for us! We so appreciate it!

Secure in His arms!


INTENSITY of color and the BALANCE of nature

Just in case my last two post may give the "appearance" of intensity , U all know out of the many many posts that I talk more of the goodness of God but once in awhile to remember that this life is a serious business .
Is what the world sees, a balanced individual whose life is "different". A life of sincerety, kindness, speaking of the Love of God when opportunity comes.
At work, my foreman Fred, will be starting up in a home bible study this Thursday. Have been able to "share" Christ with another worker there that has not been living for Christ, he was saved years ago and just is looking and sounding like the world. I have not witnessed or been singing Christian songs, just being friendly, smiling, and sincere with all I talk to. They know that there is "something" different about me, was called "deacon" by a man last week as he needed something in maintenance. I didn't challenge him, I smiled and told him where he could find what he was looking for.
This is a Great Adventure we are on, missionaries tried and true. Balance and maturity, showing the Love of God not out of white hot fervency of a zealot, but a peaceful , caring , sharing life , filled with the Presence of God.
Just before posting this, I was playing some basketball with my next door neighbors that I have shared Christ with in the past. This time , no witnessing, just good ole fashion friendship , BALANCE.



Does it matter what I believe , what if I was just a "good" person, do I have to read the Bible and does it matter if I don't believe it to be Inspired of God. A decent life lived, raised children and gave to charitees, if there is a God , He will take me in. Religion is like politics, U don't discuss it , does it matter ? Things are going to happen no matter what I believe, I am just a small cog in the big wheel. People good and bad get sick, live and die , does it matter ?
God went thru alot of effort, to nurture, show and reveal HIS CARING LOVING NATURE for us HIS creation. HE told us of coming events thru HIS WORD, the Bible, of which those events came to pass. HE showed us our past, our beginning, the fall of man, HIS promise to restore us to the original place of fellowship by HIS OWN SON, PAYING our debt to sin , something that we could NEVER DO and because of that , there would be NO HOPE for us , EVER.
For everything God has told us has been proven true, even the timeline of HIS foretelling us. HE told us of Israel, the diaspora, the scattering of HIS chosen nation, and it's restoration, never in history, has a nation been scattered for 2,000 years and been restored , geographically and ethnically and politically, not to mention the amazing 6 day war in 1967 against 3 or 4 giant nations in size to "little" Israel, a mere nation the size of Rhode Island.
That we believe and live Christ centered lives, regardless of our own personal struggles, that we witness to the Saving Grace of God thru Christ by Faith in His Word, think back to the "lives" we have seen changed that got Born-Again because of our witnessing. It matters that we live lives as if Jesus was our Guest and walking with us 24/7.
With the current news of the world, Israel sent a "strike" to Syria for they knew of N.Korea sending a shipment (nuclear ?) and God, WHO has told us of Russian and China and nations of the world would come up against Israel. Could Armagedon be close, it will happen. High speed computer chips, identity theft, the UN, have we forgotten the "false prophet" the "anti-christ himself" -- Jerusalem being the center of all of this coming to pass, the "mark of the beast" ---
I am not an alarmist, people know me , know that, but with such significant events as these wicked nations arming against Israel in this last week , we need to say, YES IT MATTERS !


Went to a used bookstore this mornng with my wife . In the "religious" section were row upon rows of books -- inspirational subjects, to various religious discussions.

I believe this to be true, that NO book of any subject, no matter how deep can "FEED" the soul of man . God's Word has been so designed and Authored by the Holy Spirit so as to "DO" for man the feeding of his precious immortal soul. HIS WORD ALONE quickens, makes "ALIVE" the connection from Creator to the creature, is the "daily" road map for direction and is able to correct and reprove the walk of the "believer".
All other books , no matter how good they are , are a poor substitute for knowing and doing the Will of God on a moment by moment, day by day, crisis by crisis living.

Man finds it "easier" to read the latest best seller, or some popular best author and can read prolifically all other books --- why is that ? and its always been that way --


Heather..."To Experience Life Not Just To Live It"

21.SepOne Down…

Today, I write to you from my living room couch. Easton is playing with Bailey on the floor, shes wrapped up in a blanket and he is digging her out. Elijah is building a Star Wars Space Ship out of Lego’s on my bedroom floor. Emma is at school. She reminded me this morning that it was Ice Cream day and she always gets a Sponge Bob Popsicle.
Easton is about to start her math, Elijah - his phonics. It’s going to be a good day.
This week, I took the time to remember what all I have been blessed with. I took time to slow down, and to really listen to my body, to listen to the things that are going on around me. I took time out to just be.
Last night, I took 300mg’s of Temador (chemo), 1mg of Kytril, 1 Compazine, and three Excedrin Extra Strength (along with my standard laxatives). I woke up this morning feeling pretty good except for the chemo headache that the Excedrin hasn’t touched. Its like little pins are going off in my brain, behind my eyes. (I like to think that it is the chemo attacking the stray cancer cells ) I hear this is common, so I am not too concerned. The nausea has been minimal, although I remember waking up around 4am feeling sick but rolling over and going back to sleep.
I am not going to lie to you guys, I am struggling right now. I think that the constant go go go since April is finally catching up with me and I am feeling the effects of all the emotions of finally realizing that I have cancer. It wasn’t nearly this real a month ago.
I will tell you that I am rediscovering Gods love for me, even when I am down in the depths, He reminds me that I am loved. Even when I feel so very ugly, hairless, and just worn down, He reminds me that I am beautiful- When a certain song comes on the radio, or my kids say something that makes my heart stop, or Mark touches my hand as a passes by, He reminds me.
Cancer is an Emotional battle just as much as it is a physical one. It takes the cancer patient every bit of strength to fight off depression and loss of hope. And the fear of the unknown, it grips our souls.
But there is beauty in the Cancer experience also. Cancer patients have the ability to look at life through cancers eyes. To stop and listen to the birds chirp, to watch children playing on the playground, to spend long hours listening to the things and sounds going on around them. That is one of cancers many gifts.
"To experience life, not just live it."

