Monday, September 24, 2007


Terry said...
Hey Felisol, we sing that song at Gospel meetings. I shall never forget several years ago now that Papere who was not saved had been out to a Gospel meeting and "Just As I Am" was sung at the end of the meeting. It was a winter evening, so it was already dark when I left and was backing up my car to drive home and suddenly....Crunch!! I had backed into somebody's car and it was a Cadilac! A big black Cadilac!I guess my bother, Teddy, who was still inside heard the whack! He came running out and found me bawling! "Never mind that", he told me, "Papere just got saved!
"The owner of the Cadilac also came out and when he saw my distress, he laughed and told me, "Aw your car wouldn't be able to damage my big old tank!! Forget about it! "Come inside and see Mr. Dube! He is one happy man! "That is why I will never forget the night that Papere Dube was saved!
Now Felisol, you see how many verses that hymn has? Well usually we didn't sing them all. That practise stopped the night Papere was saved. If anybody after that ever gave out "Just As I Am" and picked out only a few verses to sing, well that Frenchman, Papere, would say,"non", we sing de whole sing!
Papere is in Heaven now and I am sure that they will be singing the whole "sing" up there, eh?The author, Charlotte Elliot and Papere would both be insisting on it!!....Love Terry
An after note to this story, For a time, Bernie had stopped going out to meetings and when he heard how that Christian man from Hamilton had taken such a good attitued about my hitting his car, well the kindness of that gentleman was one of the things that softened Bernie's heart and he finally got restored to the Lord!


passing-thru said...

I felt this was a great story Terry so I posted it -----


Terry said...

Thanks Passing-thru.
Yes Papere was quite the man.
I well remember one time that one of his relatives mentioned,"I'm not a millionaire." and Papere spoke right up.."Oh yes, you ARE rich...You are saved!!"

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

I like this story Mrs. Shirkie. Glad our friend PT posted this!

Your Little Montreal Girl

Vicki said...

Loved what Papere said, "Oh yes we ARE rich!...we're saved."

Vicki said...

Oh Terry, I love that photo of you!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Love this story, too!