Saturday, September 22, 2007


Went to a used bookstore this mornng with my wife . In the "religious" section were row upon rows of books -- inspirational subjects, to various religious discussions.

I believe this to be true, that NO book of any subject, no matter how deep can "FEED" the soul of man . God's Word has been so designed and Authored by the Holy Spirit so as to "DO" for man the feeding of his precious immortal soul. HIS WORD ALONE quickens, makes "ALIVE" the connection from Creator to the creature, is the "daily" road map for direction and is able to correct and reprove the walk of the "believer".
All other books , no matter how good they are , are a poor substitute for knowing and doing the Will of God on a moment by moment, day by day, crisis by crisis living.

Man finds it "easier" to read the latest best seller, or some popular best author and can read prolifically all other books --- why is that ? and its always been that way --



passing-thru said...

Quick note --
Claire and Vicki and Donna and Lil M and Julie sweet insp and the Laura girls -- thinking of U all

Lord Bless

Claire, we are praying for the "PEACE" of God to keep and hold U ----------

Terry said...

Passing-thru ...When Bernie got saved at the age of 20, he couldn't read.
After he was saved the only book that he tried to read was the Bible and after a couple of years, he had taught himself to read fairly well..
It is so incredible that really the Bible has easy words and the only hard words are the names of some of the Bible characters, eh?

I remember one day that Bernie was so excited about one verse he read and his face fairly beamed..
This is the verse...

3 John 1:4
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

I have to admit Passing-thru that I have always loved to read and in some cases it was my downfall because I would neglect the Bible a lot.
This is a bad weakness to have.
I mean there are a lots of good scriptural books out there and Christian Biography books that are so good!!
Jel. David, Vicki,Pilot-mom and Saija and my kindred spirit, Susan and even you, Passing-thru have mentioned some really excellent books, and Little Missionary Julie even spent a whole evening once reading "Through Gates Of Splendour"
So I guess the Bible IS the best book but once in a while we can have our noses into a wholesome book!

passing-thru said...

YES Terry, I know what your saying -- and thats so true -- many genuine books and articles for sure bless us -- I , like U, will read biographys eagerly -- I love hearing real stories -- Amy Carmichael , George Mueller etc. etc. and we do benefit from them.
I find for myself that I can read "little" of THE WORD and that goes from day to day , and thats what leads me into a "famine" of the Word -- so I agree, THE BOOK first and other good reading also is a blessing --------

Felisol said...

Dear passing-thru & Terry,
you know the Christians from about hundred years ago here in Norway were called "Readers".
Referring to their reading the Bible instead of only being listeners.
My rolemodel, my dad, read two chapters from the Holy Script every day.
He was accurate to fill the self willed numbers. "Gotta read the Bible first, I'm laying four chapters behind."
He read it through 36 times, two in English.
He also taught me to love the old classics, poetry in particular.
If a book really got to him he would say as his best recommandation, "Painfully good, painfullly sad."
I, well, i like almost any kind of litterature if not filthy or raw. It's not so much about changres as contents.
Guareschi wrote about a priest and a communist mayor, funny and lots of good morales. Father Brown is again a priest solving crime, but with the help of the Bible.
Shakespeare is loaded with philosophy and ethics as well as romance, tragedy and poetry. Marvellous.
This summer I have nevertheless experienced that when I need food for my soul or to nourish tired, sick, mourning dying, the only book I take to is the Bible.
An old man in the Pentecostal church used to quote "I found the words and I ate them."
time for me to go to sleep.
Yours Felisol

passing-thru said...



LORD BLESS and thanks for contributing , a blessing indeed

Terry said...

Yes for the last couple of weeks you guys, Vicki is getting saturated with the Scriptures and I can't wait to hear a post from her after this saturation has taken place!....Love Terry

Vicki said...

Hi Passing-thru & all...good word here tonight. I'm behind with posts, but still praying. God bless you all.

So true, too, that the Living Word is the only thing that feeds our soul. I do try to select other books that at least point me back to the Bible. But oh, that bible! So good.

passing-thru said...

Amen , Vicki ----