Heather has to take Chemo until Tuesday..

Friday, September 21, 2007

Silent Lake, Holy Lake

Silent lake, holy, lake,
All is calm, all is bright;
Students swim and hike all day
Eating lunch along the way
Sleep in damp, sandy tents
Sleep in damp, sandy tents.

Matthew and I got back from our excellent wilderness adventure at Silent Lake earlier this afternoon! What a wonderful time of relaxation and interaction with the kids!

I've gone some incredible photos to share with my pals later. Sure missed being connected with you. We had no electricity, no cell phone service which being translated means, NO INTERRUPTIONS.

This morning I had the joy of standing on the rocky shore of Silent Lake leading devotions for Matthew's grade 7 class. A very special time!

More later concerning the trip.

Tomorrow I had two engagements with several hours of driving between them. I'll be in Belleville, ON for an OHL/OHA chaplains gathering from noon to 5. Then I have about a 4 hour drive to Flesherton, ON where I'll be speaking early Sunday morning at a church service connected with the annual Split Rail Festival. I covet your prayers as I travel and speak.

I've missed you, friends, but I've been praying for you!

Lots of love,

David, the Pilgrim

Check out this site for more on Silent Lake.


A little post but with the Biggest Message.
Hebrews 9 and 10 chapters declares the Greatness of the 2nd Covenant --
Entering into the Holiest, The Presence of God by accessing thru the Very Blood of Promise. WHAT HOPE , WHAT A PROMISE , WHAT A RELATIONSHIP. Heb 10:19, " Having there brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, - then read thru to verse 25 . Makes us want to walk holy and humbly before the Lord .
What a GIFT -- The Eternal God, has made HIMSELF Available to us .


Thankyou Terry , I just sent U an email and then came to "pals" and seen this --
"Let us take ahold of the "horns" of the Altar " God wants us to "wrestle" to be "strong" to declare HIS GOODNESS and FAITHFULNESS "
This was the "comment" I just left under Terry's thoughtful post ----
YES, I was MIA for the day or so -------- makes me think of the scriptures, if I hide under the sea or in a cave THOU finds me there ----- lol ----
God is good ------- "Let us faint not" -- "Be Strong in the POWER OF HIS MIGHT"
LORD BLESS each and every one ------ Many of us have been praying for the needs -- Jim, Richard, Arlene, Minerva, Heather, Heb and her dad -- the spouses , Claire, Vicki, Barry --

We have not taken a "SINGLE STEP" without God's knowledge of it , that alone should help us in comfort --- If HE SENT HIS SON to die while we were still sinners and sinning, what GREAT ASSURANCE that is in KNOWING of HIS LOVE for us. PROOF POSITIVE of HIS INVOLVEMENT in our struggles, our sickness, our finances ---

Please take "heart" - the fears are still there, HE said I will BE THERE in the middle of your fears and your unknowns ----LORD BLESS our struggling Christian Pals ---


For Bob Our Brother Beloved

That Passing-thru has been MIA and so this post is dedicated to him.
These are only a few comments that I have gleaned from the Pilgrim Pal blog.
These will surely show how much this dear pilgrim brother of ours is loved!

Felisol said...
Dear Passing-thru bob,wish I was there with you.Here it's time to put away the garden furniture for the season. Rain, rain, and more rain.They say that when God had created western Norway he smiled contempted and said,"oh, how beautiful. I'll have to wash it every day!" And so he did.I am praying for you every day Faithful Pilgrim. You'll never know hoe good it feels when you're mentioning us all by name before you go to bed. That's the way my father taught me to pray from when I was a little child. That's the way he "worked" till he could not speak anymore.I feel safe walking together with people doing his deeds.God bless you over and over again.Yours Felisol
September 19, 2007 2:08 AM

Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...
I'm with Felisol. How comforting and peaceful to know that so many and especially many of the Pilgrim Pals are mentioning and taking my name to the Throne Room. Only eternity can thank you. Praying for you too! What an awesome group to be part of. Love you all!
September 19

Terry said...
What a precious gift you have Passing-thru....a love in your soul for the lost!Just like the Lord Himself has...from Terry

Vicki said...
Passing-thru Bob, I love hearing about those days...stirs up memories. Those words to that song are AWESOME to remember, too....Oh, the Blood that washes away ALL our sins and guilty stains! Whatever is going on around us, this we can rejoice in! And then I keep thinking about John 3:30: He must increase, but we must decrease! Everything we go through is meant to 'decrease' self and increase Jesus IN us. That's incredible to think about. And His grace is all-sufficient for every need.

