Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Check out Terry's UPDATE on her post about Betty's husband John in the hospital -
GOOD STUFF -------(scroll down a few posts )


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru..
Yes, we just got home from the hospital and as of today. John is eating solid food with no ill effects.
Probably I will be picking him up tomorrow, to take him home.

Mike seems to be a little better.
His stomach doesn't seem to be as puffed out as it was yesterday.
Tomorrow he will have surgery to put in tubes to drain the infection.
I told him tonight that we will be praying for him.
His son came in tonight to see him!

passing-thru said...

Maybe your friend from upstairs in the hospital will be able to witness and lead him to THE CHRIST

MAY IT HAPPEN and good on John


Terry said...

This blog and the Pilgrim Pals are a blessing Passing-thru!!
A small group but filled with the love of God!!...from Terry

My cup is full and running over!...even if I am worried about Dad Golden..AGAIN!!!

donna said...

Terry...have been praying for John, Mike since I first read your update and continue for Dad Golden;

a busy day was had by little Miss Vera....and this gram is tired...but it was a fun night....

now I am off to work then tomorrow afternoon, Ron and I take off for Cananda...for a concert...will check in in the morning.....

blessings to all


passing-thru said...


Enjoy your trip tomorrow -- have a blessed nite -

Hope U can get some rest - if that is possible -

Nite Donna -----

Terry said...

Passing-thru...that girl is doing all this stuff and she has to go for her walk for Azheimers' right after!!

Thanks Donna and Passing-thru.

Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I am also sending up prayers for John and Mike.
God also use illness that we may come near and witness to people we would not else have met.
You have so much in common with my mother's best friend ever, Magnhild. (She home witn jesus now)
She never missed an opportunity to witness and tell about Jesus.
Some shrug away from her, felt embarassed, but when the came in nedd, magnhild was the one they called, and Magnhild was the one who visited.
God bless nad help Dad Golden through to peaceful salvation.
That I pray for, every day.
Yours Felisol

susanwalkergirl said...

Amen for dear Mike...may the angels be rejoicing as he joins the saints.

Not only will the angels rejoice when Dad Golden receives Christ...but we too will be giving shout of praise. No one louder than our own dear Terry.

We anxiously look forward to a good report of God's work.

passing-thru said...

AMEN to that Susanwalkergirl and Felisol
Let's all pass each other's names around and pray ONE FOR ANOTHER


hebrews 11:1 said...

Okay, Pals! Who is going to post the prayer request for Dean McAmmon this time? Pilgrim let us know all about him when he had that last terrible hit...and this time it was from Steve Downie, the former Pete whom Julie-in-Peterborough has high hopes for to win the Cup with the Flyers!

Pilgrim, please update us if you can, because I only know a bit from what I heard on the sports this AM, and an article I skimmed through on CBC.