Friday, September 28, 2007

My Day

My day was heavy - my heart is burdened. Burdened for the lost, the poor, the rejected ones, and burdened with whether or not to go on mission to Mexico City in November for one week. This will add to my debt load and I just don't know if I should do this. My heart says go, my brain says no you can't afford this right now. My heart thinks of the kids - like little Clara pictured here in my arms. My brain thinks of my bank account!

What to do!! I have some financial support from friends but it will not cover the total cost of the trip. If I go I will have to take 4 days without pay from work as I have no more vacation time this year.
Pals, please keep this in your prayers as I discern - God grant me wisdom!

On another note, I stopped by a Christian book store today to pick up a copy of the Autobiography of George Muller - I've never read it! I also found another book called "Through the eyes of a street child" - a story of a missionary in Guatemala and the children who inspired her to stay. Guatemala was the first country I travelled to as a missionary in 1999 - that country is forever deep in my heart. I loved the people I met, especially the natives in the jungle region I visited.

Then another very small booklet caught my attention - a booklet called, "Why I believe in Christ" by Charles Colson. When I opened it the first thing I read was, "Does God Exist?" I immediately sensed that I was to buy the booklet and give it to Todd for his birthday (which is in October). The last time I spoke with Todd he told me he doesn't believe in God but rather he does believe in the "big bang" theory - to which I said, well....who caused the big bang Todd? He didn't answer. Chuck Colson speaks about the big bang theory in this booklet. I know I am called to give this booklet to Todd. Yikes! I'm scared but still I am willing for the Lord! This will be my most direct witness to Todd. I will let you know when it comes time to give it to Todd so you can be in prayer for his heart.

Thanks my friends!

Julie (LM - an undecided missionary :)


hebrews 11:1 said...

Hello, Little Missionary,

Thank you for checking in. I will pray that the Lord will give you wisdom, and you will have peace about your situation.

God bless you,

passing-thru said...

Nice to hear from U , Lil M
If U want to know if God wants U to go and do mission work , ask HIM , if U don't have the resourses, and HE wants U to go , ask HIM. If the resourses don't come in , by faith, then HE dosen't want U to go (AT THIS TIME)- one thing is for SURE , and that is God does not want U going into debt over something your not sure about doing. I know this is simple/black & white answer - but I believe its the answer that will keep U from making error. If God wants U somewhere , U can be sure HE will provide the way.
Lil M, I am very leary of "giving advice" for many times it comes back to "bite" U when U least expect it -- so this is one of those rare advice giving times .
God does not "complicate" things or decisions, its true , U may have to "wait" on the LORD for direction, but if this quest gets "complicated" its usually not of God when it gets this way.
Nice to see U posting - keep it simple and steady -- :-)

Terry said...

Hi Little Missionary, Julie

So nice to hear you in here. It's been a while.
I agree with Passing-thru.
The Lord will open the way for you if he wants you to go.
He knows how burdened is your heart and how you love the Spanish lost ones, so He will surely supply your need....
Either way, whether you go or stay, God considers it done that you have been obedient and willing to do His will...either way!...Love Terry