Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We don't have that , but what we do have is an Inspirational journey of faith and obedience made by one of our "pals" namely , Donna -- I have read as well as U all, many of her posts and comments of struggle, sometimes despair, even during her daughter's wedding week. The times her comments would show signs of rebellion, and questioning God . Other times where she blessed us with brilliance and faith and love for the elderly.
BUT - Donna's last post to us this week showed something Wonderful, Alive , Positive , she bowed her head and bent her knee to her Sovereign Lord in such a way that HE was able to work with her and thru her. In her own words she says:
"I was twenty five and walked away from God, and even as recently as one year ago when I left my marriage of twenty four years. A disappointment to the Father, a blow to the Kingdom. I have since returned, realizing it is not life. Because when one is in relationship with Christ and walks away, it is HELL. It is a living HELL. When one is not in relationship with Christ....it is still HELL....even though one is fooled into believing it is life.
Some other excerpts from this Godly woman, tidbits so to speak -
"Through obedience to God and His word, one will find everlasting peace. If you think you have found it outside of God, you are deceived. If you think you will find it in your spouse or job or education, you are deceived. If you think you are someone's peace, you are deceiving that person. For some it comes overnight....for others it may take their entire lifetime.....for me it came in little steps....through a succession of events...some days I took two steps forward and three steps back.....but I stayed with it, encouraged by faithful friends and followers of Christ.... it came by way of devoting myself to reading the greatest story ever; a book that overflows with the truth about how to live life...full of grace, mercy, prayer, forgiveness, doubt, trust, love, hate, sickness, diseases, marriage, birth, deaths, people in need, the best seller books, the greatest authors, gifted musicians and entertainers, wars fought, enemies defeated but best of all, the Prince of Peace.
Donna made and is making this journey with the heart , not the mind , she is not rationalizing any longer, she is obeying from the heart, prompted by the Holy Spirit.
So many people today in pseudo christianity build their lives around themselves --
Donna is dying out to self thru the power of the Holy Spirit and this post is so refreshing and God honoring that Donna gets my vote for Christian of the Month Award


donna said...

WOW !! You made me cry...I am humbled, speechless Bob. All glory goes to God...I will have to come back later...


Terry said...

Proverbs 31:28
Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

The Lord has blessed you Donna and you have been a blessing not only to your family but to us too!!
We love you!

Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...


Hear hear!!! I would second that motion! :D

Vicki said...

Well, glory to God and AMEN!! Donna is such a blessing.