Monday, September 17, 2007

Desperation ...Again!

Friends, I am still very, very low these days - it seems every second month I am just beside myself with grief and hopelessness. The last several days have been just awful for me. I can barely hang on. I just began my hormone "meds" Sunday, and that will take a few weeks to make any difference - if it does at all. I can't reason with myself - it's pointless....I don't even believe God cares right now!! Please pray for a miracle - ask God to carry me right now'cause I'm afraid of acting out in desperation and putting and end to this emotional pain once and for all!!

J. (LM)


Terry said...

He does care Julie and so do we.
I am praying right now for you..
Are you at work now?..Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

I care also, Julie. I am praying for you.

jel said...

I go though this, have been going though this hopelessness, but He does care, there is always hope though Him, his light shines the brightes when we call on him!

please don't give up, and I won't give up!

donna said...

Praying for you....I sent you an email...

love and hugs

Felisol said...

Dear Julie,
God cares, we do care as well.
"Dear Jesus, help our sister. Please, don't wait. You see what she's going through. You also see that she has not given up, she's coming to you for help and to us, her spiritual siblings to help pray with her. That shows a lot of faith after what she's been going through.
I thank you Jesus, you know what it feels like to be left alone. Father why have you forsaken me? You cried out while hanging on the Cross. You were tortured that we might be healed and saved.
I pray thee. Do not hesitate to answer and fullfill your promises.
I thank you for all the times we have experienced that your promises are solid rock.
Oh, please, hold on to your precious daughter, Julie, that she may be a witness to your wonder. Amen

Vicki said...

Oh how I care, Julie!! Been praying for you....will continue.