Pilot Mom said...
You are so right, PT, this is not a moment of despair. Rather, it is a moment of hope and expectation for what our Lord is doing and will continue to do. Namely, bringing us more into His likeness, conforming us to Him. May we continue to press into Him for our strength comes from Him. Our peace is poured out upon us from His gracious hand! Have a great Saturday, Pals! Whether it is gray and cloudy or not, may the Son shine in your hearts all day! :D

Vicki said...
Passing-thru Bob, hope all is well your way. Always blessed to find your posts here.

David said..While I was away I seemed to lose touch with all the prayer requests and updates. Hopefully our beloved Passing Thru, brother Bob, will give us an updated summary this weekend. David

Terry said...
I must say Pilgrim that Passing-thru keeps us all informed sometimes twice a day about prayer requests,That guy is worth his weight in gold!!I think that we had better keep him ,eh?...from Terry
September 14, 2007 12:58 AM
Keep your day job Passing-thru but don't forget your part time job at the Pals!!We appreciate your updates

Terry said...
That's good Passing-thru that every so often you have this roll call!!We don't want to have any of us missing in action, eh?..Terry
September 11, 2007 2:15 AM

Vicki said...
Since I am up into the "wee" hours, might as well catch up on the latest posts and do some praying. Passing-thru Bob, thanks for these good reminders...good point about those who don't ask, but still have needs. Keeping that in mind as I go to the Father again...
September 10, 2007 3:

Pilot-mom said...Thanks for passing this site on, Passing thru! You are living up to your name! LOL!!! *grin*
September 8, 2007 5:17 PM

hebrews 11:1 said... Hey, Passing-thru, preach this stuff all you want...this is 100% correct stuff!

Vicki said...
Some mighty good preaching here, passing-thru Bob. Amen. My heart is saddened by messages that leave out the Cross. You're right about that 'pseudo'-christianity. It's more of a threat than any cult, and it's everywhere.

Vicki said...
Bob, I bet you were a great S.S.! Many spiritual seeds planted...
September 8, 2007 9:31 PM

Vicki said...
Passing-thru Bob, thank you for this post. That's AWESOME about your brother Jim. THANK YOU for sharing this!!

Felisol said... Dear passing-thru-bob,thank you for being awake and listening.Now I have hope.Yours Feliosl
September 7, 2007 6:08 PM

Lil Pilgrim said... Don't wear yourself out, Passing Thru!!! We need you here!LPP

Hebrews 11:1 said... Thank you, PT, for praying for me! I am really feeling so much better, although I have been told it will probably take a year, but with God-- what is man's timing, right?! Thank you Jesus that I am feeling so much better! .

Vicki said...
You're so right,'s all grace....HIS doing....and He's so good to us. Thank you for another encouraging post! That's neat about your daughter finding you in front on the building.
September 5, 2007 12:38 AM

Julie (aka Little Missionary) said...
Excellent thoughts Passing-thru! This is an awesome scripture - it shows that God can and does move Heaven and Earth for His children. Praying is supernatural - not at all natural. This helps me in relation to my earlier post re praying for lost souls!Bless you - rest up friend.Julie (LM)
September 3, 2007 9:25 PM

susanwalkergirl said...
Passing Thru's good to know that others also struggle with coming up with things daily. You are most excellent. I was also thinking from your post am I like the guard at times...totally oblivious to God's work around me? At times...I can be rather obtuse.Thanks Bob...have a wonderful week. Susan
September 4, 2007 1:27 AM

Terry said...This is so good Passing-thru!Pilot Mom had a really good post about Paul and Silas on her blog about when these two Christians were beaten and put into prison...August 23.Your post surely does fit right into hers.SUPERNATURAL LIGHT indeed!Just so amazing!...from Terry
September 4, 2007 5:56 PM

David Warren Fisher said...
Bob:That is sooooooooo strange! I met up with the same guy today as well. I hate it when he shows up.Often he comes disguised as an angel of light.Anyhow, it's always refreshing to read your posts.Love you, bro!David
September 2, 2007 9:14

Donna said..Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance and my God.
Love to all DonnaP.S. I responded to the nudge Passing-thru...Bless you

susanwalkergirl said...
Passing Thru Bob...what a servant's heart you have. Thank you for helping us to draw close to God and others in the body of Christ. We are so grateful for your giftedness and willingness to serve Christ.
September 1, 2007 9:21 AM

Saija said...
bob ... thank you for that ... i have been praying for a LONG time now that leo "feels more comfortable" ... so i have to believe that this is just the answer on it's way ...
September 14, 2007 10:29 PM