Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Reluctant Gospel

How easily I compromise,
When failing to share the only Cure,
With those lost in their sin...bound for hell.

Reluctant…I don’t want to offend,
The Gospel message seems so narrow a path,
So I don’t share, lest they think I’m judgmental.

How ironic…if they had cancer,
I would be so eager to share the good news,
Medicine that would spare their terminal prognosis.

Whether they believe in no God or many,
Create a god of their own making,
Or deceive themselves that they are god.

Do I lack confidence,
Because I fail to know the Truth,
Or do I study God’s Word so I might know?

Not my own words,
Nor my own wisdom,
But the Truth from the infallible Word of God.

We are lost in our sin,
Unable to save ourselves,
Our own works…will never bring righteousness.

There is only One Way,
He Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life,
We can only come unto the Father by Him alone.

Instead I draw back…fail to share the truth,
After all I am no scholar or theologian,
I might not be able to answer all their questions or challenges.

So instead I stand back,
Let them go forth to eternity,
Lost…soon to share that which God created for Satan and his demons.

How pray tell is that walking in love?
Like letting one walk off a cliff,
Only to fall to their most certain death.

Those lost in their sin will pay the eternal price.
Will I choose to remain silent?
Or share the life giving message…salvation is found in Christ Jesus alone?

By Susan Bunts
September 16, 2007

Little Pilgrim Pal stopped by for a visit and asked if I would post this poem here on Pilgrim LPP this post is for you. Blessings to you dear one!

The above poem was inspired by a sermon from guest speaker Kevin Lewis. Kevin addressed a concern, near and dear to his heart…the Christian church is influenced by today’s secular society and is weak and lacking in their Bible knowledge. So much so that we are ineffective in sharing the Gospel message with those who are perishing…lost in their sin. Kevin got down to basics as we started to delve into “Jesus Christ …the Only Way to Eternal Life”.


passing-thru said...

SO TRUE WORDS -- Thanks Susan , I always appreciate your posts for they ALWAYS speak of evangelism.

ps. I changed the color of your type on your poem so as to see it easier , I hope U don't mind . I think U wanted the gold color to match the color of the sun's rays -
your friend and co-worker "IN CHRIST"

Pilot Mom said...

Thanks for LPP making sure this got posted over here too! :)

Those basics are crucial, aren't they? I have to agree with Kevin.

Terry said...

I like the way that the cross appears across the water Susan..."I am the Light of the world."...Love Terry

hebrews 11:1 said...

Thank you, Miss Bunts! :)

I don't get over to your blog often, because for some reason it hangs up the laptop for a few minutes while it fills in, but I am always rewarded fo my patience by your excellent posts!

God bless you,