Monday, September 24, 2007


Judeo-Christianity is the only religion, the only relationship with the Living God , testified by witnesses and facts, that our God inter-relates with man and many times directly assists them and charts their course thru time.
We claim many events where Jehovah put His Finger on our lives and guided and protected supernaturally. I have testified where the Lord "stirred" me up and had me drive ten miles thru dark rainy roads and meet "exactly" at a crossroad where a brother in the Lord was lost and was praying for someone to guide him, our cars met EXACTLY at the intersection - we all have had "times" when God showed Himself in our personal lives.
NO OTHER RELIGION has ever had historical prophetic events come to pass but ours -- Israel being a prime example --------- Every other religion, cult or science is in ERROR -- every religion that does not take THE GOD OF THE BIBLE and HIS CHRIST and is born-again thru the Blood of Christ by Faith is a lost, doomed and blinded by the god of this world , the devil. No gray areas -- "Unless a man is born-again , he cannot enter the Kingdom of God , Jesus's words , not mine ----------- Christian Science is a sham, it should not use the name Christian, Cults are of the devil and the sooner the people see this , the better - any religion that uses self or works as a platform to please God for salvation is the same as the judizers that followed paul , trying to corrupt the gospel of grace.

A Stone was raised and set in place to remind GOD'S people of how GOD personally helps his people --- A personal God who steps in and saves His people ----------
Years ago at a preachers conference, the host pastor in Essex Junction, Vt. invited an Indian gentleman, a hindu to the meeting. During the program, this gentleman went to the podium and addressed the 60 some preachers, He said, I follow my religion and thru years of faithful practice we try and reach Nirvana, I would like to know why U ministers of the Gospel think that your way is the only way.
At first , no one stood up to answer the gentleman, time clicked by and I looked around the room, some looked over at me and could see I was fidgeting. I stood up and the Indian looked over at me and I said , Sir, We Know that the religion that teaches that Jesus Christ is God's Son and the Saviour of the World thru faith in HIS BLOOD and the Finished work on the Cross is the only way is because HE SAID IT --then I went on to say this, "I have seen drunks get "saved" and stop drinking, I have seen thieves get "saved" and stop thieving, liars get saved and tell the truth , they did all this almost "instantly" within days, weeks , they got saved and they were "transformed" into Christlikness.
Your religion takes "years" of discipleship, chants , religious duties but no "transformation" no instant change of the heart whereby the recipient of grace shouts out --"I'M SAVED, I'M DIFFERENT -- "CHRIST HAS COME INTO ME" ---
Thats why we KNOW what we teach is the ONLY WAY -- The Indian paused , listened and thanked me, I sat down , the host pastor was trying to go on to other things , seemed a bit embarrassed by this young pastor defending the faith --- a moment later, the Indian asked to go to the podium again - He addressed me , I stood, he said -- your testimony has caused me great concern about what I haven been following , he said he will look into this Christianity --


Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru, if you had never obeyed the Lord when he told you to go that ten miles through the rain and the dark, then you would have lost the great privilege to help that brother.
The Lord would have given the opportunity to someone else and you would have lost out!
Just as Philip would have lost out if he hadn't of went to read and explain the scripture to the eunuch.

I am sure that the Lord must of whispered it into our hearts to go and visit Valarie tonight at the hospital.
Apparently she is suppose to be let out of the hospital tomorrow.
Tomorrow would have been too late!

I am so glad that the Hindu Indian was saved.
What a miriacle!....from Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...


God bless you,

Vicki said...

Encouraging post!!