Friday, September 14, 2007

Pilgrim Reflections

Reflections as I close another day on life's pilgrimage:

The journey's long, the going tough
And oft' the pathway's very rough
But sovereign grace will be enough
'Til I get home.

The storms may rage, the billows roll
And fears assail my troubled soul
But I won't let them take their toll
While here I roam.

The Lord is strong and holds my hand
And while I sojourn in this land
A member of the pilgrim band
I'm nearing home.

Encouraged by my brother's prayers
That lift me o'er my daily cares
Every burden Christ now bears
'Til I get home.

When I arrive on heaven's shore
The cares of life concern no more
I'll praise my God and Master...for
I'm finally home.

~ David W. Fisher, September 14th, 2007


Terry said...

Good night Pilgrim David and I hope that you have a great weekend!
It was nice to see Vicki and Felisol in the group tonight!
And our own Little Missionary...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Yes brother David -- one day closer - am thinking of the "privilege" of being used for God here , "Tis Heaven below , my Jesus to KNOW" --
Many a soul, blinded by the power of this world, lost and on the road to a Christless Eternity when upon "seeing" the ghastly chasm spreading before him WOULD eagerly embrace our "walks" whether they be of sickness, or struggles. To HAVE CHRIST and be in "service" of the KING is Life Eternal and full of Blessings !
Lord Bless and Declare His Goodness , your friend Bob

Vicki said...

Hi Terry, I may lurk and not have time to type, but I'm always in the group! Big hugs, Vicki

David, your words always encourage my spirit. I continue to pray for you and Carol and family!

Passing-thru Bob, hope all is well your way. Always blessed to find your posts here.