Friday, September 14, 2007

Update By Arlene..Verse Card By Jel

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Update Again!
I went in the hospital from the day after Labor Day until the following Sunday. The Oncologist decided once again to do chemo but knows that I have to go into the hospital because the dosage is more than many can take. He told us that one time he ordered chemo for me the Pharmacist called 3 times to verify the amount because it was so large.Anyway we were at the Cancer Center today and the doctor asked me how I felt, I told him that I felt pretty good. He asked me if I was having different kind of pain for this or that and I told him no. He then asked me if I had back pain and I said yes. He said that is from the Nupregen (sp). shots that they have been giving me. Those shots are for building my blood levels. Well, as you can imagine that made me feel better.Since he gave me the chemo at the hospital the pain almost completely stopped in the abdomen. It was so bad before the chemo that if we went over a bump in the road, I would have to hold my stomach because of it.He told me today that I will be hospitalized again next Thursday and will begin chemo again. When we asked him how long I will be in the hospital he said don't even ask....and smiled. He told us to go do anything we wanted for the next week and live life to its fullest. I have to tell you I felt like a "bird let out of a cage".I am striving to learn to remember that I am to listen to what God says and not man. The doctor without a doubt, is an awesome man and says that he can't understand why people don't recognize that God has given him the ability to help heal people. He recognizes that it is not him, but it is God. That is awesome!Again, I apologize for not updating you guys sooner but I really haven't felt like it. I have hardly checked my emails or anything. I just haven't been up to it. We both SO appreciate your prayers, concern and love. Please remember us in prayer next Thursday again as I enter this very hard zone...not what I want to do but I do want to live and declare the works of the Lord.Thank you all that have visited me at the hospital, the cards, the phone calls, the flowers, oh my goodness. Barry and I were talking today about the incredible feeling of being overwhelmed from so many people being so kind. By the way, if you come to the hospital to see me my name is listed as Nora Wilburn at Oakwood in Dearborn. If people with cancer have blood levels that are below a certain level, they are not allowed to have flowers, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. The reason for that is the pesticide levels that may have been sprayed on them could cause you to get very sick. I would assume most of you don't know that because I surely didn't!STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!

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Makes me want to pray MORE for our friends -

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