Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FORGOTTEN --------- NEVER -------

Just wanted to say before going to bed ---- "We have NOT FORGOTTEN -- Claire and her Jim, his infection and waiting for the doctors insight -- Saija and her Leo , the 24/7 pain , Vicki and her Richard , Felisol and her Serina, Donna and Jennifer - Heb and her dad --we remembered to pray -- not only these spouses have struggles but the EMOTIONAL battles, the fear, the unknown --- we have not said much these last few days --- BUT - WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN --- I prayed often these days for my "friends" --- I know Terry has, she is always reminding me of praying for "our friends"
PLEASE TAKE HEART ------------
good nite , please stay strong --------- we have to persevere, Dad Golden needs saving and a success in his upcoming surgery ---- Minerva needs salvation and a miracle -- Arlene , a quiet , graceful lady of the Lord --- Heather, a testimony of God's work.


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Terry said...

No you never do forget Passing-thru.
You nor any of the others.
I can feel your prayers and your love and I bless the day that David did ever make this blog.
It would be nice to see him more often if it is even just to say Hi...from Terry