Sunday, September 16, 2007

At Last An Update From Lisa And Ronnie And More Prayer Requests

September Update on the Gonzalez Famly
Hi Everyone,I wanted to send you all an update on everything.Ronnie:He is doing wonderful and back to work...feeling good and just looking terrific. God is so so good and greatly to be praised. I praise HIM for allowing me to have him...for allowing me to continue to grow old with him. God is so so so worthy!Me:I have a fracture alot of pain but waiting for God to heal my body! The devil is such a creep!!! I also started bible college! I am really excited about this. My first day was yesterday and it was terrific. Learning about Rhema words and the prophectic, which is my heart anyways!Our Son Jake:Pray for him, I have to take him to the doc..he was in a car accident..with a friend..he was the passenger...and his hand went into the glass and we had to take him to the ER. There is no broken bones, but possible torn ligiments which I am binding that report. I am taking him to a hand surgeon on Monday! Pray that NOTHING is wrong with his hand. He starts hockey next month, which is so so important...and then he is also a drummer at our the devil can GET THEE BEHIND US!Our daughter Lindsey:She is doing well and pray for a hedge of protection around Jesus Name!Hey when you mess with my kids Devil!! I will CUT YOU! hehehe! Creep and a liar!The youth group that we are apart of really felt to pray for us this past weekend...and told us that there was a complete attack on our family and that the devil has tried to bring destruction to our home...and that things that have been spoken about us...that God was turning this around. They prayed for my husbands heart, his dreams and his goals...and then came to me...said that the glory of God was about to come through my home...and I will see it! Praise the name of God!!! Our son then broke down and sobbed...God truly did a work with us on Wednesday and I know that we are in the will of our FATHER! He spoke..."God is for you" doesnt matter about anything or anyone else, praise the name of God!Please continue to stand and agree for Arlene! I hate cancer with a passion..I curse that in the name and I cast it out! I know that God is about to do something that will blow everyones mind! Wait and see!In His Service!Lisa
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