Friday, September 21, 2007

Silent Lake, Holy Lake

Silent lake, holy, lake,
All is calm, all is bright;
Students swim and hike all day
Eating lunch along the way
Sleep in damp, sandy tents
Sleep in damp, sandy tents.

Matthew and I got back from our excellent wilderness adventure at Silent Lake earlier this afternoon! What a wonderful time of relaxation and interaction with the kids!

I've gone some incredible photos to share with my pals later. Sure missed being connected with you. We had no electricity, no cell phone service which being translated means, NO INTERRUPTIONS.

This morning I had the joy of standing on the rocky shore of Silent Lake leading devotions for Matthew's grade 7 class. A very special time!

More later concerning the trip.

Tomorrow I had two engagements with several hours of driving between them. I'll be in Belleville, ON for an OHL/OHA chaplains gathering from noon to 5. Then I have about a 4 hour drive to Flesherton, ON where I'll be speaking early Sunday morning at a church service connected with the annual Split Rail Festival. I covet your prayers as I travel and speak.

I've missed you, friends, but I've been praying for you!

Lots of love,

David, the Pilgrim

Check out this site for more on Silent Lake.


Terry said...

Dear Pilgrim David
We missed you too!
I am glad you are back for a bit at least.
Do you think that you are woring too hard?
Even though you were not connected to the intenet, at least you were connected to Heaven's telephone and we know that you were praying.
Looking forward to your photos and hoping to swipe a few eventually!!...Love Terry

jel said...

morning all,

Glad you are back, and that y'all had a good time , looking forward to seeing your pictures!


and safe driving !

hebrews 11:1 said...

I missed you, too, Pilgrim! We didn't even have the thrill of seeing the "peterborough" car on our route...although when my dad took us for a bike ride this morning, we saw that she is back. That car always reminds me to pray for you, just like whenever I pass by the Mormom church I remember Pilot Mom and Pilot Dad out there in Utah! And yes, when I see a car from Ottawa I think of Lauren-Mary and Julie, Little Missionary.

Isn't it so nice to be disconnected for a little while? When my dad takes us camping, we only call our mom on the cell phone in the evening...that's all the connection. I really am missing camping this year!

God bless you,