Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Medical Mystery

Well, my dear Pilgrim Pals, I went to see the specialist in Toronto yesterday and came away more puzzled than ever. After a long consultation he felt that what I've had three times in the last two years is NOT cellulitis but he's not sure what it is.

They took so many vials of blood from me that I thought I had run out of the liquid of life. The nurse kept pumping my right arm with her hands to force out enough blood to fill 1/4 of the final vial.

I had a chest x-ray and an ultrasound as well. Dr. Rose will call me to book an appointment in his office when he has received all the test results. The only thing I learned was that I have "multiple gall stones". I don't know what that means, whether surgery will be required or not, but we're puzzled by the cellulitis mystery.

Anyhow, thanks for your prayers.

Tomorrow morning we leave on Matthew's camping trip with his grade 7 class from Rhema Christian School. Should be an excellent wilderness adventure. Pray for me!

Be assured of my ongoing prayer support, dear friends!

Standing with you,

~ David

P. S. I'll be taking lots of pictures while we're away!


Terry said...

Dear David...
Hopefully all of this blood they took from you will tell the story of what is wrong with you.
I hope they are not using you as a guinea pig!
Gall stones aren't usually operated on these days.
Usually they can laser them out.
How long will it take for all the tests?
Keep us updated Pilgrim!

Praying for your safety on the trip to Silent Lake!..
It sure won't be silent with all those kids on board!...Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Pilgrim Father David,
i am sad that you are still tryed with illness. You went through an ordeal with the fight to keep yoour house for you ad your family. The human body is a sensitive and fragile instrument.
If you don't get a psycic reaction after that amount of stress, it often will result in an ulcer, heart condition, or other gastro intesitinal diseases.
Or like me, a collapse in the immunsystem resulting in a long term lung and throat infection..
Or migraine.
Or neck and back pains due to over tense muscles.
Pick your choise.
I am happy to be a child of God, the healer of all illnesses.
I pray him to allow your self to give you some healing rest while you're away.
Eat slow and healthy food, think slow.., be a laid-back bystanding father.
I thank him for your important work here at the Pilgrim Pals.
God bless you in work and rest.
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

Keeping U in prayer

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mr.Fisher,

I truly hope they can find out what's wrong...the medical system and drs. here in QC have sure let me down...My dad will get his blood tests and x-ray results at the beginning of October. He complained with all the vials they had to fill after his stroke many years ago (to which I reminded him that I had a lot of such tests before I finally got my food allergy diagnosis), but it cured him of is fear of needles ;) He loves to tell that story!

Praying BIG,