Thursday, September 13, 2007

Prayer Requests From Heather

13.SepSince Ya’ll asked :)
Here are some specific prayer requests for you:
Emma Grace has transplant clinic tomorrow in Gainesville. She stayed home from school yesterday and is home today for a cough and snotty nose, so pray that this isn’t the first sign of an nasty infection. I am curious to see what her labs are tomorrow.
I had an appointment last Thursday at Moffit because my next Cycle of Temador (chemotherapy) is coming up on the 20th. Please pray that I will handle it better than I did last time. I will be on it until the 25th. My oncologist prescribed more Kytril and luckily the pharmacy at Moffit dispenses samples for cancer patients. Once we dropped of the prescription at the pharmacy they informed us that they had an hour and half wait , so we are going back tomorrow on our way home from Emma’s appointment to pick them up.
My next appointment at Moffit will be on the 15th of October. I will have labs done (I had labs done last week, my oncologist was really pleased. My platelets were a bit low, but that is to be expected given how low they got the last time I was on chemo) and then an MRI. I cant describe the feeling going into an MRI, just pray that I handle it as well as I did the last one. Pray that I will sleep the night before, and that I will have peace. When my Oncologist told me that I will have an appointment with him for an MRI every two months, I was happy and yet sad at the same time. I miss my old reality so much, but I am so very thankful at the same time.
Mark is flying home today, he has been gone on a business trip since Monday. Please pray that he has a safe trip home, Elijah cried the first night that Mark wasn’t here… It broke my heart. My parents have been a tremendous help while he has been gone- I am so very thankful for them! I was a bit nervous but didn’t feel comfortable telling the whole internets that my husband would be out of town for the week I miss him (and I am exhausted).

OH! I have peach fuzz! Oh yes I do! I had just asked Kate how long hers took to grow back. I was expecting it to come back thicker, but if I look in the mirror sideways, I see little bitty thin hairs! (Doing the happy dance!) ...Heather


jel said...

what is the happy dance?

but am glad that you can do it! :)

i can't dance so will just say WOO Hoo! ok! :)


Terry said...

Where you been my sunshine??
Love Terry

Pilot Mom said...

Heather, I'm doing the happy dance right along with you! :) That's great news.

I'll be praying!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Me, too! I am sooo happy for you, too!

Hey, Jel, I've been missing ya!