Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blessings To You Ron!

Prayer has been in my thoughts lately because of the number of requests that I read in other blogs !

How many of us Live the Way You Pray ?

I knelt to pray when the Day was done,
And prayed: “Oh Lord, bless everyone;
Lift from each saddened heart the pain,
And let the sick be well again.”
And then I awoke another day,
And carelessly went on my way.
The whole day long I did not try
To wipe a tear from any eye;
I did not try to share the load
Of any brother on the road;
I did not even go to see
The sick man just next door to me .
Yet once again when day was done,
I prayed ” Oh Lord bless everyone.”
But as I prayed, into my ear
There came a voice that whispered clear,
“Pause, Hypocrite, before you pray;
Whom have you tried to bless today ?
“Gods sweetest blessings always go
Bye hands that serve him here below.”
And then I hid my face and cried,
“Forgive me, GOD, for I have lied;
Let me but live another day,
And I will live the way I pray.”

Then I pray; Oh Lord ;
Give me a friend
And I’ll shuffle along;
My vision may vanish,
My dream may go wrong;
My wealth I may lose,
Or my money may spend;;
But I’ll walk right along,
If you give me a friend.
Give me a friend,
And my youth may depart
But still I’ll be young
In the house of my heart,
Yes, I’ll go on laughing
Right on till the end,
Whatever the years,
If you give me a FRIEND .

Blessings to all and wishing Ya’ll a Blessed Lords Day.


Terry said...

I needed this Ron...I really did...from Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

This is REAL GOOD, Grandpaw! I have thought of that a few times, too. I have seen someone in need, and thought, "Oh, I am too busy to stop and help...I will just pray that they will get the help they need." and I always feel so guilty afterwards!

Thank you, Mrs. Shirkie, for posting this here!

God bless you all,
LPP (who has missed you Pals TERRIBLY the past few days, but has been constantly reminded of each one of you)

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Wow I realy like this! So true and at a time when, like Mrs. Shirkie, I needed this.
I'll "steal" this and print it out if you don't mind.

Little Montreal Girl