Friday, September 28, 2007

Droplets of Water on Precious Souls

In the nursing home, there is graceful classy woman, mid eighties who had a stroke 6 years ago and has been a "resident" there since. Her husband comes twice a day and they make a nice couple. Margaret is her name, wheelchair bound and hardly able to lift her head with no movements of her limbs. I have been blessed to have been able to "daily" give her a few moments of "time". Little droplets in the pool of life, such as a big smile, a nice how are U doing Margaret as I bend low and make "eye contact with her".
In the time I have been there working at the health care center, have been able to "win" her to me, one smile at a time, she just "beams" with anticipation as I approach. Her husband will bend low to her and whisper, "here comes Bob" she raises her head and smiles and then her head drops low as she has no strength to hold it up very long.
Yesterday, she had a pretty blouse on and a real nice necklace. I approached her in the hall as I was responding to a "fix it" call and I said , "Margaret, what a nice blouse and necklace, wow -- really very pretty !, she was just "BEAMING" so alive for that short moment.
Today , my dear wife stopped in just before my quitting time and went with me and "we" visited Margaret, she was so thrilled to meet my wife.
Turns out that Margaret was quite an accomplished woman, been presented awards for designs for the State of Indiana, accomplished painter with awards in that field and here she is , a sweet soul with good intelligence in a body that won't work.
I will bring my cute little 3 year old grandaughter and 5 year old grandson to visit her next week, I think Margaret will just so enjoy that. I will have little Abbey pray while there with Margaret and her husband.
I have witnessed in a round about way, telling her of my mom and how she got saved.
Dropping precious seed on precious souls.


Terry said...

That is so nice Passing-thru.
My heart has always been with the elderly.
I love them so much!
The little lady, even though she can hardly lift her head will definitely be receiving those little droplets of water that you are giving her!
God bless you and Joanne and your grandchildren in this work for Him!
I can't wait to hear Donna's comment after she reads this excellent post and Hebrews reaction!...Love Terry

passing-thru said...

Hi Terry -------- how are U doing with the "worrying" for dad Golden - let's trust the Grace of God here and pray for results --
Terry, when I witnessed to my folks about how I got saved and then they got saved 3 months later, we thought it was thru me that God worked in our lives, well for 17 years my dad's brother, a nazarene pastor prayed for our family every day - (we never knew it or ever heard the gospel) 17 years of praying and we got saved even though we thought it was thru me that God worked -- so praying for Dad Golden may take time but it WILL HAPPEN ---- neat stuff

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, Passing-thru! I do like this post so much!!! I love the elderly dearly. I like your way of sharing the Good News with her...I like to share Jesus in a round about way, too. I will say, "You know, God is always with us, and I really felt it when such and such happened," and the person's eyes will grow wide as though to say, "God is ALWAYS WITH US???" But they won't say a word, they will just listen.

I hope your grandhcildren make a lasting impression on that couple!

Hey, Mrs. Shirkie, why are you pretending you don't know about a novel? My dad calls my long letters novels...are you trying to pull my leg, too? ;)

Oh, this might be my last comment tonight, so let me sign off my favorite way:

Kali Nichta!
Buenos Noches!
Kishar Pari!
Masa el kher!
Bon Nuit!

God bless you all,

Terry said...

Oh THAT is what you meant by "novel", eh?
Well although your letters ARE long and I DID read the letter you wrote to Mom Golden [in the gospel meeting] a few weeks back, the letter that Felisol worte me was really long!!
Ha!!!...Love Mrs. Shirkie

Will be really praying for tomorrow Little Pilgrim..

Vicki said...

Precious seed, indeed, Bob. Keep planting:-) Praying right alongside you.

Terry, why is that you don't visit me anymore?:-) You used to come all the time. (teasing you)

passing-thru said...

Nice to see U Vicki ----