Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Going along with Saija's post on Vance Havner -
Old Time preacher, simple , to the point , God annointed , Spirit filled, Bible taught, Blood Applied, no frills , just SOLID TRUTH from God's Word.
Saija said on one comment , she likes that word and that picture of being a "pilgrim" .
We do too , Saija -- When "we" got saved, our citizenship also got changed, it says that in the WORD. We are sojourners here, bringing a message from our New Birth Place. We are "witnesses" of a better life. "let your light so shine before men"
At work have used opportunities to help carry stuff for the nurses, pushed heavy carts up the ramp for houskeeping women, and slowly winning the respect and good favor of many there. Have been able to talk to a few of the staff on the "new birth"
A simple "pilgrim" sowing seed -- GOD'S SEED .
All U "pals" are wonderful pilgrims sowing in your fields the same precious seed. Lord Bless U all tonight --- going to wednesday nite communion service , followed by a church supper , good fellowship and good food ! :-)


Terry said...

Lots to think about in these two posts Passing-thru, your's and Saija's!
"Good stuff"!!
On my way to prayer meeting.
By the time I get will be in bed so Good Night!!

from Terry

Could you please post with a nice picture that John is home and Mike will be going home tomorrow in much better shape...Thank everyone for their prayers...

I had have run out of time because I had to do a whole lot of forwarding!![if you know what I mean Hebrews!]..Love Mrs. Shirkie

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Mrs. Shirkie, from the bottom of my heart! And I forgot could I?! Can you please pass it on to her, too, when you get a chance. I asked my dad tonight, and he said, yes, I can go with him...part one is over. I am still anxious when I think about it, but I am trying to leave it at the foot of the Savior, who holds the whole world in His hands...