Sunday, September 30, 2007

On The Far Side Of The Sea

Serina taught me how to write on a picture.
Gunnar shot the pic.
David wrote the words.
God made it.
I live here......Felisol

Bernie taught me how to put a picture on a picture.
Pilgrim David taught me how to swipe a pic.
Passing-thru told me how to copy and paste.
God will bless it.
I live on the OTHER side of the sea....Terry

The Pilgrim's Response:

Felisol lives 'cross the ocean,
Terry's not too far from here
Both of them are special pilgrims
Teaching me to trust not fear.
One day soon we'll gather yonder
On the OTHER side of life
There we'll look on Christ the Savior
And be done with sin and strife

But 'til then we journey homeward
Trusting, serving every day,
Telling others of our Savior
Truly He's is the only way.
Glad to be part of His family
Hand in hand with pilgrims here
Encouraging and blessing others
'Til we finally meet up there.

- David


passing-thru said...

Got me smiling -- GOOD STUFF

Pilot Mom said...

Felisol, can you teach me how to write on a picture? :) I would love to know how.

Terry, you crack me up! :D Thank you both for bringing joy into my heart this morning.

A quick update on PD. Everyone is leaning toward a virus. It will just take him longer to get over it since he has no immune resistence. Last night brought great news and that is his tongue was not coated with the white "stuff." :D Yea!!! Also, he ate dinner on Friday and went back for seconds! It was soup. And, last night he ate spaghetti. We are hopeful he is on the road to recovery. Prayers for his healing would be much appreciated! :) Thank you, Pals, for being an oasis amidst the sometimes turbulant thing we call life.

Blessings on your Sunday! May your fellowship be warm and sweet as you meet your Savior today.

Terry said...

Dear Pilot-mom...
Pilot-dad must know how much I love the stuff!
Meatballs, and lots of hot peppers and no garlic!!!

Pilot-dad, would you have wifey email me a whack of it over if you have not
cleaned her out of it.?
Yummy!!...Love Terry

Pilot-mom...isn't my Felisol a big plus to the Pilgrim Pals?

Pilot Mom said...

Oh, yes indeed, Terry, she is! However, that Pilgrim Pal David is one gifted poet! Isn't he marvelous?

Terry said...

Yes he surely is!..Love Terry

No garlicless. meatball, hot peppered spaghetti yet and we are just leaving for Gospel meeting. We will go to Niagara Falls this time where Grampa Yade will be preaching..Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry & Pals,
thank you for being so sweet, encouraging and very clever.
Pilgrim Father even writing a poem, isn't that an honour, or what, Terry.
Pilot Mom I hope to learn more in the week to come, and in due time pass it on to you.
Terry lies miles ahead of me, I can but admire.
Praying for you all, thanking God for the help he gave Pilgrim Father, Pilot Dad and ME.
I'm over the allergy crisis, just a little heart ache left.
I was healed exactly in due time to enjoy the arrival of Serina. We have a mighty Lord, and He's got faithful workers.
God bless you all.
Yours Felisol on the far side of the sea.

Saija said...

ohhhhhhhh ... i love this!!!
really a lovely little spot of friendship posting!

big ((hugs)) to you guys ...

passing-thru said...

Good news Claire on Jim and Good news on Felisol also -----

I didn't know Terry was a spaghetti head !