Saturday, September 22, 2007

INTENSITY of color and the BALANCE of nature

Just in case my last two post may give the "appearance" of intensity , U all know out of the many many posts that I talk more of the goodness of God but once in awhile to remember that this life is a serious business .
Is what the world sees, a balanced individual whose life is "different". A life of sincerety, kindness, speaking of the Love of God when opportunity comes.
At work, my foreman Fred, will be starting up in a home bible study this Thursday. Have been able to "share" Christ with another worker there that has not been living for Christ, he was saved years ago and just is looking and sounding like the world. I have not witnessed or been singing Christian songs, just being friendly, smiling, and sincere with all I talk to. They know that there is "something" different about me, was called "deacon" by a man last week as he needed something in maintenance. I didn't challenge him, I smiled and told him where he could find what he was looking for.
This is a Great Adventure we are on, missionaries tried and true. Balance and maturity, showing the Love of God not out of white hot fervency of a zealot, but a peaceful , caring , sharing life , filled with the Presence of God.
Just before posting this, I was playing some basketball with my next door neighbors that I have shared Christ with in the past. This time , no witnessing, just good ole fashion friendship , BALANCE.



Pilot Mom said...

Balance is so important PT. When we liken it to a wheel then we understand if we are 'out of balance.' One side of the wheel is more worn, there is an uneven ride which tires one more.

So often when we witness we forget that every conversation does not have to be about "evangelizing." We do need to balance our talk with 'just visiting.' Otherwise, they may see us coming and just turn the other way, trying to keep out of our way. That's sad when that happens.

Terry said...

We used to be told, as young people, that the only Bible most people are reading is the Christian!...Love Terry

Vicki said...

Ah, so good to read here tonight. Yep, we need to just LOVE on people, and not get hung up on words because the Holy Spirit knows how to lead us.

Blessings to you all!

passing-thru said...

YES - SO TRUE --- I like all 3 commments -- out of balance wheel -- the only bible is the christian and letting the Holy Spirit lead us ---


passing-thru said...

May people "see" the Intensity of our Faith in a well Balanced life .

Have a Great Day "pals"

nice hearing from U again Vicki --