Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Could you please post with a nice picture that John is home and Mike will be going home tomorrow in much better shape...
Thank everyone for their prayers...


jel said...


glad to here it!

sweet T

how is your dad?

hebrews 11:1 said...

Praise the Lord!!

God bless you all,

Terry said...

Thanks Passing-thru!..

Jel, my sunshine..Dad goes in to the hospital Wed the Oct 3.
He is a little worried..
I told him what my Felisol told me in an email, that when he gets saved that God will write "Cecil Golden" in the book of life!
Oh that he does get saved!!..Love Terry

God bless you too Little Pilgrim!!Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oct. 3...that is my dad's next appt. at the hospital...I pray we will find out what is wrong then!

Hey, Pals...Do you know what today is? This is the day traditionally believed to be when Jesus was born! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

No, it's not Dec., but to put it simply, you know the verse about the Word dwelling among us? The Word is Jesus, right? And that word "dwelling" means "to tabernacle", and tonight is the first night of the Feast of Tabernacles!

(yawn)I'm tired, but we get to sleep in tomorrow...thank the Lord for that!

God bless you all, and Good night!


passing-thru said...

We will be praying for your Dad for Oct 3rd -

May the Lord talk to him during those long midnight hours

passing-thru said...

NITE LIL pilgrim pal

nite john boy

Terry said...

Nite Pa.....

passing-thru said...

Terry -- how was church service tonight ---
I sure enjoyed that story on that caddilac U backed into -- chuckle

ONLY TEASING U ---------
did they call U the Canadian Cruncher -------- ouch

Terry said...

Not nice!
Yes the prayer meeting was really good but I was a bad girl.
I printed out a letter that my Felisol had emailed me.
It was a long letter!
And read it when Mom Golden wasn't looking!! Ha!!!

PS Mom Golden has eyes on the back of her head but thankfully her big hat covered them right nicely indeed!

passing-thru said...

Your cracking me up Terry --
like a "little kid at church"

Your mommy is still your mommy --

next U will be doodling pictures at church --------

NOT NICE ---------- LOL

Terry said...

Hey Passing-thru.
Me draw?
That will be the frosty Friday indeed.'
When we were little kids, we never got away with anything at meeting and that is because in those days the women wore smaller hats that didn't cover mom's back head eyes!
Well I better get a couple more hours sleep.
I am taking Mom Golden out to do a little shopping tomorrow or I mean this morning!!...Terry

passing-thru said...

Terry ! what r u doing up at 4:15 am ----

Have a great day Thursday with your mom

Terry said...

Just got up for a dring of water and I always check on the pals Paasing-thru. Sometimes at that time in the morning you can catch Pilot-mom or Vicki, our two night owls! ....Terry