Thursday, September 13, 2007


Claire signed one of her posts "Firmly in His Grip" goes along with "HOLD FAST" in II Tim. 1:13 paul says to Timothy, "hold fast the sound teaching that I have given to U from the Lord.
Today I mentioned to a physical therapist of her always smiling and cheery, I said , U have the look of a happy Christian woman, she replied , yes I am ! , I said excitedly , OH , your saved !, born -again ! -- she said quietly , Noo , my family and I go to a church of god in christ (around Indiana, there are some groups of these churches that have broken away from Evangelical churches ) I don't know the exact differences but THE OBVIOUS ONE is that there was NO WITNESS IN HER SPIRIT as being SAVED. When a person receives CHRIST of the CROSS , by FAITH , IN HIM ALONE , BY FAITH ALONE , he receives the Seal of Adoption, the Witness of the Holy Spirit , he becomes a new creation and he KNOWS that he is saved. "THAT YE MIGHT KNOW THAT YE HAVE ETERNAL LIFE --- HE comes WITHIN --
TOO MANY churches preaching ERROR ------------ down the broad path
Paul exhorted Timothy to sound doctrine - -- today , its ok with most, as long as we "go to church" feel good -- use the name of God and Christ but have NO SALVATION TESTIMONY --
last days apostasy -------- what else can U call it ?
CLAIRE -- we haven't forgotten , your on our prayers --- Saija the same thing -- Vicki , the same -- Donna , U and Jennifer too -------------- LORD BLESS


Terry said...

Haven't heard from the Pilots, Passing-thru but sure am praying for Pilot-dad..
Missing Vicki too and Donna and Little Missionary, Julie and the two "Lauras'"
Glad that Leo had a good rest but am still praying for him and Saija.
Nice to hear Jel in there but where is Susan, my kindred spirit and my Felisol.Lil Pilgrim has been around a lot but where is our Little Montreal Girl?
David is back! Good !

Well I had better say good night or I guess it is good morning!..Love Terry

Keep your day job Passing-thru but don't forget your part time job at the Pals!!
We appreciate your updates!

Terry said...

Oh ! Oh! How could I have left out Julie..Sweet Inspiration?!!...Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

I've been in bed but had to get up to walk some. My feet are bothering me and so I have to "relax" them.

Thought I would update you before heading back to bed.

PD has had blood work and a throat swab but as of this afternoon the results had not come back to the doctor. His oncologist, Dr. H, isn't available until Tuesday. :( So I am watching him carefully and if need be I will take him in to the ER. The lump has manifested itself under his chin, just at the end of his scar and swells to under his chin. Still achy and hurting all over. Still having chills. Still has a ghastly white tongue and putrid taste.

Continue to pray that they will get the results today (Friday) and that those results show something,!

In the morning (yes, I have to get up at a working person's time!) I will head over to my friend who broke both her wrists. She is home and her husband will be out so I volunteered to take one of the shifts to sit with her and be her hands. :) I should be back home shortly after 2:30.

Thanks everyone!

It was great to have a note from Arlene! We will continue to pray for her and all our other prayer concerns!


passing-thru said...

CLAIRE --- we are praying

Saija said...

i was just reading all the requests ... wow, eh ...

seems it is more than one heart can bear ... so there are many of us in the body ...

leo is again "yucky" so i'm taking him to see the doc at 3p.m. today (friday) ...

so it goes ...

sometimes my mind freezes and prayer doesn't come as naturally when there are so many ??????? questions ... and no answers ... just to remember that God knows, cares and it's not random!

blessings to you all.