Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Remembering :
*Arlene, Heather - two Godly women who face such struggles - remember them
*Claire and Jim , that Jim will be touched and made well - GRANT IT O LORD, remember *Claire's church , so many there going thru so much --
*Vicki and Richard, that Vicki stays healthy and is able to sleep -
*Vicki's sister Shelby and daughter , Wouldn't it be NICE to see answers to prayer --
*Donna and Jennifer , that their personal worlds would be blessed , they both love the Lord and could use a real Touch from The Master
*Saija and Leo, we know of Saija's faith , May HE touch her body and spirit with HIS PRESENCE, May Leo find the Master's Touch on his body , HE CAN DO IT --
*Heb is looking for God to touch her body and remember her dad's foot -
*Serina and Felisol , our friend's across the pond --
ALSO -- for the ones we miss , for those we sometimes see - we thank God for U , so many have blessed us in pals -- we WANT GOD'S BLESSING on your lives --
*Jel, we missed U this week ,
*Lauramae , U doing ok ? -
*Julie, sweet inspirations, how is your jobs going ? --

OUR PILGRIMAGE IS INTENDED FOR THE LONG HAUL - we need to pack our bags, be ready for the arduous climb, take enough water, have our guide book with us, be confident that HIS LIGHT will light our path.
So re-assuring, is this fact, that HE has not left us alone on this great journey, HE ASKED THE COMFORTER TO ABIDE WITH US AND STAY WITH US, not a one of us will "go it alone" NOT A ONE .

We will all meet at journeys end



Vicki said...

I'm still awake but need to head to bed soon....stopping by to collect all the prayer updates. God bless you all. Passing-thru, take good care of yourself...we need you. Shelby is in her new little apartment and applying for jobs all over town. Will keep you posted. I need more time to saturate my mind and heart in the Word this week, so if my visits are a little sparce, you'll know I'm still praying and thinking about you all.

passing-thru said...

DITTO on saturating my mind and heart in the WORD --- am feeling abit of a "drought" myself --

Will keep remembering U and Richard and Shelby -- Lord Bless