Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update from Arlene

After I received this update from Arlene, I was reminded that when I lift my eyes to the all-power and all-loving God, I am able to draw fresh strength from His vast resources, a strength that is far greater than the enemy's...Lord, we are faithful followers and continue to gather and pray ...we thank you for the freedom to come to you, to ask and receive your help....

Here is the update I received from Arlene......

I went home from the hospital on Monday and was admitted again on Tuesday through the ER. I was having a little trouble with my left leg walking. It was a new development. The best way I know was that it feels heavy.

They did a CT scan before I left last week and found tumors in the belly and yesterday in ER 3 brain tumors, which of course means that all of that chemo, as strong as it was, didn't work. Today they took me down for another CT Scan to check for bone cancer, but I haven't heard the results yet. Tomorrow I will start radiation for 15 days and then he wants to talk to us again about chemo. I'm pretty tired of chemo.

I still do not believe that it is time for me to go. I have so much work to do for Him. i have quite a bit of strength and NO PAIN, thank you Jesus! He has shown me some of that work and I can't wait to get started.

I think we are going to go away by ourselves and just get with God and ask Him what He wants us to do next. I know this won't make sense to but only a few, but I can tell you, I still have that peace that passes all understanding.

Please keep us in prayer! We love you all! BY HIS STRIPES!!!! It's time for those old fashioned miracles and am without a doubt believing for one!


Posted by Donna


passing-thru said...

THANK YOU DONNA FOR POSTING THIS -- I hope U had a good time getting away at the concert ------ U sound so good these days , we are so happy for this !!
ARLENE , what a testimony --

what a testimony --

Pilot Mom said...

I certainly understand, Arlene! I praise Him for your great and confident attitude. I pray for you as you spend some time away from your normal routine that you will be open to His guidance and direction. May He make it perfectly clear what He has designed for you in this next season of your journey. (((Hugs)))

Felisol said...

Dear Arlene,
I am a firm believer in those old time miracles.
Without me you can do nothing, God says.
But nothing is impossible to God.
Pray He stands by you every step of the way.
Yours Felisol

Terry said...

Oh Arlene..You are such an inspiration,
Not a complaint from your pure lips!
The Lord is so proud of you, I am sure because we certainly are, our dear sister.
We love you so much!!.Love Terry

passing-thru said...

AMEN ! to Terry , Pilot Mom and Felisol's comments

Arlene never complains , always trusting and wanting to work for the Kingdom. I stand humbled by her , I think I have a bad day if I have a "hangnail" ---

hebrews 11:1 said...

God IS good all the time...Hey, do you Pals know that song? I love it!

Thank you, Donna, for posting this update.

I'm praying...sounds like we've got a lot of praying to do for Arlene, right Pals? Let's step up to the challenge!

God bless you all,